Lakers News: Rookie Ryan Kelly Believes Lakers ‘Want’ Him Back

Lakers News: Rookie Ryan Kelly Believes Lakers ‘Want’ Him Back


With his rookie season officially in the books, forward Ryan Kelly reflected on his first year in the NBA with the Los Angeles Lakers. Although Kelly’s future with the team remains up in the air, the former Duke standout believes the organization wants him back according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

It was unclear which direction the Lakers would go heading into the 2013 NBA Draft, but most believed the team would go after a backcourt player. Peyton Siva was a name that was mentioned as a potential candidate to fall to the Lakers with the 48th pick. Instead, the team decided to roll the dice on a sharpshooting forward with a foot injury.

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Kelly’s draft stock dropped considerably due to the foot injury that he was dealing with, but the Lakers were willing to roll the dice on the former Blue Devil.

Fortunately for Kelly, the Lakers selecting him gave the forward the opportunity to shine with a considerable amount of a playing time and Kelly acknowledged that fact via Winters:

Although a lot changes are potentially on the horizon for the Lakers, Kelly may have proven his worth in his first season in the league. Even if the Lakers choose not to retain the forward, Kelly will almost certainly draw interest around the league after an impressive rookie season in Los Angeles.
Ryan Kelly, “It’s Been Awesome” Playing His Rookie Year At Staples Center

  • cyborgspider

    One of the best stories in this disaster of a season was Kelly’s development and contributions. And a 48th pick too, great choice by the FO. Hope he comes back~

  • Jim213

    I’d take Earl Clark over Kelly especially if it involves a minimal contract. But no need to retain Kelly if the coach is dismissed from his duties. However, Kelly’s proved to other possible suitors that he deserves another go.

    FO has to address 3 starting positions this off season IMO, being PG, PF(2), and a Center to have better odds of a worthier season come 2014-2015.

    • Acronym

      Yeah, Earl Clark over Kelly any day. Plus, Kelly moves like an old man on the court.

      • Daryl Peek

        Kelly moves like an old man? How many times have we seen that young old man take the ball coast to coast by himself? How many 6’11” players can do that? How many charges has he moved his feet well enough to execute? Old men don’t move or react quick enough to draw charges. How many times have we seen him leave his man to help on another in blocking shots? Pump fake face up dribble drives to the front of the rim.

        • Danny E. Pagan

          yup, c’mon guys Kelly on his rookie year is already a better player than Earl Clark.

          • Daryl Peek

            The funny thing about this Earl Clark wishlist is how Earl like many other players who’ve played in the D’Antoni system had their best production under MDA. Earl has not produced since he left the D’Antoni run Lakers. Earl is another player like Jordan Hill who never got a shot to shine til MDA. The confusion of misuse is mind boggling?

          • hookedonnews

            I was just thinking the same thing. Earl has disappeared since leaving LA and wasn’t that great before he came. Kelly has progressed light-years under MDA both offensively and defensively. Same for Young, Henry, Wesley Johnson (at least initially), Farmar, and Kendall Marshall. These things are totally ignored by the fans who can’t wait for D’Antoni to be fired.

  • wdwq

    NOT “D” GUY should not keeping more than one year~this is it

  • Sedale Threatt

    He certainly surprised me this season. I thought he would be a dud, but he did make some strides. He had games were he made key blocks and he some pretty amazing shots. If he can someone work on his shot and put on some muscle over the offseason, it would be awesome if he can turn into a Ryan Anderson type guy. That would be a complete steal.

  • quickster007

    Ryan Kelly reminds of Vladimir Radmanovic, Slava medvedenko who can’t play a lick of defense.but can shoot. The Lakers doesn’t need to resign Pau and use that money 19 millions to go after a small forward like Luol Deng who can play some defense. .The Lakers needs to pay Deng around 14 millions a season. The 5 millions left maybe they have enough to go after Greg Monroe for the center spot.

  • $20509373

    He’ll be back because we can get him on the cheap.

    • Jim213

      There are other players who can be obtained for cheap too. I’d give DJ Stephens and invite and see if he can make the final cut. He’d be a good option to replace Wes given his athleticism and defense possibility.

      The Lakers are the best option for high draftee players who’ve been seen as under achievers in their short careers. Take a one or two year deal rookie/vet contract and prove doubters wrong given the substantial media interest in the franchise.

  • mike


  • Kenneth Robinson

    I love this kid’s game. MADT did not use him in the proper fashion. But with the right coach and system, Ryan Kelly could be a nice 3rd option, if he becomes a starter, or off the bench, giving us more offense. But yeah we need to keep this young man.