Lakers News: Snoop Lion Says That Jeanie Buss Should Be In Charge Reviewed by Momizat on . Executive Vice President of Player Personnel, Jim Buss, has been in the hot seat with the fans for a couple of years now. His head coaching hires have come unde Executive Vice President of Player Personnel, Jim Buss, has been in the hot seat with the fans for a couple of years now. His head coaching hires have come unde Rating:
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Lakers News: Snoop Lion Says That Jeanie Buss Should Be In Charge

Executive Vice President of Player Personnel, Jim Buss, has been in the hot seat with the fans for a couple of years now. His head coaching hires have come under serious question by the fans, the media and the basketball community. Questions of his decisions have been heating up since the emotional passing of his father, the late and great Dr. Jerry Buss.

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Being in Los Angeles and operating under the entertaining platform that Dr. Buss created, the Lakers have some high-profile fans. This includes Snoop Lion, formerly known as Snoop Dogg. At a recent Playboy event, Snoop had the following to say about his favorite basketball team:

Jeanie Buss is beloved by the Lakers fans, that is for sure. While some believe that she could easily persuade her finance, Phil Jackson, to rejoin the Lakers as their head coach, Mike D’Antoni still has the job.

Right now, Jeanie is the Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the Lakers. Considering that the financial value of the Lakers hit the $1 billion mark earlier this year, it seems that Jeanie is holding down the business side of the franchise very well.

How the Lakers’ regroup this season and the decisions the front office makes next summer will likely be very foretelling on Jim Buss’ reputation and legacy with the franchise.


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  • 3339

    In the Godfather they say to make decisions based on business reasons not personal. Jim buss always makes decisions based on personal reasons.
    Ex. Dantoni was not a business decision. ..it was a personal one. Jims ego is holding the Lakers back

    • smoothaswilkes

      You realize the D’Antoni was Dr. Buss’s call, right? Enough with blaming Jim already. He’s not going anywhere and really what travesties has he committed? Draft Bynum? Trade for Nash and Howard? Everyone makes it sound like he killed Kobe Bryant. And furthermore, who is to say the Jeanie knows anything about the basketball side?

      • 3339

        I don’t care what anyone says, dantoni hiring was all Jim buss. just like the mike brown hiring.

        I guarantee that Jeanie would be much better running the Lakers.

  • Laker J

    In Jim Buss’ defense, and trust me it’s hard to say that, the Lakers would be a completely different team if it wasn’t for David Stern. Let’s not forget, that he pulled the Chris Paul trade until it was “vetoed” by the commissioner. He did it without giving up Bynum, who was eventually the key piece to obtaining Howard. The Lakers roster today would be Chris Paul, Kobe, Metta and Howard with possibly Earl Clark or J. Hill at PF. They may have won the championship last year, or at least been in the finals, and would be poised for another chip this year….and all would be well in Lakerland. Where he has made substantial mistakes, is in the hiring of our head coaches. Mike Brown, and now D’Antoni. He needs to understand, that along with the right players you need the right coach in order to succeed. He will find that out this year, again!
    It is also hard to believe that he would just let Howard walk without anything to show for, I mean, nothing. The attitude that they would not engage in any sign and trade scenarios, I’m sure kept other teams from pursuing Howard. Not a smart position, considering that D12 was the marquee free agent. He walked, and the Lakers got nothing, not one draft pick, not young talent, nada.
    However, I will reserve judgement on him until the 2014 free agency, but he knows that we are all watching….very closely. Go Lakers.

    • Paytc

      The NBA and commissioner are not fools.They know whenever you combine players with drive, Heart,and talent…. with minds like Kobe,D.Wade,CP3,T.Parker,and now Lebron,championships follow.They clearly knew with CP3, Kobe and the Lakers, would be adding another 2 or 3 championships in 3-5 years.That was too much for them to take,or allow.But the Lakers will find a way to raise up some more championship banners.Will Rondo be available any time soon?Let’s upset all the Laker haters ,and win against all odds this coming season.The pressure and expectations are on OKC,Miami,Spurs,and Indiana,not the Lakers.

  • ra

    I understand that of course with Jim Buss in charge now (by himself, not with Jerry Buss over his shoulder), we should give him a chance to see how the Lakers perform moving forward. However, since 2011, Jerry has let Jim propose decisions, and in attempt to prepare for Jerry’s eventual departure from the Lakers, see how they played out.

    So far, they have not played out well. So, we have already had a 2 year window to see how things work out with his decision making process.

    We don’t have any ‘windows’ left to give Jim a trial to see how things work out. Kobe is on the ‘retiring’ end of his career. If Kobe can play at a high level without any physical problems, then that will help out Jim Buss. However, the surrounding Laker team may not necessarily be ‘Championship’ quality.

    Jeannie has a better sense of showmanship, and marquee player showcasing. She actually is the ‘pocketbook’ of the Lakers. She has a better sense of how to keep the business going (of course she does – why would Jerry trust the future of the business to her?). So, ultimately, she has the last word (although, I don’t know the specifics of the business arrangement that Jerry left to his kids). My ‘guess’ is that Jerry set it up so that Jeannie can veto anything Jim proposes, but can’t actually ‘fire’ her own brother from the business. I’m also guessing that over the next few years, chances are low that she would try to override Jim’s decisions – that would amplify any rift that might already be there.

    We’re probably stuck with Jim Buss for a while. Unfortunately, the Lakers organization could take a negative turn because of this. If the fans ever become disenfranchised, then I’m sure Jeannie will step in to keep the revenue flowing, whatever it takes.

