Lakers News: Steve Blake Set To Miss 6 Weeks With Elbow Injury Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a major blow to the backcourt on Thursday learning that starting point guard Steve Blake will miss at least six weeks due to an The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a major blow to the backcourt on Thursday learning that starting point guard Steve Blake will miss at least six weeks due to an Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Steve Blake Set To Miss 6 Weeks With Elbow Injury

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The Los Angeles Lakers suffered a major blow to the backcourt on Thursday learning that starting point guard Steve Blake will miss at least six weeks due to an elbow injury, according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters via Twitter:

With the Lakers already extremely thin at the point guard position, losing Blake for at least six weeks is potentially devastating to this team. Along with Blake, the Lakers are still without Steve Nash and Jordan Farmar, and will be scrambling for options with the team embarking on a four-game road trip.

As a result of Blake’s injury, the Lakers will have to bring in another player in free agency or play multiple players out of position. Kobe Bryant might help shoulder the load as the team’s point guard until the return of Farmar, but Xavier Henry, Jodie Meeks and Nick Young may also see time bringing the ball up the floor.

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Talks About Being Point Guard In Place Of Steve Blake

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  • Lakers Fan

    Damn!!! Why must this happen now?!? We’re left with no point guards now. He had been playing so good, just like Farmar. I hope this is not a sign to come for the other players on our team. If it is, we’re screwed.

    Get well soon Blake! Your play will be missed! Go Lakers!

  • Daryl Peek

    This sucks in the worst way!!!

    Mike Trudell @LakersReporter 6m
    In absence of all 3 PG’s, LAL will go with Jodie Meeks and Kobe Bryant in the backcourt. Expect Bryant to do much of the playmaking.

    Bryant is essentially going to play PG on offense with the starters, and Henry with the bench.

    The Lakers may look around at PG options, but it seems unlikely to sign somebody who may not play over the Meeks/Henry fill-in combo anyway. Especially with Farmar not far away from return (roughly 2 weeks), a move may not make sense.

    D’Antoni said Blake is one of the toughest players he’s coached. Just (unknowingly) played several games with a torn ligament in his elbow. Blake suffered the injury in the second half of the Lakers vs. Sacramento game on November 24th. and Averaged 9.8p & 7.7a in 31.8 minutes a game playing with it.


    • Daryl Peek

      According to Trudell, Farmar is practicing with the team today and he posted a pic of him shooting jumpers with the team. Ramona Shelburne had reported the team had been looking at Leandro Barbosa before the Blake injury. Barbosa is leading the Brazilian league in scoring right now and seems to be all the way back from his knee injury.

      • Daryl Peek

        Mike Trudell ‏@LakersReporter1m
        High praise from Caesar in terms of toughness w/injuries. RT @Lakers: Kobe: “How tough is Steve Blake having played with it since DC?”

        Mitch Kupchak: “We’ll continue to look, but to find a player that can come in and play in front of Xavier, Jodie and Kobe is unlikely.”

        • Zimmeredge

          that’s unbelievable. Unconsciousness at its highest mark Mitch. Cut the F***ing crap!!!
          No Nash? we deal with it. that’s Ok we have Farmar and Blake
          No Farmar? That’s ok we can handle the situation with Blake, Meeks and X and Kobe getting back
          No pg… ANYMORE? that’s ok Meekes and X can play and Kobe too. we are the only franchise able to play w/out a true pg with system designed for pg.
          What now? Kobe will have to play more than 30 minutes? X and Meeks too? They will get injured or reinjured… at best!
          health is at stake. everything’s at stake.. you can’t wait for Farmar or Nash to get back or force them to play.
          You put to much pressure on their tiny shoulders. I told you so.
          they better come up with a huge trade by december 15th. they can’t stay in the starting block like that. I hope it’s on purpose.
          that sucks!

      • LakersHeatBeef

        LB The Lightning Blur would a welcomed addition tbh.Get Help!

  • Laker4Life

    Seth Curry, we need you.

    • J24

      I’ve been saying the same thing since Farmar went down. Is there a reason the Lakers don’t or can’t acquire him?

      • Daryl Peek

        Mitch Kupchak: “We’ll continue to look, but to find a player that can come in and play in front of Xavier, Jodie and Kobe is unlikely.”

        • LakersHeatBeef

          LOL i get it by now,the Lakers want Kobe Bryant to play at starting PG.I remember the year the Spurs were awful right before drafting Tim Duncan,guess what bro a recovering from Achilles Tendon Surgery D. Wilkins played power forward that whole season leading the Spurs down the drain to a terrible record netting them the #1 pick Tim Duncan.

