Lakers News & Rumors Recap: Pau Gasol Is Here To Stay Reviewed by Momizat on . Pau Gasol has developed a lethal one-two punch with Kobe Bryant over the years, and those two helped bring the Lakers back to glory in 2009 and 2010. After bein Pau Gasol has developed a lethal one-two punch with Kobe Bryant over the years, and those two helped bring the Lakers back to glory in 2009 and 2010. After bein Rating:
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Lakers News & Rumors Recap: Pau Gasol Is Here To Stay

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PauGasol3Pau Gasol has developed a lethal one-two punch with Kobe Bryant over the years, and those two helped bring the Lakers back to glory in 2009 and 2010. After being traded to Los Angeles in 2008, Gasol changed the Lakers overnight and guided them to three consecutive Finals appearances from 2008 to 2010.

However, in the past few seasons Gasol has struggled to return to his championship form, and his future with the team has been in question. Gasol was nearly traded in the Chris Paul deal, but after a league veto the Spaniard remains with the Lakers.

Gasol will now enter the final year of his contract, and he says he wants to continue to play for the Lakers and hopefully add another championship ring to his collection.

It was a busy week for the Lakers Nation video crew, which included an interview with new assistant coach, Kurt Rambis, and a look back into Magic Johnson’s legendary career.

New Laker, Nick Young, has been making noise this summer at the Drew League but like the best of them, Young was on the wrong end of a monster dunk. Make sure to check out the video, where Young handles getting dunked on like a pro.

According to ESPN, the number of teams who wear the jerseys next year could jump to five teams, wearing them up to 12 times next year. Additionally, it was also reported that 20 teams may be selected to wear these sleeved jersey at least once next season. Among the teams slated to wear them at least once are teams playing on Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day games.

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  • Rob

    i would love to see him retire as a Laker.

    • richard

      AGree Rob… he is is a lakerlifer… and he has a very good attitude, very professional.

  • Jim213

    I disagree, anything is possible next season to assure the franchise’s future success. Especially since Shaq was traded back in the mid 2000′s though YES he was traded b/c the media over hyped the Shaq and Kobe issue but we’re still talking about Diesel. Plus, management has shown that any player is indispensable even the one’s who play cohesively.

    • Lakerfan101

      Shaq was traded because he didnt want to take a pay cut in the last years of his prime he was never the dominant center when the lakers are negotiating the contract with him thats why Jerry traded his butt to Miami. Pau on the other hand has a different personality im pretty sure he is one of those guys like Duncan who will sacrifice their selves for the betterment of the team whether it’s for taking a pay cut or taking a back seat to greater players you’re negativity on Pau really bugs me if you are a real laker fan or just one of those guys who joined the bandwagon when we were on our 2nd run lol

      • Jim213

        Sounds like you’re hating on Shaq… RETIRED #34! There’s more than meets the eye with Shaq getting traded but getting back to the topic. IMO, if Pau doesn’t play consistently this yr. he’d likely be placed on the trade block to get something out of this (potential #1 draft pick or franchise player acquisition). It’s about showing up on a consistent basis which say’s a lot when Kobe gets called a ball hog yet others fail to step up on a consistent basis.

        You’re right too, may need to cool of on Pau given that he’s still with the team but this serves more than just so called criticism it serves as MOTIVATION. No bandwagoner here LOL… LAKER DNA… FOREMOST BRAND IS #1 AS IT’S ABOUT STAYING COMPETITIVE AND CONSISTENT but I’ll keep it nice given that we’re both here and not posting with the haters.

  • Islesteelr

    I don’t think Gasol’s game has slipped one iota. I think his “team first” attitude has hurt him a little, and that sucks! The team should re-pay him for that. To relinquish the post 2 years in a row, after 3 str8 finals appearances, is amazing. I don’t of know of any all-star player , that’s won championship, that would do that. And if there are , it’s few and far between!

    • Jim213

      You lost me with your agreement that Pau should get a max contract deal or $20 mil for what he did a few years back?!…

      • Islesteelr

        I lost you?! That’s unfortunate Jim …. Because all I was saying is he has been undervalued and the so called slip in his game is a bunch of crap…. He’s still one of the most skilled big men in the game!

        • Jim213

          Although, some may think I’m hating on Pau they’re not reading between the lines… he needs to be more consistent defensively and needs to step up as either the 2nd or 3rd best player (given Nash) on the roster.

