Lakers News: Shawne Williams Will Start In Season Opener Reviewed by Momizat on . After a 4-4 preseason record, the Los Angeles Lakers host the Clippers in their season opener on Tuesday. With numerous players battling for the starting power After a 4-4 preseason record, the Los Angeles Lakers host the Clippers in their season opener on Tuesday. With numerous players battling for the starting power Rating:
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Lakers News: Shawne Williams Will Start In Season Opener

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After a 4-4 preseason record, the Los Angeles Lakers host the Clippers in their season opener on Tuesday. With numerous players battling for the starting power forward and shooting guard positions during the preseason, it was unclear who would start on Tuesday.

According to OC Register’s Bill Oram, a decision has been made by Mike D’Antoni today. To no one’s surprise, Shawne Williams will be in the starting lineup alongside of Pau Gasol, instead of Chris Kaman.

Since Kaman has been out for eight days dealing with a stomach illness, it makes sense for Williams to start in his place. While he didn’t shoot particularly well during the preseason, Williams showed the ability to be a serviceable stretch-four and defender in D’Antoni’s offense. He averaged 6.8 points and 4.4 rebounds while shooting 33 percent from three-point land.

It’s unclear at this time whether Williams will remain the team’s starting power forward when Kaman is healthy. Regardless of what happens, Williams will be a key role player for the Lakers this season as they look to exceed low expectations.

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  • taviyoung

    Kaman should definitely be the starter once he’s healthy. He shot the ball extremely well from the mid-range, was great on the boards, and was active defensively the whole preseason.

    • Paytc

      Yeah I was impressed with what little I saw of Kaman. His size,shooting touch, toughness,and attitude is going to be a plus for us. Hopefully we stay healthy and peak at the right time.

  • Jim213

    Even with Williams in the starting rotation seems like they’ll be going with a slower group as opposed to the 2 team (expected). Looks like Nash, Gasol, and Kaman /Williams (4) will start. I’d expect Young to start too (SF) from what the coach has previously mentioned.

    • Daryl Peek

      I think Williams will start at PF and Kaman will come off the bench.

  • Daryl Peek

    Williams against Griffin is my main concern with this starting line up. Griffin could beast on the offensive boards. Pau is gonna have to step up big time!! The Clipper bench DESTROYED us all last season. I think Farmar and crew will win that match up this season.

    • Jim213

      Williams doesn’t seem like the type to let a player like Griffin put him through the ringer. I’d expect some hard fouls if things don’t go as planned. The match I’ll observe is Farmar against CP3.

      • Daryl Peek

        Agreed on Williams toughness but Blake is a beast on the boards and Deandre can be also. Jordan is they X-factor for the Clippers, Doc has him believe so it seems. Jordan is blocking shots like a mad man. Again it will be up to gasol to match that intensity on both sides of the court as our lone post threat. If he’s not up to a 2010 performance level were in trouble!

        • Jim213

          Looking at the first ten games the team can either go 6-4 or 5-5. But it’ll depend on the coach finding the right line up. But with regards to Gasol, not sure what to expect from him given the coach hasn’t utilized Gasol to his strengths. It may be a work in progress at first with the starting rotation.

          • Daryl Peek

            It’s not D’Antoni who’s not using Pau in the post. It’s Pau not going and staying there.

          • Jim213

            Not sure bout that but we’ll find out tomorrow given that if the coach didn’t criticize his play at first (pre-season) he may do so down the line. May have to throw in Hill if both Kaman and Gasol end up getting out rebounded.

          • Daryl Peek

            I doubt that. Hill is a very high energy guy but not a better rebounder than either Gasol or Kaman. And he cannot protect they rim or score like they can.

          • Jim213

            Agree, can’t argue offensively but defensively it’s about finding the right combo (consistency). Although, it’s more about Kaman but IMO the starting rotation will be a work in progress at first.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I love that Shawne Williams is starting.Mike D’Antoni gots length starting if he uses Wesley at small forward.Shawne Williams is a perfect stretch four,team ball is the key.

    • Jim213

      Agree, Williams is good to stretch the floor but didn’t observe the coach or Gasol take advantage of this during the last few games against the Jazz. Gasol didn’t seem two happy during the 1st half and starting the 2nd half.

      Rather than play closer to the lower post he kept shooting more shots at the high post. Basically they didn’t take advantage of Gasol’s height when he was out there.

      • Daryl Peek

        Pau Has been transitioning back to his more natural state of an elbow player the last three seasons as both Bynum and Howard moved him out of the post. This all started in 2010-11 under Phil. Pau has been used more like his brother Marc is in Memphis along side of Randolph. The transition back to the low post for Pau is gonna be a deprogramming process. That is really tough right now because this offense stresses floor spacing first.

        Pau has always been more inclined to be a willing elbow threat in his career. Remember that’s where he thrived early on in Memphis as a much younger more athletic Gasol who set the league on fire with his Euro big man skill set. It was Phil who got Pau to thrive in the low post. Pau had never had a true low post game before Phil & the triangle, and was not the sole post feature under Phil either. Kobe always ate first down there. Phil was always trying to fit Bynum into the Shaq role also but injuries and immaturity stumped that. This is why Pau has never truly been able to shed the soft label. His natural on the court demeanor is a triple threat elbow stance not low post. Kobe and Pau were at their best in the triangle sharing a back and forth between the elbow and post. Their high basketball IQ’s meshed perfectly together in that setting, that’s what made them so dangerous as a duo!

        This is why I’m so worried about our rebounding plight as a team. Pau has got to resist that natural elbow tendency and get his butt on the block, and stay there as Kobe said last year! In this system we can’t afford for him to float outside. We’ll get murdered on the boards like that!

  • Islesteelr

    Williams will stay in front of griffin . Make griffin shoot over him. What he needs to concentrate on is griffin leaking out on breaks ! Especially if he’s the shooter. If he can bring his track shoes and run with griff, he can at least make griff work for his money…

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