Lakers News: Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, Steve Nash All Doubtful Reviewed by Momizat on . As if the injuries couldn't get any worse for the Lakers this season, it's been announced that things absolutely did get worse following their loss in Game 2 on As if the injuries couldn't get any worse for the Lakers this season, it's been announced that things absolutely did get worse following their loss in Game 2 on Rating:
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Lakers News: Steve Blake, Jodie Meeks, Steve Nash All Doubtful

lakers-logoAs if the injuries couldn’t get any worse for the Lakers this season, it’s been announced that things absolutely did get worse following their loss in Game 2 on Wednesday night.

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According to the team, Steve Nash, Jodie Meeks and Steve Blake are all considered doubtful for tomorrow night’s Game 3 back at the Staples Center.

In a season that will most certainly go down as the most injury-plagued in team history, things go from bad to worse once again for the Lakers. Because being two losses from elimination wasn’t enough of a problem.

Here’s the complete press release courtesy of team PR.

Steve Blake had an ultrasound test today which confirmed a moderate strain of his right hamstring.  He is out indefinitely.

Steve Nash received two epidural injections in his back today; he also received a cortisone shot in his right hip.  His status for tomorrow’s game is doubtful.

Jodie Meeks will have an MRI test this afternoon on his sprained left ankle.  His status for tomorrow’s game is doubtful.

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  • john

    Dwight Howard is the least skilled player the NBA has ever seen.. can’t through a ball in an ocean..if the Lakers give this guy a 100 million dollar MAX contract this summer. I will never watch a Lakers game again in my LIFE again.

    • Kline

      Apparently you’re speaking out of Your emotions! Kwame Brown is the least skilled player in the NBA!!! Lol

      • http://www.facebook.com/deshawn.greenfield Deshawn Greenfield

        Stone hands Kwameeeeeeeeee

      • nlruizjr

        Dwight Howard and Kwame Brown are one in the same, they both can’t pass worth a damn, they both can’t catch a pass unless it’s handed to them and sometimes not even then, They both don’t know how to use the backboard to score, they both can’t think and play at the same time and they both believe that they are super players. I’d rather the Lakers go after K. Perkins or D. West or someone of that caliber, let’s face it DH12 is not made to play on the big stage, he shines in a little pond but drowns in a Lake

  • hookedonnews

    Hopefully all the bad stuff will be left behind next season. This has just been an incredibly unlucky year. Nash was healthy last season, and Kobe was playing great until the Achilles tear. Jodie Meeks and Blake aren’t that old. There are a lot of injured younger players–Rose, Rondo, David Lee, plus lots of others who are battling plantar fasciitis, ankle problems, etc. It’s not just old guys that are injured. I’m very hopeful that next season will be very different. Not giving up on this year until it’s over, but it would take a miracle to win without Nash, Blake, and Meeks. Maybe all these Ebanks fans will finally get their wish, and he will come in and save the day! Phil Jackson–please take a front office job so these Phil-o-philes can give it a rest. The Jackson era is over. Get used to it.

  • Willie D.

    I understand the frustration because Laker fans like championships.

    But Howard is Howard.He is an awesome defensive player and rebounder.

    He has a power move or two near the basket and plenty of dunking skill.

    He should work with Kareem or Akeem to develop his offensive skill set.

    As much as I hate to see injuries sometimes they are the only thing that forces less capable coaches to coach.Player rotation and recognizing talent is a part of coaching that goes unnoticed.Many times coaches leave more capable players on the bench for unknown reasons especially when teams are struggling.My attitude is you either make plays or sit on the bench and watch other players make plays.Even Phil Jackson had Ariza on the bench in 2008 playoffs and we could have used his defensive skills and energetic presence.Well with Meeks,Blake,and Nash doubtful I’m excited because we may see more of D.Morris,Goudelock (who’s defense was looking really good staying in front of Parker the short time he played)and Duhon?I’m not sure where Ebanks is but he would also help our defense but not if he sits on the bench.I think our chances look better with the addition of better defensive players.The chemistry is the only question, but hopefully they have practiced a bit together?

    What a year of unfortunate injuries!

    • nlruizjr

      common sense should have told Dumbtoni and Mitch that even we have all-star personnel, they can’t play excessive minutes and that they were going to have to start breaking in the youth from day 1 of the season, it’s a whole lot better to put up with mistakes from the rookies and bench players during the early part of the season than to wait until they have no choice but to play these bench players who have basically no chemistry and lack of execution, any coach with an ounce of coaching brain with common sense would have known that but yet Mitch let Mike Brown and Dumbtoni execute a plan that meant disaster for the team, especially the old vets. Hopefully Jeannie has the power to over-ride Jimmy Boy and just give him a job cleaning up the offices and she brings in Phil to run the FO along with J. West. Mitch and Jimmy Boy have shown that they are just to incompetent to handle such an important job. The Lakers are done this season and damn lucky they made the play offs, which is a failure for the Lakers and a failure for Kobe, what a shame Jerry Buss could not see that his son Jimmy and Mitch are not cut out of championship material.

  • Marty Susman

    It wouldn’t matter, this team of old men has been made older & more broken by the stupidity of the coach who just couldn’t understand they were not all under 21 years old….. This wrong person with the wrong team should be dumped as soon as they can, it will make getting back into the game after the season is over if the players they want know they have a real coach….

  • MannD

    I think its about time we started using the bench guys like Goudelock, Morris, Ebanks and Hill some young players who can actually play but gets stuffed in the bench often. You can’t win games playing 32+ years old players with an average of 30+ minutes per game and using only like an eight player rotation.

  • Michael

    Our training staff is obviously not up to par with all these injuries.

  • Chick hearn

    The door is closed… …the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard, and the jello’s jiggling: Chick Hearn RIP with the 2013 laker season

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