          Basically Kobe Bryant is way too slow to be a PG full time and he is coming of Achilles surgery and he loves to shoot the ball way too much for this to work.Kobe is a scorer.

          He needs minutes but not at PG more like a SG/SF.Kobe is going to be out of position IMO.Get ready for things to happen one way or another.I love Kobe Bryant and he is the best scorer i have ever seen and the best of the best players ever but even this is too much for him IMO.I hope the FO realizes the strain this will cause Kobe.Protect you’re main investment Kobe tbh.Gotta be smart.

          • Zimmeredge

            coming back from injury + 48m$ + shaky return + two defeat in a raw + rusty team effort + injuries from Nash, Blake and Farmar = long minutes as soon as he gets back = pressure = 99,9 to burst in the air = season f***ed up!
            thanks again FO. they know how to handle crisis

          • Daryl Peek

            Is Kobe gonna be asked to be coddled? Will he cry about too many minutes? Will he work himself to death coming off this injury?

            You’re placing too much emphasis on protecting a guy who knows how to protect himself. Kobe will not over extend himself at this point. He see’s the end of the finish (his career) line and he wants to finish the race on his terms.

            Mitch may or may not bring someone in but it’s a decision that will absolutely have to make sense for the franchise both on the court and financially. Fans are fans because they rant with quick triggers. Other teams make the moves they do because it fits there situation.

          • Zimmeredge

            kobe is in a situation where everything’s brand new to him. and so everything’s in his way to play is new. he has to adapt his game to his current abilities, new team mates and a new system because last year it was not d’antoni’s system. his body betrayed him so to speak so he has to build up some confidence. he does not have his legs back yet. it’s not coddling kobe it’s taking care of him. you’re playing with someone’s career. you can’t allow uncertainty. do you want to see kobe reinjured himself? because if he plays so much minutes so early in his return that’s definitely what’s gonna happen.

            stop being so corporate about the FO, stop being so calm Daryl Peek. Teams make the moves they do because it fits their situations? what fit our (critical) situation then?

          • Daryl Peek

            I will always be as calm as the FO simply because I trust them the same way Kobe does and they do him. This is a two way theme I’m fully vested in as a long time fan. I see the calm they exude and will not panic based off outside influence. I feel your angst but it’s an overreaction IMO.

            Kobe knows his body. That injury he had is not rare but not common either. The minutes he played last season had nothing to do with it. There is no model for predicting it. Kobe will be just fine. Farmar, young as he still is will likely be back sooner rather than later. Nash is another story but the FO is vested in him so that’s that.

            As I wrote on the Kobe PG LN post this will likely be a blessing in disguise as roles will now likely be more clearly defined with Kobe absolutely being the starting PG. I’m excited to see this VS. bummed out. I hate to see all who are injured in that state but that’s part of the games…

          • Zimmeredge

            remember what i told you a week ago: prevention is better than curing… imo the lakers’ fo aren’t doing neither of the two. they are just waitin and waitin and waiting for the situation to get worst day after day.
            mark my words they will “pay” their uncousciousness because they made their decisions based on money (but they have A LOT of money) and not based on the human factor tbh

        • Zimmeredge

          so that’s pure silliness? we don’t need someone who could eventually play in front of those guys… we need someone that can play PERIOD. None of these guys can play for long, extensive minutes and if they do so they will get injured. I already told you this few days ago.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Seth is leading the D-League in scoring.Also getting 6 dimes per game.

  • Zimmeredge

    Steve Blake out for 6 weeks… that’s what I was talking about… We have seen that coming miles away. I warn most of you that you take a lot of risk not finding a true pg sub to reduce Blake’s minutes. Their health is at stake We knew he had some problem with his elbow and yet he played 40mpg. Everybody said “it’s going to be fine just tweak here and there with the players we already have”. BS guys! BS
    now I hope this nonsense crap will stop asap. stop tweaking, stop half measures. we can’t afford to loose any guys for long period like that.
    What know Kobe will play 35mpg?

    • savi

      it’s gonna be the ‘grandest’ task in for the coaching staff!!! especially on this road trip. Manage everybody’s minutes, Design plays, fit them players at the position. This is a big test on the team. If they pass through this. This team is what needs to build upon in the future

      • Zimmeredge

        you can’t build a team with half a Kobe Bryant and two bench players on the backcourt. With a demotivated Gasol on the frontcourt. and especially build a team w/out a pg in that particular system… pure nonsense.
        Pass through this? We will have to play with only 3 backcourt players for 2 weeks. Have you seen the mountain ahead of us? Eight Massive games. We won’t win a game until December 27th and maybe until early January.
        Are they starting to tank the season yet? Cause that’s 9 or 10 defeat in a row.

