Lakers News: Ryan Kelly Upset That Robert Horry Called Him Out

Lakers News: Ryan Kelly Upset That Robert Horry Called Him Out


Ryan Kelly

Following tonight’s 121-114 loss against the Phoenix Suns, the talk of the locker room was the heated altercation that occurred between Nick Young and Alex Len. Young was ejected tonight after he aggressively reacted to taking a flagrant foul from Len while he attempted a fast break layup.

In the post-game coverage tonight on Time Warner Cable, former Laker Robert Horry didn’t have some pleasant things to say about the team, as he felt that the players on the floor should have come to the defense of Young in that situation. In fact, he was specific and called out a few guys in particular:

Young was in agreement with Horry, and admitted that he did feel like his teammates should have been there for him. But given the Lakers roster situation and lack of depth, it’s understandable why some guys would refrain from overreacting, as that could potentially lead to further consequences.

When it was made known to Ryan Kelly that Horry had made some comments about him, he was not pleased according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

This incident is something that this Laker team could ill afford. They have currently lost six games in a row, and a locker room issue would provide no benefit in aiding the situation. Hopefully they can grow from this and recover. They have a long road trip ahead and could use a bounce back victory on Friday against the Celtics.
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  • lakerfan0

    Kelly(and the rest of the team) should grow some balls and be the man on the court if he gets so upset with a criticism like this. I’m tired of seeing pussy ass players on the court! So glad Xavier comes back against the Celtics, maybe he can do something about that.

    • R

      Agree a 100%,also the comment from Kendall Marshall is BS,I would trade his ass,he doesn’t deserve to wear the purple and Gold,his another piece of shit like Gasol,a 7 footer that’s as soft as shit

    • ra

      Kelly (& others) know that they’re on the ‘outs’ after this year. They have to stick around while they have a chance, to make a buck on the Lakers.

      But, the Lakers needed to show team unity here – and, someone defending their teammate would actually probably increase his own stock value.

      In the meantime, I’m even more appalled that the Suns were allowed to gang up on Nick Young, and did not suffer any consequences (a fine or two?). There was no reprimand for what they did – no accountability – no consequences.

      This means that ‘next time’ (if there is one), there should be a gang of Lakers jumping up and getting involved. Then, if they suspend all the Lakers, they would have a hard time NOT suspending the players on the other team.

      Word of advice: if you are a Laker, and you just ‘stand up’ and put your foot on the court, might as well make a 50 yard dash and push people from the other team. Stern Inc. might fine you ‘anyway’, or suspend you, so might as well make the most of it.

      Remember when Stoudemire got up off the bench, and just ‘touched’ the court with his foot? (after Robert Horry body checked Steve Nash?). He was then suspended for a game, and the Suns went on to lose to the Spurs. Stoudemire should have made a beeline to Tony Parker (yes, he wasn’t involved – it was Horry), and then ‘take him out’. Take out their key player, because the NBA is taking you out.

    • Robert Horry VS. Ryan Kelly

      I have never laughed so hard in my life as i have just now over this funny situation over retard Ryan Kelly getting upset at Robert Horry.So funny i wrote a spook song for Robert Horry VS. Ryan Retard Kelly.

      Robert Horry VS. Ryan Kelly Song Lyrics LOL HA HA HA HA HA HA.

      Horry i am sorry you made me upset-you should blame Caveman man.

      Kelly your smelly with a flabby belly your so soft i will call you Shelly.

      Horry i am sorry you made me upset at you like a teachers pet let me get wet in the ears i love hearing cheers from the loud crowd.

      Kelly you are a bitch made sucker you should have backed up Swaggy P you acted like a she.

      Horry i am sorry you made me upset-let me stick with this click i am cool like Michael Vick so sick of Swaggy P i let him get p’unkd after his dunk.

      Kelly you are a chump i hate you since you didn’t back up Swaggy P don’t upset Kobe and me.

  • Boobie Knight

    You are a bad teammate. Way to step for Young while 5 Suns players surround and maul him. You just sit there and watch. If I was GM, Kelly would be cut today.

