Lakers News & Rumors Recap: Offseason Plans Becoming More Clear

Lakers News & Rumors Recap: Offseason Plans Becoming More Clear


Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles LakersMetta World Peace will be heading to the East Coast and joining the Knicks. After the Lakers let him go, MWP entered free agency and was picked up by New York today. World Peace is originally from Queensbridge, New York and will certainly be excited to returning home to finish his career. Metta World Peace has agreed to a two-year deal. Last year, he averaged 12.4 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.63 steals per game.

In the annual list of most valuable professional sports franchises, the Los Angeles Lakers ranked 31st in the world in the 2013 edition. The Lakers are worth approximately $1 billion. Their revenue skyrocketed this past season in the first year of their new television deal with Time Warner Cable, which might be worth $5 billion over 25 years.

Dwight Howard spoke candidly to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith about his time with the Lakers and said some pretty strong things about the organization and Kobe Bryant. Check out the interview, which surely will answer questions fans might have.

Nash had some things to say about the former Laker. Nash is excited to work with Pau and the pick-and-roll, something he didn’t see working with Dwight. When asked about how the game with Pau Gasol was going to move this year, Nash said the following about not having Howard on the team:

“It gives us a little more fluidity. The ball can move more.”

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  • Jim213

    But… but… the Lakers can’t afford anyone b/c they don’t have any money given they’re over the salary cap?*%!. Yeah right… Though it’s about acquiring the right talent without giving away #1 picks for mediocre players. It’s management (not new) duty to place the best roster WHILE meeting certain cap limits to assure the franchise’s continued global success/growth.

    Otherwise as previously posted we may be Clipper bound with regards to our franchises future value (down the line). Hopefully, management can use their heads this time which looks like they are given some of these recent player acquisitions.

    • Whiskey Rye Bread

      Lakers just need to do what they’ve always done, attract big name free agents and win titles. The rest will take care of itself in that sense.

  • Laker J

    Happy for MWP signing with the Knicks. I’m a bit surprised that the Lakers have not added another big. Not sure why Lamar is not on board with returning to the Lakeshow, perhaps Kris Jenner is now his agent. Lakers need to include Khloe in the negotiations.
    On the serious side, tomorrow is the last day for teams to exercise the amnesty provision, maybe some decent players will become available. Tyrus Thomas has not been picked up, but Odom is a better fit. I think they are also assessing the talent available in the summer league to invite some players to training camp. We are one PF and one SF away from completing the roster, in my opinion.

    • Terrence

      Odom’s agent is probably balking at vet’s min.

      • Laker J

        That’s quite possible, but Lamar only has two choices if he wants to stay in LA., and neither can pay more than the vet’s minimum. I’m concerned about his commitment to basketball right now. There are several rumors about his personal life, and he seems to not do well when things don’t go exactly his way. I would take a look at Ivan Johnson if I were Kupchak.

        • Jim213

          I agree with your post on Bleach Report… the best option Lamar and R Brewer. Seems likes Sasha would be a long shot unless they could get rid of Blake. It’s about staying competitive while waiting for 2014 free agency b/c we ain’t tanking!

  • Jim213

    Basketball wise true but they’re currently lacking team depth to attract a possible star in 2014 aside of Kobe. But with past bad management decisions should we expect any different!? Are we confident about Jim Bust and M Kupcake? Many fans are also angered by their past decisions that it seems like many are starting their own lynching protests. If we’re here is b/c we care about our brand :(

    Business wise I disagree, it’s about brand growth and consumer retention. In a business sense organizations want consumers to keep purchasing their products which adds to financial sustainability. With disgruntled fans complaining about management many may be put off by them while deciding not to show their loyalty (sales/viewer decline). Although this isn’t today it may likely be felt sooner through the media. We may be watching more Clipper games on ESPN and TNT given that they’re ready to compete for ratings and if the brand fails to put a competitive team on the floor in the near future. I’d rather watch Lakers games than the Clipps.

    I’m not panicking… just showing some consequences of the decisions that management makes that can affect the overall business aspect $$$ of the franchise. I doubt any franchise would then be able to afford the type of players that the Lakers have attracted without a big loyal fan base and media demand. Just showing some possible consequences…

  • Marty Susman

    The Lakers NEED to do a few things before the new season begins…
    1. Dump this worthless coach & hire Byron Scott.
    2. Replace Jim Buss with another one of the siblings.
    3. Trade Gasol for two first round picks. (One below 10, one below 20)
    4. Trade Nash to a contender for a 1st round pick below 20.
    5. Trade Blake for a 1sr round below 30.
    6. Hire’s, K. Jabar, J. Salley, N. Nixon, K. Rambus & D. Fish. (Every free agent next year will line up to play for Scott & company)

    With the money saved they wil be able to bring on two super stars but will then need to fill in the team for the future, meaning the draft… Young, fast, talented very cheap contracts to fill out the team of the future…

    • Daryl Peek

      None of that (1-6) is gonna happen. You can go root for the Clippers if your not good with the team the Lakers FO is gonna field.

    • richard

      Marty Susman, you have been posting this comment several times and i doubt someone is listening to your logic. I am sure I am not. YOu are contradicting yourself. The reason why FO will not trade Gasol is the same reason you stated in the last paragraph about money saving. Putting your trust on the draft that you have no control about is not going to cut you to contend for a West top honors 4-5 years, how much more win championships(sample OKC’s Durant now into his 7th year, Westbrook into his 6th year in the NBA).

      @daryl_peek:disqus thanks for bringing sense to the commenter above.

    • nlruizjr

      Marty, why don’t you get back to reality, you’ve been spewing the asinine for about 3-4 weeks now. Face it the Lakers are not rebuilding in 2013-2014 !!!!!!


    the last thing lakers need now is resign sharp shooter SASHA VUJACIC, team him up with Farmar and kobe and the other new players the lakers are a contendar again! pickup Sasha and I guarantee with him off the bench scoring the lakers can go far in the playoffs and compete in the finals to!

  • kenji

    Nick young Will be th lakers next superstar. He ‘s sprouting and when a flower bloom you don hide the light from it you give it all the light it needs shin Nick needs to start. HE S HUNGRY FOR THAT RESPONSIBILTY.