        • savi

          I share your sentiment, But i will look at the situation like it’s a test on the team. Just think if they manage to steal some great wins in their current state. What does that mean, for the team going forward when team gain all it’s pieces back? I know I am being very optimistic, but I can’t help, I am a FAN!!

    • Daryl Peek

      You need to calm down bro. Much of this was likely discussed back when Kobe signed his extension with the team. Mitch will do what’s best for the team whether it’s bringing the right player in at the right price or standing pat. I have full confidence either way.

      If they aren’t panicking why should we as long time Lakers level headed fans?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Oh crap this is awful news.I wanted this to be a winning season.Now even i have my doubts sadly.FYI Kyle Lowry is possibly getting traded very soon,perhaps Lakers might want to try for him.Also Kendall Marshall and Seth Curry are big time D-League prospects that might be able to start for a few weeks until Jordan Farmar or Steve can get back.But otherwise Manny Harris is another name to think about.Sad news Lakers need a PG and sorry but Kobe Bryant is not a PG he is a SG/SF.

  • Kobesbaldhead

    Just pull the skinny white kid Magette up from the D Fenders. Kid can ball and at least gives them a true point guard that can eat up minutes.

    • jeremy

      i wouldnt mind if it was him, he been avging about 6 assist a game since he became starter and he not a bad scorer either. if not let get one of two PG set curry or kendall marshall. other then that i dont see who else we could get

  • jeremy

    no surprise that blake has to miss time, he just wasnt the same out there. lakers really need a PG now, but for now kobe can run point while henry try to look like a point

  • Gilbert Vega Cortes


  • jeremy

    too add to what some of you are saying, we dont really need a guy who will come in and start, just a guy who can hold down the back up spot for abpuq 12 to 15 min a game. lakers could use a true PG not just someone who can handle the ball like kobe,henry and young can

    • Daryl Peek

      I challenge you to really think about your statement about bringing in a back up? What value does that truly serve given X can give us that?

      Keep in mind Young, Meeks, Johnson and X are the ones who will see more PT due to this. This only helps the big picture going forward. These guys who are the ones struggling most to learn how to play with Kobe will now get a concentrated full attention crash course in Mamba 101. The practice and games will now have a consistency to them we haven’t seen given all the 11-12 deep, who’s hot, who’s not shuffling we’ve seen to date. Contrary to popular belief this is a good thing and is perfect timing given Kobe’s return. No ill wished on those that are down right now.

      • jeremy

        this is from espn story on blake missing time. But maybe there’s a player out there that we can take a look at. … It’s a good time to perhaps look at a player, but I don’t think there’s somebody that we’re going to bring in and we’re going to start or is going to play big minutes.” so im not the only one saying if they bring in a PG it to be a back up

  • Zimmeredge

    does the word tanking mean anything to the laker community? anybody? no? Personnally, as a laker fan, i did not know that word until an hour ago but now I am well aware of what it looks like.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Seth Curry D-League Stats This Season!


  • israel blackwell

    Has everyone forgotten about Shannon Brown??? besides both Kobe and Nick could do fine for a while at the one spot

  • Jan Rey

    What about Lamar? He can come in and be the playmaker right away

  • Paytc

    Well last year they predicted a minimum time frame for MWP and his return shattered the prediction. But MWP is MWP. Hopefully Blake can return sooner for his sake, because he was having his best year as a Laker. But at the same time Nash’s health problems gave Blake the chance to shine a bit and he did.

    Now all 3 PG’s are down imagine that? Hopefully they all get healthy soon. Meanwhile it opens up an opportunity for others to “STEP UP ” and take advantage, like Blake and Farmar did.


    all the flake lovers are going to cry.. maybe now we wont see as much turnovers and over dribbling and bad shots now.. yes!!! this team is more successful when the ball moves in the offensive end and not stuck to one players hands too long like flake… flake wastes the shot clock till like 6 seconds left i noticed in games then makes a bad pass or a bad shot. with dumbtoni’s system i think we have enough guards to bring the ball up the floor and dont need one particular guard to always have the ball, a la bo hogging nobe…
    nobe, slows down the lakers and should not play during the stretch of ball games, he messes up the chemistry of the young guys in the team who’s won ball games for the lakers!!
    once the flake and nobe lovers read this watch for the hate to come!!!

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