Lakers News: Robert Sacre Looking Forward To Next Season

Lakers News: Robert Sacre Looking Forward To Next Season


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The Lakers faced the Minnesota Timberwolves Friday night and were blown out 143-107. As the losses continue to pile up, the Lakers appear to be headed to set the franchise’s worst record since moving to Los Angeles.

Despite the tough season, Lakers center Robert Sacre is looking forward to bouncing back next year, according to Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times.

“No question,” he said. “We’re at the bottom so might as well just go to the top. There’s nowhere else but up from now, so I don’t see anything else.”

Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni recently referred to Sacre as the team’s hardest worker. With the offseason approaching for the Lakers, Sacre seems ready to improve his game even more over the summer.

“I can’t tell you,” he said. “Wherever I play — and that’s been when I’m in college, high school, wherever — I create a home for myself, an environment where I feel comfortable. And I just make sure throughout that whole summer that’s where I’m at and that’s where I train.”

Sacre’s optimism should not be a surprise to anyone following the Lakers. The former Gonzaga Bulldog became a fan favorite due to his cheering on the bench. Even when the Lakers are playing poorly, Sacre is always looking for the bright side and willing to cheer on his teammates.

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The Lakers drafted Sacre with the last pick of the 2012 NBA Draft and has rewarded the Lakers with his effort. Sacre is one of the Lakers that has a contract to play in Los Angeles next season and has improved his numbers from his rookie year. With his minutes up from 6.3 a game to 15.8, Sacre’s scoring and rebounding have also increased.

The Lakers will have a high lottery pick in this year’s draft and will have over $20 million in cap space. Sacre is right that the Lakers can improve. With the pieces they can assemble this off-season, Sacre and the Lakers will be looking forward for next season.
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  • Ico

    just sell him to Europe and take something who got the balls to play hard

    • truth24

      Sacre belongs on the cavs

  • Al Haldie

    ICO: I bet you could have the balls to play center for the LAKERS …it looks easy sitting at home in front of the T.V…..I would bet you don’t go out after DARK….

    • Ico

      I actually played bball for 15 years and I know what I am talking about, he has 0 vertical, not even close to have a well developed post play game nor even a decent shot, having huge body and unaware how to use it, no thanx.

      P.S. You’ve lost the bet.

      • Badeng

        I believe the bet was, “…you could have the balls to play center for the LAKERS” and not just if you plated bball for 15 years or so….
        It’s one thing to play basketball but it’s a totally different thing to play center for the storied franchise.
        Just clarifying.

        • Ico

          let me clarify it for you – “I would bet you don’t go out after DARK..” – this has nothing to do with me playing a LA center, Scarce isn’t good enough for being a center in any team, never mind if it’s Lakers or not. This is what I am saying, I don’t see any qualities in him making him a NBA player, really.. I don’t. That has nothing to do with the franchise history. I would try to get something like Cousins or Drumond, somebody not being a dummy model on the court.

          • Chrmngblly

            Both good ideas, Ico, but how exactly do we get Cousins? I was begging for us to trade Dwight “the big Vagina” Howard to SAC for Cousins and change, last year before the deadline. It could have been a boost for both teams. Now look at our poor Lakers.

            So you do go out after dark? I do, too. I do my best work “under the cover of darkness”.

      • Al Haldie

        I have grandsons that have been playing longer then u, but they don’t have the knowledge to play for the LAKERS AT CENTER.. DO U REALY THINK U COULD … Ha ha ha your a joke…

  • Redemption 4LA

    Lakers should keep Young, Henry, and Bazemore period. Young is instant offense that could come off the bench and benefit playing with Kobe. Henry is always a threat and is a good ball handling attack player. Bazemore has the potential I believe to be an assassin off the bench as well, he has heart, and plays HARD defense. All three players can be utilized at the 2 or 3 and can sub for each other or play with each other, sub for or play with Kobe. I think you keep those three, use Meeks as a combo guard. If Farmar can stay healthy he should be given the opportunity as the pg. Those six guys give the lakers speed along with solid depth at the wings, they are all athletic, they can all score, and they are young.

    Fill out the remaking spots with a stretch 4 and bruising 4. Try to get a player who can play both 3 and 4. Then get your centers in place 2 or 3 depending on the quality of the forwards to round out the roster. Rebounding and rim protection is and should be a priority that is addressed by the team. If Pau is resigned and kept a bruiser (Oakley/Grant type) who can hit the 12-15 ft shot from baseline to elbow is crucial. Defensive mindset has to be the direction of the team. Those guys can score the ball, but can they focus on stoping other team either their man individually or as a team. Defense is challenge, something you have to have pride in.

    • truth24

      NO NO NO NO NO NO NO…………………

      • Chrmngblly

        No no etc what?

        Draft Embid and buy Lowrey. Move Kobe to the 3. Bring back Meeks, Marshall, Bazemore, Young, Hill, Gasol, Sacre, Kelly.

        Maybe on Farmar, Henry, etc.

        Nash??? Promote Nash to assistant coach or assistant to Mitch if he even returns.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I think we are all looking forward to next season.

  • 3339

    Real Lakers fans are really looking forward to seeing dantoni get fired so a real coach can be brought in.

  • JamieG

    From where I sit, if we could move up or otherwise draft Embiid, our best move would be to draft him, sign Deng as a FA, sign Gasol and some of the young ones on this team on one-year contracts, and go into 2014/15 with the following: C-Embiid, PF-Gasol, SF-Deng, PG-Nash (if healthy), 2G-Bryant. Bench of Sacre, Hill, Kelly, Young, Meeks, Farmar, Henry. Gasol and others leave in 2015, giving us the cap space to sign Love.

  • ranfan

    I’m looking forward to getting a date with Serena Winters lol!