Lakers News: Steve Nash Admits Trading Him ‘Makes Sense’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="135"] Heading into the 2014 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers are considering all options with the seventh overall pick. One of those optio [new_royalslider id="135"] Heading into the 2014 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers are considering all options with the seventh overall pick. One of those optio Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Steve Nash Admits Trading Him ‘Makes Sense’

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Heading into the 2014 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers are considering all options with the seventh overall pick. One of those options is to combine the pick with veteran point guard Steve Nash in a trade package.

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At 40-years-old, Nash is entering the last year of his contract with the Lakers and is going with the realistic approach. Nash admits in an interview with Huffington Post that the Lakers trading him makes sense:

“If the opportunity came for them to package where they could get something for the future, that makes a lot of sense for them,” Nash said.

The most recent trade rumor involving Nash has the Lakers sending the two-time NBA MVP and the seventh pick to the Philadelphia 76ers in exchange for Michael Carter-Williams and Thaddeus Young.

Obviously, no deal has come to fruition or progressed over the last week or so, but trade talks could resurface on Thursday. If the Lakers are intent on pursuing LeBron James and or Carmelo Anthony, something must be done in order to clear cap space and moving Nash’s contract will be a priority.

In the event that Lakers do keep their lottery pick, the team could have plenty of viable options with Joel Embiid, Marcus Smart, Julius Randle, Noah Vonleh and Aaron Gordon potentially available.

As of right now, the Lakers seem to be leaning toward keeping the pick, but that stance may change if other trade scenarios surface on Thursday night.
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  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    Trading Nash and the pick for MCW and TYoung does nothing for the team’s cap space. It saves $500k… Trading Nash to free up cap space only works if you take back a player with a team option on the upcoming season and decline the option, and we’re running out of time to pull that off.

    • common sense

      id rather just keep nash, get through this next season and keep the draft pick.

    • LAstory

      Actually it frees up money if they were to go after LBJ and Melo, it would bring the cap number to roughly 32.3 million to spend this year…

      • kookiebuger

        LBJ and Melo are longshots it would be silly to trade away their pick just to clear up cap space.

        • LAstory

          Never suggested they should… just repeating the reports..

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        No, if they give up Nash + the pick (Randle), that is 9.7+2.5=$12.2 million going out. MCW and Thad Young are due to make $11.7 million this year. The Lakers save $500k.

    • Jim213

      Shouldn’t bother many if this deal occurred being T Young can always be traded before the trade deadline to acquire either another player or a future first rounder (option).

      • Marcus Franco

        Would be a genius move but that sounds so unrealistic.. Hope something good happens in L.A this time..

        • Jim213

          Option, but not getting the feeling that many will be surprised with FO in the draft. Almost like the draft came and passed bye.

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        People are acting like this trade could help bring in Lebron/Melo. It doesn’t help with pursuing free agents, but you are right about maybe flipping Young at the deadline.

        • borsalino12

          Of course it would help.
          Can you make math? By trading Nash’s enormous contract we could open space for Carmelo Anthony, for example. Now, that is not possible. Kobe, Nash, Sacre and Marshall total is $ 35 millions. If we add another $ 13.2 mil. from Carmelo, plus J.Randle and J.Clarkson, that makes $ 52.4 mil from just 7 players. You will need another seven to complete the roster, right? What about Farmar, Bazemore, Henry, N.Young, R.Kelly and J.Hill?
          The salary cap for the next season is set at $ 62.5 mil.
          Can you make math before arguing here?

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            How do you go about “making math?” I can add/subtract just fine. $12.2 million – $11.7 million = $500k savings. Trading Nash’s enormous contract for Young’s enormous contract would save five hundred thousand dollars. That’s it. Try making some math yourself before acting like I can’t subtract.

          • borsalino12

            And you really can not subtract. Plus, you are not aware of the salaries of the players we are talking about.
            Thaddeous Young has 2 more years under contract. In 2014-15 his salary is exactly $ 9,160,000
            2015-16 he has PO for $ 9,721,740
            So, 9.1 + 1.8 for E.Payton makes $ 10.9 mil. OK?

            St.Nash ($ 9.7) plus J.Randle $ 2.4 = $ 12.1.
            The saving is not just $ 500,000, but $ 1.2 million. And that number may not be that much of deal at the moments, but when it comes the end of the season and you have to calculate your team salary, then every dollar against the salary cap counts big.But, my point was not the $ 1.2 mil. saving. It was about getting rid of a player, who CAN NOT play basketball anymore, but is willing to play out his contract and get $ 9.7 mil. from our salary without any contribution to the team. And he has stated it many times, that he is not going to retire, so the only way to take him out of the books is the TRADE.

          • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

            The trade being discussed was Thaddeus Young and Michael Carter-Williams for Nash and Randle.

            T Young = $9,410,870
            M Carter-Williams = $2,300,040
            Total = $11,710,910

            S Nash = $9,701,000
            J Randle = 2,497,800
            Total = $12,198,800

            Your idea…E Payton = $1,998,200
            Total = $11,409,070

            Slightly higher savings, but insignificant.

  • Sidney Dean

    Or you could just retire, Steve, instead of embarrassing yourself for one more season for the money. That makes sense to me.

    • J Lee

      He is not gonna retire until he get all the money he can get. If the Lakers trade him now , they will have to pay him 15% or 20% more for the trade bonus… that’s why now Nash is saying trading him makes sense.

      • A Fan

        He could always take a medical retirement. Damnit Steve! Trade him for a 2nd round pick or better yet, a trade exception!


    Seriously if you know your not going to play and if you know that your about 70-80% sure that you won’t return to at least play most of the season or at least half a game, then why remember your legacy like that!?!?! JUST RETIRE!

    • JLaker85

      I think he a retire if he get traded.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      If he retires, the Lakers still have to pay him and he still counts against the cap. Just keep working hard to get back on the floor in a reserve role, give us 15-20 minutes a night every other game, work with Jordan Clarkson, and continue to help Marshall develop some semblance of an NBA game.

      • borsalino12

        The ONLY way to get rid of his big $$$ is to trade him as an expiring contract. And the best chance was yesterday. Pack him and the pic to Phili and get Elfrid Payton and Thaddeous Young. Orlando passed on Dante Exum and M.Smart, because they knew that Elfrid is the best PG of this draft. He will be an All-Star in 1-2 years. Better than D.Lillard, John Wall and even Kyrie Irwing. Write my words.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          You’re not getting it. Thaddeus Young is set to earn $9.4 million this season. That does not get rid of big $$$.

          • borsalino12

            T.Young + E.Payton = $ 11.2 mil
            St.Nash + J.Randle = $ 12.1 mil.

            When I said “to get rid of his big contract”, I meant to take an useless and overpaid player out of the roster and replace him with a lot younger one, who can really play and contribute for us. If for some reason he can not fit well in there, then we can trade him before the trade deadline. As simple as it is.

        • Rangers

          1) Elfrid payton would make the Lakers have even more guards
          2) Randle>>Payton
          3) No chance in hell Payton will be in the same relative level of Wall/other young guards (even though irving is overrated). Elfrid payton had 61% ft, 26% 3pt, 51% 2pt, 49% fg in his college career. He played 3 years, which means his stats should be even better than Randle because he played at an older age. Randle had higher offensive and defensive rating (only age 18) than Payton did in his best year at college (age 20). Randle also had more winshares and higher winshare/per48 ratio. I’m quite happy with the pick

          • borsalino12

            Good luck to you with Julius Randle. I have seen a lot of games with him and I know what we have drafted.Not a good fit for our team. Not as a seventh seeded prospect.

      • borsalino12

        Steve Nash, Jordan Clarkson, Jordan Farmar and Kendall Marshall. That is way too much of point guards on a team, where Mr.24 can play the position if needed. Not counting J.Meeks and K.Bazemore.

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          Too many point guards, so let’s trade a point guard for another point guard. Awesome.

          • borsalino12

            Josh, are you so dumb or you just like to play stupid?
            I am not refering to trade a PG for another PG. On the draft day, we could make that trade – St. Nash and our pic # 7 for T.Young and Phili’s pic # 10 and draft with it E.Payton. In that case, M.Kupchak wouldn’t have to take J.Clarkson and we would have E.Payton, J.Farmar and K.Marshall ONLY.The main points in this deals are two.
            FIRST: Getting rid of one useless player (St.Nash) and
            SECOND: Drafting our future All-Star PG (Elfrid Payton)
            Plus, we would have filled the PF position with one pretty solid, young player (T.Young) who is only 26 and is averaging almost 18 ppg and 6 rpg.If Jerry West was still here, he would make this trade without hesitation, but Mitch is just one natural born idiot. Look at the history of the Lakers drafting since he became the GM in 200. It is all mess.

  • Nash Just Retire.

