Lakers News: Rookie Ryan Kelly To Get First NBA Start Against Raptors

Lakers News: Rookie Ryan Kelly To Get First NBA Start Against Raptors


Ryan KellyAfter having a breakout performance in the win over the Boston Celtics, rookie Ryan Kelly has started to turn some heads on the Los Angeles Lakers coaching staff.

Apparently, Kelly’s career night was enough to convince head coach Mike D’Antoni to start the rookie against the Toronto Raptors on Sunday according to Lakers’s Serena Winters:

In the win over the Celtics, Kelly scored a career-high 20 points in 34 minutes off the bench. The Duke product went 6-of-12 from the floor and 2-of-4 from beyond the arc while also ripping down four rebounds and going a perfect 6-for-6 from the charity stripe.

Kelly will get the start at the power forward position while Chris Kaman and Jordan Hill will come off the bench against the Raptors. Both Kaman and Hill have seen their minutes go up and down all season long with no real consistency in terms of playing time.

It’ll be interesting to see if the rookie can continue to impress the coaching staff and as a result receive more playing time moving forward.
Ryan Kelly Reacts To Being A Part Of Lakers Celtics Rivalry For The First Time

  • Asa Lewis


  • LakersHeatBeef

    Now you know we are just developing players this season.Our starting lineup is one of the youngest in the NBA.Take Pau out or trade him and it will be the youngest Lakers starting lineup ever.Hopefully he keeps expanding his game.Wins are nice but player development is the key to the future tbh.

    BTW Jabari Parker had one the most impressive games for a College player today,he would look great in a Lakers uniform.He is my top player in College Basketball this season.If the Lakers somehow get the lucky Ping Pong ball to get Jabari Parker it would be a franchise changer saver in a big way.We shall see what transpires for the rest of the season with 42 games remaining and vets returning.

  • meep

    Kelly going to be a good player if he get the mins. He was coach by one of the best. The duke player in him is finally showing up as a laker player

    • kobe24

      Agreed, and if he can just play some D he’d be great (although I don’t think his D is that bad). Hes a Kevin Love type of player which is great in MDA’s system.

      I’ve said this many times but Lakers got lucky with him should have been a 1st round (20th~30th) pick in the draft but his injury set him back.

      • meep

        We’ll lakers do know how to scout 2nd round talent. So Kelly shouldnt be any different and he should do what Shawne Williams couldn’t. Now I hope Harris can pan out for the time being. We need all the players we can get

  • Gregory Choa

    I’m psyched to see Kelly get his first NBA start…it’s about time! I think he and Pau actually compliment each other pretty well. With Marshall running the point with great efficiency, I can actually see this team coming together with Wes being something of a “glue-guy” with the starting unit and Meeks doing a pretty stellar job in Kobe’s absence in the two-spot. Nick Young, Jordan Hill and Chris Kaman give the bench some real depth, and I like the addition, albeit temporary, of Manny Harris. Now all we need is some combination of Blake, Farmar and Nash to materialize again and I think the Lakers can actually go back to winning some games.

  • Daryl Peek

    I always had faith in Kelly. I’m glad he’s getting a chance. Lets see if he can maintain the offensive aggression and work on hitting the boards harder. We need at least 7-9 boards a game from him if he’s gonna get starter PT.

    I’d like to see RK4 bulk up a little. 6’11” 230 is a little lite. I’d like to see him settle in between 235 to 240 and work on becoming Chris Bosh like. Bosh was a beast with the Raptors and Kelly’s game is more like Bosh than Dirk IMO. Kelly has a nice long distance stroke but is not the pure shooter Dirk is. Kelly is more active in the paint or mid range and is good off the dribble.

    MDA is the perfect guy for the job given all of these young players that have promise on the roster. We can see development going on this season. The game results suck but that’s more of the inconsistency caused by all of the injuries. Like I’ve been trying to tell most all season, patience’s…

  • Andy L

    Nice going D’umbass! Starting a young dork just because he happens to have a nice game against a bunch of cellar dwellers? Yeah, the team must feel real confident with all the lineup changes and inconsistency… Jeez, the play of my Lakers are a crime against humanity nowadays. Bringing in Rambis to strengthen the D really worked out well… This ain’t JUST the injuries folks, This is Mike D’umbass.

  • metalbass

    mda is putting him in because “I just think we’re a better team when we can spread the floor” … i’m sick of hearing d’antoni say that we need to spread the floor.. that we are a better team when we spread the floor… i’m starting to think is the only concept he has about coaching…. spread the floor…. c’mon man, watch the games: we defend like crap!