Lakers News: Ryan Kelly Recalled By Los Angeles Lakers Reviewed by Momizat on . After scoring a career-high 30 points against the Bakersfield Jam on Sunday night, Ryan Kelly was recalled by the Los Angeles Lakers. In three games for the Los After scoring a career-high 30 points against the Bakersfield Jam on Sunday night, Ryan Kelly was recalled by the Los Angeles Lakers. In three games for the Los Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Ryan Kelly Recalled By Los Angeles Lakers


After scoring a career-high 30 points against the Bakersfield Jam on Sunday night, Ryan Kelly was recalled by the Los Angeles Lakers. In three games for the Los Angeles D-Fenders, Kelly averaged 25.0 points, 8.0 rebounds, 3.7 assists and 2.3 steals. Since he only appeared in seven minutes total for the Lakers this season, it has been a great opportunity for the rookie out of Duke University to play major minutes and display his offensive repertoire.

Here is the press release via the Los Angeles D-Fenders:

EL SEGUNDO – Los Angeles D-Fenders forward Ryan Kelly has been recalled by the Los Angeles Lakers, it was announced today.

The Duke University alum has posted averages of 25.0 points, 8.0 rebounds, 3.7 assists and 2.3 steals in three games this season for the D-Fenders. Last night, Kelly tallied a career-high 30 points in a 131-96 victory over the Bakersfield Jam. Kelly is currently ranked fifth in the D-league in scoring average, and tied for seventh in minutes per game.

Kelly has appeared twice this season for the Lakers.

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  • Matt Williams

    So we should be seeing him with that same fire and energy come Friday, right?

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Ryan Kelly is ready just ask everyone in the D-League.Scouts are high on him.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Ryan Kelly is a mature rookie at 22yo…. I think he is NBA ready… he will be a serviceable big coming off the bench for the lakers specially him able to stretch the floor with his shooting, a very valuable skill set in MDA system.

      • kobe24

        Could you imagine a Robert Sacre and Ryan Kelly front court with energy? That would be pretty sweet…Also, im really glad that MDA put in Robert Sacre, who would’ve thought the 60th pick would be like this now?!?!?

        Lakers just have to hold a steady 50% (dropping lower is dangerous) and moment Kobe comes back and if we can get our PG healthy I see the Lakers making some noise in the future

        • jeremy

          i been a big fan of scare since the day we got him. he might not be a future starter in the NBA , however he will be a solid bench player for years to come he a nice player who could get you 6,6 and 1 block a game

      • LakersHeatBeef

        Yes i do love Kelly.

        • Daryl Peek

          I fought tooth and nail against people who didn’t like the Kelly pick in the draft. I called that pick before the draft and argued with many about Kelly over Peyton Siva.

          Kelly was a first round pick if not for his injury. He could end up being a steal for the Lakers.

          • cj

            as one of the people that said to send him over seas during the off season he looks like he might make me eat crow. i would like to see him get pt over williams friday.

          • LakersHeatBeef

            I am calling it now Ryan Kelly will be a good NBA player.He impressed me at Duke and i remember those pricks on ESPN like Andy Katz and Jay William,Jay Bilas were actually praising Ryan Kelly by saying he was one of the best big men in the draft and he was the best Duke player in the NBA Draft above Plumlee and Seth Curry.

            They also considered Ryan Kelly a first round pick,but the injury would push him in our lap.Lakers better use him as a stretch four,Shawne Williams experiment should be put on hold for now,lets see if Kelly can give us some backdoor action with Steve Blake also maybe Kelly can launch some triples for the Lakers.Kelly is Dirk light IMO.

          • Daryl Peek

            I disagree with you guys on shelving Williams. Shawne is actually a better three point shooter than Kelly right now and is light years better as a defender. Keep in mind Williams was a first round draft pick that nearly cracked the draft lottery. Williams has battled drug addiction since being drafted and had his best production under D’antoni. He’s been out of basketball for over a year and is still shaking off the rust IMO. Only time and continued PT will tell what he can eventually become as a Laker under MDA. I like the current trend he’s on…

            Kelly is a very mature rookie and is more of a center than a stretch 4 IMO. His skill set allows him to be a stretch 4 but he has very underrated center post up skills. This is in part why he’s having a hard time finding his niche as a rookie with the Lakers. Ryan has been typecast just as Meeks was upon becoming a Laker. I told many Meeks was much more than just a three point jump shooter, and now we are seeing that.

            Kelly is actually shooting very poorly from three point range with the D-Fenders but is thriving as a running big man, showing very good low to mid post abilities. This is where all of his scoring is coming from. Keep in mind that is a big part of what coach K. teaches at Duke. Most Duke big men… Laetner, Parks, Boozer, Brand, ETC.. fit that mold.