          • Daryl Peek

            “step up as either the 2nd or 3rd best player ”

            He’s never dipped below 3rd his entire tenure as a Laker even though he’s been asked to move out of his 2x championship comfort zone in the pecking order since 10-11.

          • Jim213


            Although he did miss some 30 something games last season looking at last seasons stats looks like other players put forth a better effort this past season. HOWEVER, wait a second… like you’ve mentioned he may have been out of his comfort zone. Lets pray that he has a better year next season.

          • Daryl Peek

            Who put forth a better effort Jim? Multiple triple doubles (a rare feat for a PF/C) down the stretch of an injury riddled season where he had surgery on both knees immediately after the season ended. I keep at you because it seems your overly critical of Pau. I Know Pau will be better just as we all know Kobe will be back.

          • Jim213

            Player efficiency wise Kobe, DH, Hill, and then Pau. However, he was injured as the argument can go for Nash too. Got to be critical of the higher paid players.. do you agree Daryl?

          • Daryl Peek

            NO. Especially when they are consistently being marginalized in the pecking order. Both Nash and Gasol were compromised last season in an effort to appease Howard.

          • Daryl Peek

            No. Especially since Gasol has been marginalized in the pecking order. Both Gasol and Nash were compromised last season in trying to appease Howard.

            This is an excerpt from an article written by Dave McMenamin today that documents all I’ve been trying to tell you Jim.

            You can read the whole thing on ESPN NBA Lakers. The title is:

            “Dwight’s departure could mean Pau’s resurgence”

            “The Los Angeles Lakers’ pitch to try to convince Dwight Howard to stay started long before billboards sprung up around L.A.

            Some six months before the billboards appeared, in positioning Howard as the franchise’s future, the Lakers put Pau Gasol in the past, and often, on the bench.

            “We did have a free-agent market last year we had to be aware of, and you make certain arguments based on the future,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni told ESPNLosAngeles “Whether they’re right or wrong, that’s the reality of it, and we went that way, but it was never meant to be a slight to (Gasol) or never meant to be that he was the cause of our problems.”

            While health certainly had something to do with it — Gasol’s knees, feet and head (a concussion) caused him to miss 33 games last season — Gasol was aware of the ground shifting beneath him as the Lakers gravitated towards Howard.

            “It was at times frustrating because of the reality of that specific situation,” Gasol told ESPNLosAngeles in a phone interview from Barcelona. “Obviously the franchise wanted Dwight to stay and everyone, or a lot of people, tried to make him comfortable and please him at times.”

            Now, with Howard out of the picture, the Lakers’ Plan B is to go back to Plan A and make Gasol the team’s primary option down low.

            “There was just a lot of factors last year that won’t come up this year,” D’Antoni said. “I even told (Gasol), you make decisions based a lot of times on the future that probably, if you were just doing the competitive, basketball thing, the decision would have been something else.”

            The decision going forward, at least for next season (with Gasol in the last year of his contract and the Lakers set to pay him $19.3 million), is to go back to orbiting around the four-time All-Star.”

          • Jim213

            However, now that DH is gone (thankfully) let’s hope players prosper
            next season which I’m optimistic about given they’ll need to step it up
            to increase
            the odds of having a successful season.

          • Jim213

            With regards to your last comment LN doesn’t take too kindly when linking other sites which requires your comment to be modified per LN.

            However, now that DH is gone (thankfully) let’s hope players prosper next season which I’m optimistic about given they’ll need to step it up to increase
            the odds of having a successful season.

          • Islesteelr

            Pau , I believe, will be the first option in the half court set, if Kobe misses time. When 24 returns or starts the season, he will be the 2nd option. His skill set in the post is the key to our offensive continuity.. I think he’ll do just fine in the secondary break option as well. He does lack defensive shit ability… Griff scorches him. Hopefully Rambis can get us to play a more team “Venus fly trap ” type d that slower teams like the 80′s celtics used to play…

          • Daryl Peek

            To further that Islesteel, Nash and Howard were the best 1-2 combo in scoring efficiency last season. Blake and Gasol were second. Nash and Pau will be that now that Howard is gone. D’Antoni would prefer a smaller starting line up but Kaman’s mid range jumper could still allow for proper floor spacing in twin towers. Ramis is already lobbying MDA for it. MDA said it would be an option during a summer league game interview.