    • TTKIN

      Watch the replay, Kelly was the only one there trying to help Young. Where were the other 3 guys in purple?

      • Boobie Knight

        You should re-watch the replay. Is “trying to help” slowly walking away?

    • Crenshaw Class 1983 state cham

      Why, kelly butt wasn’t cut when Shaun Williams got the ax. As a matter of fact Shaun williams should have been the one staying. Shaun was the only one besides swaggy ,X and farmar balling hard. I know Shaun didn’t hit his threes but Shaun would hit people and hit the boards for his skinny frame. Crenshaw High class 1983 state champs. By the way LA Niggas don’t play that . That’s why swaggy poped off on five . LA don’t play that ……U get done in when u go at team mate. The coach is a punk as well. Didn’t back a player thats been balling all year. Jim Buss fix your S. Its stinking

    • yakk

      good thing you aren’t a GM after Kelly essentially won the game tonight against the Celtics

  • corky carroll

    I never thought I would be pulling for the Lakers to lose, but that seems to be what it has come to. Season is chaos and a good draft pick is the only candle that is still burning. Nick Young is about the only guy worth watching other than the good passing by Marshall…… but, that said, I used to never want to miss a game on TV and these days I hardly check the guide…. sad times in Lakerland

  • Sylvia Ross

    You were a BAD TEAMMATE!!! How could you guys stand out there and let him fight that battle all by himself ? This is the first time I can say that I was not proud to be a Laker fan. If you can’t win the game at least stand up for each other. Now, you guys have a chance of losing Hill who was on the bench at the time and I guess like the rest of us couldn’t believe you guys were just standing their watching a five on one fight. But I guess this reflects the leadership you have with that SORRY COACH damtoni!!!

  • Elcid Martinez

    The only bad teammate is nick young. He overreacted and was the aggressor after the obvious flagrant foul on him. He needs to have the presence of mind that this team is short on bodies and NEEDS HIM! Tell me lakers fans, when was the last time rushing a court and or a fight didnt lead to things escalating and or multiple suspensions. Lakers teammates did the right thing. Used their brains. Young had every right to be upset but failed his teammates with his reaction.

    • Daryl Peek

      If your brother or sister overreacted to getting popped in the face and pushed down would you sit back and watch as 3-5 people push your fam around?

      If so you are a bad sad family member. Wrong or right you don’t let NO ONE PUT HANDS ON YOUR FAM! After it’s over we’ll discuss the details. If necessary I’ll get in my Fam’s azz for putting me in that situation but that’s between us as we dust each other off…

      And tell me when was the last time we’ve seen an all out brawl in the NBA? These type of skirmishes happen all of the time. Cooler heads always prevail in the end but that’s no reason not to defend yours!

      Metta clocked James Harden and OKC players came to his defense but there was no brawl when there was just reason for there to be. Remember Derek Fisher head butting Luis Scola? Those on the court showed no heart! Protect yours at all costs!

      • JohnC

        If a member of your team, your friends, your family overreacted you take him’her out of the brawl and that’s the only way to protect him/her EFFECTIVELY from further harm.

        NY was punished several times, and the whole team was as well as a consequence. Your are a true pro. you don’t lose control. NY is a very talented guy but has got a lot to learn.

        • Daryl Peek

          Human emotion cannot and never will be completely curtailed in the moment. That’s all I have to say on the PC technical aspect of this.

          Bottom line, we all lose control at times when we feel disrespected, especially when someone puts hands on you. Number one thing a real man teaches his son is never let another man put his hands on you! This is the most basic rule in the laws of nature, you always defend yourself and protect your family.

        • Daryl Peek

          Even as a child who’s never been taught to fight, if he or she sees someone beating up their brother or sister they will instinctively rush to their defense.

          • Joseph

            So you want the everyone else on the Lakers to get suspended just because NY couldn’t hold it in? You have to think! If they went in guns blazing there wouldn’t be a Lakers anymore.