    • Daryl Peek

      Jerry started groom Jimmy once West left in 2000. Dr. Buss had an interview in 2005 that details the three headed FO of Himself, Jimmy and Kupchak. Dr. Buss chose Jimmy because he didn’t want Phil in the Lakers FO. He said so in that 2005 interview. I would post the link but every time I do this site removes my comments.

      If you want to see just how Dr. Buss felt about Phil in a Lakers FO like stake with the Lakers look up Dr. Buss talks about Kobe Phil and Kupchak on youtube.

      Jeanie is great doing exactly what she’s currently doing for the Lakers. Basketball operations is not what Dr. Buss groomed her for. Sorry Snoop and Jimmy Buss haters. Dr. Buss had a plan and it is what it is.

      • Daryl Peek

        Dr. Buss on giving Phil a stake in the Lakers “ABSOLUTELY NOT because the Lakers belong to my children and that’s the way it’s gonna be!”

      • ra

        We’re talking about Jimmy and Jeannie, not Phil (I didn’t mention Phil at all, not sure why he’s part of the equation unless by proxy – being associated with Jeannie).

        Several issues: 1) Jerry Buss was ‘the last word’. Even if Jimmy was being ‘groomed’ (albeit, since 2000 – that’s an even longer time to get one’s act together), Jerry had the last word and could veto anything that Jimmy ‘suggested’ in the decision making process. This was even categorically stated. Kobe didn’t talk with Jim Buss back in 2004, or 2008 when Phil was hired back. That was Jerry Buss, the ‘decision maker’ and ‘last word’.

        2) The function of the Buss’ business is to keep the revenue coming in. Again, Jeannie is the financial decision maker. If Jim Buss’s basketball decisions lead to their fortune being at risk, you best believe that Jeannie will step in. She has the $$, not Jim. It may seem somewhat unfortunate to them that Phil is still involved in some capacity, because he has Jeannie’s ear, but of course he’s not a direct material participant (unless, of course, they actually get married).

        I don’t know who ‘hates’ Jim Buss, but I’m a diehard Laker fan, and I don’t care who’s in charge, they better make the right decision for US.

        • Daryl Peek

          Exactly. Jeanie would put Phil in the FO and that’s exactly why most want Jeanie in charge.

        • Jim213

          Agree, but with some of these recent acquisitions there’s still hope. For myself, its never been about winning championships every year, it’s about staying competitive by putting the best possible team on the floor (today) to eventually place us in those situations. Team depth should be more important to management instead of looking at free agency 2014, b/c we ain’t going to tank.

          Team depth will also help to lure another star to LA as long as management can acquire the right pieces to give us a solid team. Many of us also recognize that the NBA is changing, salary cap and current NBA contracts allow small markets the chance to compete against bigger markets. Thus, building team depth should be #1 on the list to help Kobe and appease(he can’t do everything) the fans until 2014 free agency. Hopefully Dr. Buss didn’t leave with the recipe to staying competitive to continue our tradition (The Buss’s aren’t new management).

  • Sti1lmatic

    We can’t talk too bad about the guy. Hell he’s given us CP3 & D12.

    • Dale Gribble

      That was mostly Mitch that brought us CP3, D12, Nash and a lot of other options

      • smoothaswilkes

        Really? Were you in the room? Why is everything good Mitch and everything bad Jim? You can’t have it both ways to fit your crappy argument.

        • Jim213

          I’m still looking for CP3 in our roster?… M Kupacake couldn’t sell a box of girl scout cookies. Comparing J West draft acquisitions too M Kupcake is like night and day. As when it comes to bringing in players J West closed the deals like no other ex. Shaq, Kobe and many others. But draft wise it ain’t even close.

  • KcS

    The misconception is we should be thanking Mitch for the CP3 and DH trades, not Jim Buss.

    • Daryl Peek

      I disagree simply because it was Jimmy who believed so strongly in Bynum. CP3 coming to the Lakers was a plan to get Howard here also. Jimmy had to give up on Bynum to make that a possibility therefore it was a collaborative between Mitch and Jimmy.

  • Daryl Peek

    The current state of dysfunction in the Lakers organization is too complex to pin on one person like most in the media coupled with the majority of the Lakers fan base do. I have strong opinions of what caused why we are where we are. None of us truly knows the truth. All we can do is gather information and speculate. I do my best in trying to understand via the horses mouth. This is why I argue so much when I see ESPN/First take points being posted. That show is a horrible reference source. I lean on the direct interviews of the Lakers FO people as source.

    Dr. Buss said it best when it comes to these media driven general misconceptions;

    “I understand it, for one thing I was a fan a long time before I was an owner. There are certain misconceptions, how many people have really sat in on FO decisions? The answer is the public perception of what occurs and what actually occurs often times is very different.”

  • Spell Checker

    It’s her “fiance” and not her “finance.”

    • TheMonitor

      Good one there!

  • TheMonitor

    There’s a reason Dr. Buss put Jeanie in charge of the money instead of Jim!

  • quickster007

    Jeanie Buss is running the business operations and Jim Buss is running the basketball operation. I think she should be running everything. Promote Phil Jackson to head of basketball operations and make Jim Buss work under Phil Jackson he he he. I don’t think it will happen but, there is one possibility, How?, someone should point to Time Warner Cable executives that their investment of 3 billions is not giving them what I call return on investment. The Lakers doesn’t have the star appeal it once had. TWC should insist that only Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson can bring the luster back. If not, TWC will withdraw their offer and give it to the Clippers.

  • Islesteelr

    I think we all need to take a breath and realize that we can’t overreact , just because we hit some turbulence. Im not totally sold on Jimbo as well……. But lets be patient, and see how the next 3 years unfold. Especially with the opportunities we will have in ’14 & ’15.

  • letsgolakers24

    jeanies been around longer than jim

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