  • Jim213

    LA Times: Kurt Rambis not sure Lakers are ready to run next season…

    Say’s a lot for the assistant coach to bring it up. Like I’ve been mentioning for the past few months it may take awhile (weeks?… longer) before the team can build chemistry (optimistic). Clueless management needs to acquire a few more players who bring some knowledge/experience as it’s about WINS & LOSSES NOT TANKING!

    Once again bring in Lamar vet contract and trade Blake/2nd player for a player who brings experience (lessening cap tax) and who’ll help the team to get wins. Youth won’t assure wins just fresher legs though it”ll be interesting to see what Dumbtoni say’s about it this upcoming week.

    • ra

      Yes, I brought up the issue of the team taking at ‘minimum’ 3 months to start getting it together, and probably even a year, and was met with jeers in this forum.

      Thanks for bringing up Rambis’ thoughts, which now fully support my (and your) observations now.

      Also, agree with getting LO. The young ‘uns need vets to train them.

      • Jim213

        Agree, though was just reading a recent article… NBA Rumors- Los Angeles Lakers & Clippers Don’t Really Want Lamar Odom. From what the article states Odom’s preference to remain in LA has hurt his FA.. duh

        While both Lakers/ Clippers haven’t been sold on Lamar who also seems to be upset about receiving a vet contract. Blame should go to Odom too given that he could’ve expressed interest sooner instead of playing the waiting game. Given this likely scenario management should hopefully still be thinking about acquiring another solid player by trading Blake/Hill for a playing that could help to hold the fort while Kobe returns.

        This would also help to minimize the cap tax, man should’ve gone after Nate Robinson to increase our odds of staying competitive. However, we’ll see what happens this week?

        • richard

          Blake really played solid along side Nash when Kobe went down. Perhaps management see him as an insurance at the 2 position should Kobe takes longer to be 100%.

          • Jim213

            Possibly but with with the likelihood that Farmar will back up Nash next season along with Meeks as SG and the current cap tax it’s possible he may get traded to minimize tax.

            With Jim Bust feeling screwed b/c of the revenue sharing modifications he’s mentioned that they don’t intend on going over the cap next season.

      • Daryl Peek

        What young guns need LO to train them when they already have Kobe, Gasol. Nash, Blake, Farmar and Kaman? Couple that with a HC in D’Antoni that has a proven track record of grooming up young role players like Kelly, Harris, Johnson, Meeks, Young and Landry.

        Regardless of who fills the 14th roster spot, team chemistry is gonna take time. With the exception of the two rookies all the youth are 3-5 year vets.

        • ra

          Well, more than just ‘train’ them, LO (during the recent championship years) was one of the veteran ‘glue guys’. He was a central focus of the team (not saying he played valiantly), but was a ‘team favorite’ and someone that people looked to for team unification.

          Derek Fisher was the other ‘vet glue guy’, but he was more of the ‘good cop’ to Kobe’s ‘bad cop’, or even more so, Kobe’s ‘interpreter’. Fish and LO were seasoned vets who helped keep the team a ‘team’.

          That’s what LO would bring to LA (particularly, the Lakers – he didn’t fulfill that role in Clipperland).

          Also, LO was the 6th man (few years back), and he ‘ran’ the 2nd unit. He would definitely be the vet that would be relied upon in the 2nd unit.

          But yes, arguably, Nash could fulfill that role too at times (but I see Kobe, Nash, etc. in the ’1st unit’).

          • Daryl Peek

            LO was all of that in the triangle. I continue to say many are viewing this up coming season as a sentimental last hurrah/getting the band back together. LO if mentally focused can contribute and could be a key cog in the locker rooms team chemistry make up.

            Given all the triangle internal strife in the 11-12 season, I can see bringing him back as a potential distraction. Instinct kicks in during hard times and thus the system power struggle begins. This is what led to Fisher being traded in 11-12.

            LO’s production last season was decent as a 20 minute a game role player. His rebounding was the highlight. He only had three games where he scored at least 10 points, 18 being the highest. His shooting percentages were awful, and he almost never got to the free throw line.

            I just think he wont live up to fan expectations. The projected production he will bring, we can easily get from younger players currently on the roster.

  • ra

    Here to stay for another year. Says nothing about next year. In fact, even though the Lakers are ‘blowing the team apart’ (Magic Johnson’s idea years ago), they are not ‘really’ blowing the team up.

    They might blow it up next year. Which means that now …. it’s a landmine. Watch out!

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