          • Ryan

            LMAO you guys this is NOT A FAMILY MEMBER. Fucking morons. Then what mroe guys get suspended an we have no team and it be the first time in nba history that a team cant play due to suspensions.

          • Daryl Peek

            You sound like someone who’s never played any organized sports? Or your just trolling?

          • Ryan

            trolling??? lmao get outta here with that shit. I played organized sports and you should always think about how your actions effect the team as a whole and now facing the celtics he is on the bench an were gonna lose instead of having a chance. thats all im saying its no biggie.

          • Daryl Peek

            Let me break down why I said you sound like someone who has not played organized sports.

            The bottom line is teammates should always have your back. An NBA team is a brotherhood especially on the court in the midst of battle. When someone puts hands on your brother you protect him regardless of wrong, right or shorthanded plight.

            Kendall Marshall’s reaction and post game interview synopsis of Young is a classic example of what’s wrong with this team in general. “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” I say this in a worldly sense of fighting for the sake of your brother to whom you go into battle with between the lines of that b-ball court. The integrity and character of these guys (those on the court at the time) was shown to be that of a mentally weak group that does not understand the spirit of the biblical quote aforementioned.

            Marshall surmised the shorthanded plight in the heat of a battle. His stance was we’ve only got 8 other players and maybe the smart thing for me to do here is not get in there because I could be lost. The other side of that is, we’ve only got 8 players maybe I should get in there and pull Young out because he could be lost. The other side of the summation is the standard for brotherhood.

            I hate to use Marshall as example given he’s still very new to this team and still young as a second year player but he’s likely played this game since he was a child and the brotherhood factor is something we learn at an early age in sports just as we do in life when it comes to family, and we all know family is not always defined by blood. The blood sweat and tears shared between the lines of the playing field is enough to establish that bond from the jump for teammates that come together with a single minded goal shared.

            The Lakers are already losing. The thing you seem to miss is, not having your brothers back shows you’ve lost much more than games, you’ve lost what it takes to be one as a team.

            It’s very big because the bigger picture is lost.

            I apologize for the trolling dig.

          • Sylvia Ross

            They aren’t winning anyway so they might as well stand up for each other that’s the least they can do!

          • Daryl Peek

            What difference does it make really when the team is losing the way they are already? This is an extreme view because this happens all the time and more often than not it’s actually diffused by teammates helping.

          • Michael Bromley

            Not everyone on the lakers, just Kelly and the 3 other lakers on the court at the time. The league has no issue with the players on the court attempting to defuse a potentially violent situation. Case in point, Lin’s 4 suns teammates who came to his defence when young rushed him.

          • psedog

            Yes. Take care of your own. If you’re going to go out, might as well be as a team.
            The smart play would have been to get in the middle. If a Laker actually stepped in then Nick would not have thrown the punch and would not have been ejected.

          • ifeanyi ilonzo

            That was disgraceful. I would have never trusted those players ever again. They might as well sat at half court with popcorn waiting for nick young to get his ass beat.

            This is the nba for god sake. In these scrums nothing happens. It is probably the lowest risk confrontations they will see in there lifetimes.

      • dafuq

        You can say that because you never had a real brother/teammate thaT has your back, too bad, its like seeing your little brother get beat up and you stand there and take a video of him. Dont take it seriously, use yo brain. ,,!,,

        • Daryl Peek

          ?!? are you saying this to me?

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      This guy likes boys – so you can’t expect him to have any real balls

      • Daryl Peek


    • dafuq

      You can say that because you never had a real brother/teammate thaT has your back, too bad, its like seeing your little brother get beat up and you stand there and take a video of him. Dont take it seriously, use yo brain. ,,!,,..

      • Al Haldie

        Who got beat up- if your talking about those girl slaps those shoves , then u have never been in a fight – unless it was with girls–this hole thing is out of control and stupid…

    • Jack Hokage Handcock

      If we was 12 plus players deep sure go ahead and get the bum ass players who dont play suspended, but we are not. the lakers are about winning championships. cant win games if our best players at this time and moment are getting over emotional and getting ejected. imagine this was a play off game and young put the team in harms way.

