Lakers News: Sources Say Dwight Howard Plans To Re-Sign With Lakers

Lakers News: Sources Say Dwight Howard Plans To Re-Sign With Lakers


fan_u_howard_600In his first season with the Lakers, center Dwight Howard hasn’t had the easiest time adjusting to playing with Kobe Bryant.

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However, with Bryant’s rehab and Howard’s free agency looming during the summer, reports directly from Howard’s camp leaked this morning about his intentions during the offseason.

Sam Amick of USA Today reported Howard plans to remain in Laker land:

While the center who will be a free agent this summer has continued his noncommittal stance about whether he will sign with the Lakers or head elsewhere, two people close to him said they fully expect him to return. The people spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity out of respect for Howard’s decision to wait until the summer to make his final choice.

In their first game since Kobe went down with a season-ending injury, Howard responded with a dominating performance. He scored 26 points, grabbed 17 rebounds and blocked three shots and it was evident that he was transforming in the Lakers leader before our eyes.

While there have been differing reports as to whether or not Howard has been happy as a Laker, it seems he’s embraced his role with the Lakers. Last night the Lakers saw the Howard that they traded for in the summer, and it seems the leadership that Kobe imparted in him is coming out through his play on the court.

Although it’s been likely Howard would eventually realize that staying a Laker was his best move, teams like the Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and the Atlanta Hawks will still line up for his services over the summer. The Lakers offer Howard his best chance to win and not to mention he can make the most money if he re-signs with the team.

A lot of Dwight’s decision still depends on how far he can take this Lakers team in the playoffs, but his recent play suggests he’s more comfortable in L.A. then he was before.


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  • bleedpurple&gold

    Looks like Dwight Howard has finally seen what it takes to be a leader. Kobe’s 2 free throws on one foot may have finally pushed Howard to become the leader the Lakers desperately need right now and after Kobe is gone in the next couple years. Howard’s decision to stay will ultimately prove that he is ready to lead greatest franchise in the NBA. After a dominating performance against the rival Spurs, it looks like Howard is starting to understand the importance of leading a team and leading by example. If the news are true we can expect the Lakers franchise to stay relevant and avoid the rebuilding process with Kobe Bryant out.


      Lakers are going to amnesty kobe. With all that money 30 million they can get two great defensive players to play with Howard.

      • Rohit

        Are you high?! haha dumbest comment i’ve ever read. Kobe is playing on an elite level at the age of 34 – his 17th year in the league. Putting up monster numbers while being Top 3 point scorers in the NBA. Why would you amnesty such a guy?

  • Shawn

    Man D12 has what it takes to carry the Lakers, its in him. But he has to see that its time to grow up and take Both his game as well the game of basketball serious. To say that he isnt talented would be just dumb, Shaq is right 25 and 15 a game. Believe me a healthy and commited D12 can do that easy. Come on D12 lastnigt was no fluke, time to arrive into Legendary big man status.

  • Michael Murillo

    Lakers would never amnesty Kobe! Howard is too loopy! Can’t trust a word he says