            Kelly can eventually play center for the Lakers in a PF/C role much like Gasol has over the years but with more of the three point shot threat like a Nowitzki. His game is yet to be defined and is best suited playing behind Williams and other while being groomed.

          • hookedonnews

            I agree about Williams. He has played well lately. Will be interesting to see how Kelly is used. The first thing I thought when hearing the news about Kelly was that this doesn’t bode well for Kaman.

  • Jim213

    Instagram pic from Farmar getting treatment. Hopefully 3 weeks tops.

  • mark

    whats the deal with Kaman?

    • jeremy

      he was struggling a little before he sat out with a injury and now he looks ready to play, mike d i think just doesnt seem to want to play him and maybe think he doesnt fit with what he wants to do and a guy like sacre does

    • Phillip Barnett

      He’s healthy, just been moved out of the rotation due to the improved play of Williams/Hill/Sacre.

    • Phillip Barnett

      He’s healthy, just been out of the rotation due to improved play from Hill/Williams/Sacre

  • jeremy

    they recalled him in the light of pau injury and hill struggles and health and mike d might not want to use kaman. im all for kelly recall he earn it

  • jeremy

    kelly another Ryan Anderson, but maybe with better overall skills


    lakers are deep even though we get a few injuries.
    trade gasol for bynum/ and trade blake for shannon brown and we back in the finals for sure.
    start playing the seven players more dantoni in the portland game who withstand 2 20 point deficits in one game..
    xavier, wesley, young, shawne, meeks, hill, kaman/sacre
    ryan kelly is going to be a boost for the bench to.
    play these players more than weak ass flake and gasoft..

    • jeremy

      i dont think we want to deal with bynum and his knees and why trade a serviceable PG for a SG when he have enough SG already. we need all the PGS we can get with nash future unknown and now farmar injury. plus what wrong with blake he been giving us about a avg of 10 and 7 a game. that was more then nash was giving us

      • Zimmeredge

        especially when you know that Shannon Brown is a free agent right now. he was cut by the Wiz.

        • jeremy

          oh yea i forgot about that. either way lakers dont need brown what we need is a healthy roster and see how that goes before we talk trades.

    • Zimmeredge

      wtf Pau for Bynum? are we, the lakers, retarded? drop one guy then recall him a year and a half later because he dropped 20/10 and 5 blocks? the guy is crippled for life.

    • Rob

      no trade should be done.. this time the team chemistry is almost at100%.. trade doesnt fix anything. pau has been efficient, blake runs the offense well.. what ur saying is BS.. btw Shannon Brown is at free agency we doesnt need to trade any to get him..

      • koufax55

        The Lakers are going nowhere. If they can get a draft pick from a team who wants Gasol of course you make that move. The Lakers have to get there cap room in order.
        Kobe will account for one third of the teams Salary Cap. The Lakers from a business perspective have to keep Kobe.
        Without him you are not going to sell $5000.00 seats. It will be a long hard road until the lakers will be heard from again.

    • Al Haldie


    • hookedonnews

      Blake is playing better than he ever has. Shannon Brown wasn’t great in Phoenix. No way I would make that trade. Don’t think the Cavaliers would go for that trade. Bynum is a risk I wouldn’t take anyway.

  • Rob

    Kelly is a weapon. that shooting stroke. come on he’s a steal we need to use him.

    • nlruizjr

      I have to laugh at all of you putting Kelly on a pedestal, he scores 30 pts. IN THE D-LEAGUE, he showed his real self in the 2-3 games he played, he’s a scrub (missed more 3pts than he made, made more turnovers than pts. to weak to be in the paint, he’s softer than Gasol), the Lakers should have kept M. Landry.!!!!

      • Rob

        the thing is he’s a bigman that can shoot 3.. MDA’s system can really use him. the misses doesnt matter at all. he’s a rook who hasn’t even given a good amount of time. looking at his work ethic, i think he’ll be a good player..

  • solj

    They should have beeeeeen playing kelly… hes a shooter he fits in tha system..

  • StopCallingMeShamon

    This sounds great, however It would be nice to know what position this kid plays. Although I can assume by his stats he plays guard; there are those of us that are not that adept and would need the help. Regardless of what the AP releases; “Dandy” Dan Duangdao please include little tidbits like that in your post.

    • jeremy

      Ryan Kelly a 6-11 forward

  • koufax55

    Throw him in there and see what he can do. As for this season it remains to be seen what Kobe has got left, but knowing his work ethic he is busting his backside getting ready to return.
    The best thing the Lakers can do is get some balls in the lottery machine so they have a chance to get Wiggens.

  • hookedonnews

    I still remember the moans and groans about Kelly being drafted……

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