    • richard

      YOu are mistaken, sir. The issue is not about over-reacting… the issue was, help from team mates… his team mates on the floor didn’t come to his aid, the right thing to do was to go between the Suns players and Young, to protect their own. Young was punked by the Morris borthers, and his team mates just nonchalantly walked away as if Young wasn’t their own. This is about pride as a team.

    • nlruizjr

      Well E. Martinez, sometimes you just can’t control yourself, especially when someone hits you with some mean intentions and your currently on a losing game streak and your team is getting more on the injured list then on the active list, sometimes you just react but even tho you react wrong your team mates should be there to help you out and keep you from making it worse K. Ryan was there already, he could of stepped in and done more to that end and definitely done more when the Morris bros were pushing and shoving Nick, you just don’t stand there and spectate but at least he was there, that’s more than I can say about the rest of the team and why wasn’t MD yelling at the refs, when the Morris bros. were manhandling Nick, he could have brought that point up to the Commissioner but then again “it is what it is” with MD !!!!!

    • Michael Bromley

      NBA players are taught not to leave the bench to assist a teammate, as it is an automatic suspension. But there were 5 lakers on the court playing at the time. Where the hell were the other 3? Why didn’t they rush to the basket to protect the only bright spot for the team this year??? Young had every reason to be pissed…

    • nlruizjr

      LAMO, the only thing you got right on this post is “REACTION”, it was a reaction to a hard foul, this game is based on reactions and when someone gets a hard “Cheap Shot”, that’s the way they react, it wasn’t the first and won’t be the last. Let someone cheap shot you and see what you do, if you have no courage, you’ll probably walk away., you sound like that type.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I have not been impressed by Ryan Kelly,he is not cutting the mustard.Waive him.

    • C*HarrisTHEboss

      We should have waived “Big Bird jr.” instead of Shawne Williams

      • Daryl Peek

        Sad but true. I like Kelly’s upside but he lost a ton of respect from me last night. Williams would’ve been QUICK to get in the middle of that to help his homie!

        • popmotherfucker

          You guys are retarded. Ryan Kelly was a great player in his college days. If you look at his stats you would see that he really good from the 3pt line. You gotta give him a chance to find himself.

          • nlruizjr

            College isn’t the NBA, not even the DL and as far as good from the 3pt line, when is that going to happen, what I have seen mostly is missed shots and not even cutting it at mid-range. I think we should have kept Williams and cut R. Kelly, another FO mistake !!!!!!

        • Al Haldie

          The guy is a roc god give him a chance – and get off his back….

          • Daryl Peek

            I’ll be on his helmet til he and others learn the basics of protecting your own. Children know better! I don’t care what the circumstances you never let someone else put hands on your fam!!

            I’m not calling for him to be cut but I wont back off the respect statement. Only bitches let they fam get beat up.

            And yes its that serious! That’s the problem with this team, no pride no fight, and no one has the others back.

          • nlruizjr

            100% I agree, I don’t care what the situation is with the team, you NEVER let your teammate get manhandled (5 on 1) and you scum bags just walking around following the action, NO PRIDE whatsoever !!!!!!!! You can bet Kobe would have been in there, injured or not and if any of his teammates were just spectating, Kobe would bust there chops in the locker room, he’d be telling them more than “pull up your big boy pants” !!!!!!

  • Aaron

    Nick Young is the village idiot of the Lakers. Control yourself son.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    People don’t get it,All of them Lakers players not named Pau Gasol are on 1 year deals,they only care about their own stats.All those Lakers players don’t care about The Lakers at all because they know that they will find another team 6 months from today,why fight or backup a teammate when you are leaving anyways?The Lakers are not a team they are just stat padding individuals.