    I never in my wildest would have ever imagined Steve Nash like this at such a low point in life as a NBA washed up hanger on this is just sad and the fans he has wanted him to go out in class like Kevin Johnson did not like this just sad.

  • Andy L

    Draft day! Excitement in the air. Giddyness! Be prepared to get disappointed… No trade splash. Not the right guy drafted. Stuck with Nash’s corpse… Yes, it’s gonna be a fun day in Laker Land. Sorry to be the party pooper folks, but we have a pattern here where things just turn to shit for us.

    • Al Haldie

      Only if you stir it .It sounds like you are not HAPPY with anything ??

      • borsalino12

        And how can you be happy from this draft selection dude? No one ahead of us selected this guy. You should ask yourself WHY? instead of making stupid comments here.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      I don’t know what you have against Randle, but I’m excited.

      • borsalino12

        Have you ever watched a single game of Kentucky team? If so, you wouldn’t be excited at all.

  • TheTruthKills

    Can the Lakers just buy him out? Nash gets his money and we get a roster spot back.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      He would have to agree to the buyout, and whatever we agree to pay him still counts against team salary.

    • borsalino12

      Not a good option. His salary will still be on our payroll. The best case scenario is to trade him and that could happen on the draft day, along with our pic. Now is too late. No one will take his $ 9.7 mil contract, when he has played only 10 games last season.

  • They call me Pringles

    I wish we wouldn’t have to trade him. He made so many sacrifices throughout the years. Broke so many bones. I wish we could keep him and be the team to get him his first ever championship ring. That would be a great story. I felt so bad for him when we beat his Suns and there was a part where TNT showed him cry to Alvin Gentry in the locker room after the game. Dude really wants that ring. If there’s a chance we will win this season, I know Steve would bust his butt to help the team get that championship, even if he ends up in a wheel chair for life.

  • Greg

    How about Nash just stays healthy and the Lakers have a solid distributer and shooter?

    • Al Haldie

      That would be great – I would love to see NASH play out his last yr – he is some thing to watch …Those who seem to think he is not worth it – have never really watched him play…

    • borsalino12

      You are delusional. That is the problem here, that Nash can not stay healthy. He is like a squished lemon. No more juice in it. He is done.

  • nachops12

    deben cambiar a steve nash más otro jugador y traer a Michael carter-williams!!!

  • borsalino12

    Another draft lost in vain. Mitch Kupchak proved for the ultimate time, that he and Jimmy Buss are natural born idiots, who will destroy this great franchise from inside within.Insted of drafting this useless Kentucky product, who will have a foot surgery next month and will not be ready for the training camp, they could manage a trade with Philadelphia,same as Orlando did on the draft day. And that trade is to send St.Nash and our pic # 7 for their pic # 10 , PG Elfrid Payton, which went to Orlando and PF Thaddeus Young. The salary matches and everything could work perfectly well for both teams.The Lakers would have taken the BEST point guard from this draft class and a raising young power forward and fill the void of two starting positions at once.The 76-ers would have another big man (J.Randle) to compliment Joel Embiid in their front-court. Deal made in Heaven, but as always, Mitch passed on it.

    • Laker guy

      Julius Randle does not need surgery first off. Secondly he easily could’ve went fourth so the fact that we got him at #7 was a steal. He maybe the best prospect in this draft class. Mitch knows what he’s doing. Trade a prospect who has a lot of promise for a PF that hasn’t done jack shit? Really? You must be high.

      • borsalino12

        There is a reason no one ahead of us has drafted him. The injury is not the only concern. The guy is very lazy and slow and as I have said it, he always plays away from the basket. Joel Embiid will also have a surgery next month and may be out of NBA for at least 5-6 months, but they still select him @ 4, because of his potential. It is high risk, high reward situation. But with Randle is not the same. I will take Thaddeous Young and Elfrid Payton over St.Nash and J.Randle every day, including the weekends.
        You just don’t understand the basketball. That is all I can say.

  • Benz

    I would rather see Nash as a Laker, he doesn’t have to be the main point… he can play off the bench as a shooting guard for LA, and keep Randel. Pau is still pretty solid, and they keep Swaggy P he can contribute off the bench too… but LAkers will still need a quick point and a defender Centre…. who knows, Carmelo might want to step up and take the challenge of being a Laker….

    • borsalino12

      To play with whom? 40 y.o. St.Nash, 36 y.o. K.Bryant and 34 y.o. Pau Gasoft?
      Do you really think this is an attractive roster for Carmelo?

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