    • Ryan

      Exactly most of them are playing for contracts for other teams next year. SMH people are dumb

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Horry would have shoulder-checked somebody like he did Nash lol

    • Al Haldie

      Horry mouth is too big for his face he should keep it shut – i dont understand if these players play all those yrs and then all they can do is make trouble for the new player and to pick on a roc – showes no brains – they all fell out when he opened his mouth…

  • JohnC

    Childish. Fighting during a game is presented like kind of ‘macho’ thing: but it is nothing but childish. It’s more school boys marking territory than men competing as pros.

    You have to behave as a pro. This is not Primary School, you can never lose control, you can’t afford to miss the focus. N. Young was punched and it is necessary to protest and react, but there is a limit and NY overreacted hitting back hitting more people around.

    The consequence: NY was ejected when his team needed him most in a game LA Lakers really had a chance + now there are just seven or eight players for next game.

    There are RULES which allow you to play the game, one of them is DO NOT hit back & do not lose control, THIS IS THE NBA. And there are three guys there to handle these situations: the defender was ejected. You could have got benefit from that action and NY was not just hit but also ejected = PUNISHED TWICE. Childish.

    • nlruizjr

      No, you don’t understand, Idiot….. this guy could have ended your career but doing a cheap shot and anybody worth his paycheck would have done the same as NY, there are some type of fouls that aren’t acceptable and if you allow it once, then they all will take advantage every time you go up for a layup, this has nothing to do about thinking about well should I react or not, you just react and if you have never been in that type of situation then you should just keep your mouth shut, period and if your thinking about me, well I took care of my situation in Viet Nam !!!!!!

  • Carlos Raul Chaparro

    kelly you are a bitch!

  • Dana

    I agree with Horry. The Lakers are missing a feeling of team out there, and Theresa and I were apoplectic that there were 5 Suns around Swaggy P and NOT ONE LAKER. I don’t care if everyone gets tossed and the team has to forfeit a couple games because they can’t field a team. This team needs some solidarity and some toughness and some grit.

    I wanted to see all five guys come to Nick’s defense. Instead . . . no one. It was a bad feeling when it happened, and it’s a bad feeling now. These guys deserve to be called out.

  • Alex K Tatiracanal

    What I thought was amusing that one of the Suns players was trying to help Nick Young up.

    This will sound like I’m dumping on Mike D’Antoni (and I am)

    Get a new coach. It won’t solve all the problems but if the Lakers had Tom Thibodeau of the Bulls, Doc Rivers or even Mark Jackson of Golden State, Nick Young would have had backup because these players wouldn’t been worried about fines beforehand. Maybe after.

    As much as I hate the Celtics, when Doc Rivers was there, I never saw one Celtic being outnumbered on the court. With Mark Jackson, I could never see Steph Curry, Klay Thompson or any other of their players standing out there by themselves.

    The Lakers don’t seem to have a fighting spirit night after night. I see them getting waxed by 25 and 30 points, trailing by 40 in some games. And that’s not a talent issue, it’s an attitude issue.

    Look at the Chicago Bulls from last year, Miami was the favorite against them in the playoffs, but they gave the Heat all they could handle. And they had no problem getting up close and personal with LeBron or whoever.

    I don’t know Mike D’Antoni personally and he could’ve been hard nosed and tough when he played, but the Lakers, I dare say, look “soft.”

    • Jack Hokage Handcock

      it is not D’Antoni fault, get him players who can run his offense. His Suns team gave us a good run when they had Nash, Johnson, Amare, and Marion in the 2000’s. He needs the right personnel in my opinion. He got an old laker team

      • Alex K Tatiracanal

        The Laker’s current attitude is D’Antoni’s fault. When he was asked about Nick Young, his response was…

        “There’s no fighting in the NBA.”

        That’s not addressing the chemistry issue with the team. Which is that they don’t seem to stand for one another.

        Teams take on the personality of their coach.

        And as far as the Suns go, they never got to the finals with their TWO time MVP Steve Nash. And how is that even relevant now?

        His philosophy is to go up and down and pretty much ignore defense and that’s entertaining for some games during the regular season, but it didn’t even get him to the finals, much less win a championship.

        Why didn’t you bring up his time with the Knicks?

        D’Antoni wants players tailor made for his system, but never wants to adjust his system for the players already in place.

        And the Lakers aren’t about to jettison their roster to get the players D’Antoni wants. Because then what do you get? A team that won’t play defense. And when was the last time a team like that won a championship?

        If you want a coach who can give you a “good run”, then you might as well get George Karl.

      • nlruizjr

        Has Md won anything……. No !!!!!!!!, enough said !!!!!!!

  • keving

    ryan kelly was right there. wtf is everyone mad at him for?

  • Ryan

    You guys are all idiots. WE ONLY HAVE LIKE 8 PLAYERS and yet you want everybody to jump in an all get suspended i mean come one then what we dont have any players to play a fucking game. Nick young should of been a professional and got up banged two free throws say thank you an have fun watching the game from the back. He’s our leading scorer and we can’t afford to lose him in anyway. What do you expect them to do.

    • doc drizzle

      Ryan, Let someone crab you by your neck while your in the air & slam you on the ground.. Let’s see how professional you would Dont be a mitch about that situation… Now Lakers are known for having bitches on the team.. They wouldn’t have did that if Artest was there…

      • Al Haldie

        You have been watching too many moves – who grabed him by the neck and slamed him to the floor, he got hit on the head by his arm and nick fell to the floor and jumped right up and started pushing its called BASKETBALL , people get knocked down all the time – but take it like a man . and get even later – that was like kids in GRADE SCHOOL…Nobody got KILLED – IT BASKETBALL..

  • LAKERS#1


    • Cortes23

      kill yourself talking all big here! they talking about helping a teammate out u dumb mothafucker ..u just stupid u cant be a Laker fan thinking that way

      • Al Haldie


      • Al Haldie

        I really like these guys with all that tough talk- but never a pic. of them to see what they are made of….

    • Cortes23

      and no They didint need help but they new help was there…they knew NO MATTER WHAT TEAMMATES HAD THERE BACKSS..

  • Freddy Gutierrez

    Lakers are not going make the playoffs.. not going do a damn thing in the west?? what did the players have to lose besides chump change??…. young wasn’t asking help fight he just said if he had Lakers teammates around him to grab him for escalating the situation or helping him not get pushed around… he never said oh they didn’t help me fight.. no he just said wish he had team there so he can get out of the 5 vs 1

    • hookedonnews

      If he hadn’t come up swinging he wouldn’t have needed help. Now we may be facing the next game without Young and Hill. And it’s easy for you to talk about chump change when it’s coming out of someone else’s pocket. Maybe you’ve given up on the season, but these guys haven’t. Young has to learn to control himself because right now he’s one of the most important guys on this team. That’s not the last time he’s going to be fouled hard.

  • john doe

    horry need to shut his ass up he was just on a winnig team he has no records he is not a hall of famer he just an extra and nick young should shut the fuck up and check his team in person instead of on the media coward of him

  • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

    Shit the way you guys are talking i hope you don’t play a team sport, cuz id be ashamed to have you fuckers as my teammate… , y’all acting like he’s a fucking robot and he’s not supposed to react after getting hit in the face and hit the floor. Fuck out of here with that bullshit. I bet you all would’ve reacted the same fucking way, so get off your fucking high horse.


    Ummm Kelly was like the only Laker even close. He was trying to help Nick up. He got shoved out of the way by 2 giant twin brothers but he was still in there trying. Ya I accept the criticism of Marshall who was 30 feet away, but it was Kelly and Young vs 5 Suns players.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    FML the Lakers are done for this season.Last night was proof that the Lakers have quit on the coach and more importantly on the season.This is the time i want to just cry for them for being such lousy players with no self pride.Lakers are a big mess as a organization and this is a problem now that the players are finger pointing at one another out in the open.

    Nick Young was getting surrounded by 5 opposing players and he fought for himself by punching and shoving but not 1 Lakers player stood up for him by intervening during the altercation,that is the worst moment of this crappy forgetful garbage season.Shame on the team officials for putting together this group of 1 year deal washouts.This will end ugly,as in the Lakers might have to forfeit the season if anymore injuries or suspensions take place or maybe we might have to sign Magic Johnson and Mike Thompson at this rate of injuries and possible suspensions.Every sports radio station across the Nation is clowning the Lakers about not protecting Nick Young and they are calling the Lakers quitters and losers and saying Mike D’Antoni will be fired.Lakers are a joke according the several different sports radio stations i have listened to today.It’s getting very real now the losing,the finger pointing,the players quitting on the coach and organization.Losing Kobe was the worst thing ever.

    This is a nightmare season and i wish it could just end already.The interest on my end in this team is at a all time low,due to incidents like last night,this team has no pride and no leader.MDA will be in trouble for his job this season.At the end this will be a sad pathetic ending.Play with heart protect the teammates please.

  • Tony Tellez Diaz

    Back in the day the whole bench would of came out to help…

  • MrJoepch .

    Kendal Marshall and the rest of the Lakers just watching there teammate get pushed around are a bunch of fags! Sure wished Shaq and Metta World Peace where there to defend Swaggy P! The Lakers all of sudden look like a bunch of punks. Kendal Marsh is a dumb ass for his response. Ryan Kelly and Marshall are both bitches for not getting Nick Young’s back. :(

  • LakersHeatBeef

    That was the first time in all my years of watching team sports where not 1 teammate stood up for a player wearing the same uniform.Even on the playgrounds people protect a teammate.

    This is the NBA get a grip on life kids.As for Ryan Kelly i triple dog dare him to say some crap to the face of Robert Horry,Big Shot Rob will be waiting for Ryan Kelly to show him how upset he is.Robert Horry will knock him silly IMO.Thank you Robert Horry for the truth.Much love and respect to Robert Horry a true fighter.

  • B1rd

    Kendall, Kelly, Kaman, and Meeks should have had his back in the sense that they should have ran over and made sure things didn’t escalate marshall literally watched from the 3pt line and did nothing they should have helped nick up and made sure nobody got to him not asking anybody to fight but to simply show that the team was behind him for good or bad .. like a TEAM should ..

  • LakersHeatBeef

    PER Lakers: OFFICIAL: The NBA has suspended Nick Young for Friday’s game in Boston.

  • Arpeggien

    No one on this Lakers roster has the right to argue anything with Robert Horry.

  • Tom

    Do the other Lakers player actually think they can win the game even if they have all the bodies available? They are playing 7 on 12 against the Suns. Who cares about the WIN? The whole season is already lost!!!! Tell those losers to wake up and start fighting on what’s left,,, PRIDE….. Leave your teammate out there hanging all by himself ain’t no professional. Tell all those guys go back to college and learn team concepts…



  • laker soul

    Nick was right that he needed his teammates to hold him back from throwing that “punch”, BUT the other Lakers on the floor weren’t wrong by not jumping in there. It’s a professional sport, you just don’t get into fights. Bottom Line.

    AND wtf to Rob Horry for calling Kelly and Marshall out live on tv. It was already obvious that the Lakers were a team that wasn’t going to fight for each other WAY before this incident. Rob just added fuel to the fire by unnecessarily instigating the mess between Nick and the other Lakers on the floor at that time. The Lakers are on an all-time low right now. There was no need for this shit in the media.

  • hookedonnews

    I think it’s easy to sit back and say what other people should have done in a particular situation. You could pretty much criticize everyone involved, Young over-reacted (especially the swing at Dragic), his teammates under-reacted, and the Suns players were a big part of the problem. Bottom line–Young is probably going to hurt the team by being suspended. Maybe everyone learned a lesson from this. I hope so.

    • Sylvia Ross

      HOW COULD YOUNG HURT? We’re not winning anyway! Maybe this will give them something to fight for when they’re playing ,something we haven’t seen, UNITY.

      • hookedonnews

        We’re losing games, but we’re competing. It hurts the team when you have to play without one of your best players. Maybe you don’t care, but these guys want to win. They don’t enjoy losing games. I don’t know how this gives them something to fight for. And I’ve seen nothing but unity on this team since the season started. This whole thing is being blown way out of proportion.

  • Dana

    Are you kidding me? Nick Young is the only one of those flaccid wimps worthy of wearing purple and gold. GTFO, losers. I don’t care if you don’t win games, but show some effing heart and some effing loyalty to your team member. 5 Suns on 1 Swaggy, and everyone puts their hands in their pockets???

    Can you imagine a Pat Riley or Phil Jackson or Kobe Bryant or Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan team not coming to the defense of a team member? Riley would have fined them more than the league for NOT getting in there.

  • John Smith

    DUde!! Rule no. 1 !! ALways and I mean ALWAYS come to your teammates defense in a confrontation!! That shit would have never happened with past teams… Metta or Rick Fox would have never stood for that!! That was sad to watch!! I would never to go bar with those guys thinking they’ve got my back!!….Bunch of bitches!!

  • Swaggy P Laying Da Smackdown

    I have zero respect for Ryan Kelly he is a retard.Might as well put his retarded ass on a short bus and have Robert Horry teach him special ed classes.Come on now retard help out the teammate that is getting jumped by 5 opposing players.

    Might as well play without rules and just have guys run with the basketball and never call traveling make it like football combined with basketball.Jungle ball is what they need to play if they hammer the Lakers players on a simple dunk or layup.Ryan Kelly is too weak and so soft it’s the worst thing ever.

    Yet Ryan Kelly is too coward to help his teammate during a scuffle then he has the balls to get upset at 7 time champion and Lakers legend Robert Horry ya GTFO Forrest Gump Ryan Kelly you are a chicken shit coward boy Cowher the Coward.Lakers cut his ass ASAP sign a true enforcer like Ivan Johnson.Nick Young should never be put on his ass like that without his teammates backing him up.

  • LA Dodgers Fan

    When the LA Dodgers and Arizona baseball team got in a fight everyone was throwing haymakers and blows all over the place all the Dodgers players and coaches came out swinging and knocking heads they knuckled up and brawled coaches were throwing uppercuts and knocking down people.Everyone backed up their teammates.The teams fought and it was real.Last night was the truth about the Lakers they have a bad team that has garbage attitudes.All those pussy cats won’t be back next season meow meow meow little soft kittens.Lakers suck and Ryan Kelly is the worst type of player imaginable due to his pussy cat attitude.

  • Fred Elliott Sr.

    Even if the whole team had to get suspended they should have his back ! Number 15 was trying to go off on Nick, his twin number 11 was trying to calm things down. Mean while his homies just stood there. They didn’t have to fight just get between Nick, the four Suns after him as Nick’s only exit was down the line of Sun players or go into the crowd. If Kaman was on the floor he would have did something. Where’s Rick Fox or Maurice Lucas !

  • Gregory Choa

    I’m not sure what’s worse; Nick’s teammates not coming to his defense, or Nick calling out his teammates to the press afterwards in the lockerroom for not coming to his defense…I hate to say it, but I think the latter bothers me more…

  • Lakers4Life

    Dumbtoni should have gone out and thrown some pringle punches so that he can get ejected out of the NBA and then our Lakers will start winning some games.

    • Sylvia Ross

      REMEMBER when JEFF VAN GUNDY, went on the floor and tried to fight for one of his PLAYERS in New York ? The least DAMTONI , could have done was stood up for NICK. One thing I can say about VAN GUNDY HE HAD HEART!!! The fans already dislike DAMTONI and he makes matters worst by letting one of his players who he (PRINGLES) said could be the sixth man of the year. DAMTONI, you’re a BUSTER!!

  • Melanie Lehocz

    I love my Lakers and they are not acting like a team. I don’t see any passion from them except from Young. You are suppose to back your teammate up. They could have tried to pull him away and calm him down which they also didn’t do. Plus D’Antoni is a disgrace and needs to be fired ASAP. Dr Buss is looking down in disgust at this team.