Lakers News: Robert Sacre Impresses In First Career Start

Lakers News: Robert Sacre Impresses In First Career Start


Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
For the first time this season, Robert Sacre started for the Lakers in their 106-100 win over the Sacramento Kings.

Sacre got off to a great start, recording seven points on 3-3 shooting with four rebounds and an assist in just over seven minutes before heading to the bench with two fouls. Sacre finished with just over 16 minutes on the night because of foul trouble, but was highly effective in his minutes on the floor. Sacre spoke to reporters after the game about his first career start.

“I felt I did alright,” said Sacre on his performance in his first start. “I contributed the best I could. Obviously, I got in a little bit of foul trouble. But that happens, at the end of the day I can only control what I can control. I just wanted to contribute by any means with this team.”

Sacre finished with 11 points and five rebounds with a pair of blocks on Demarcus Cousins. Sacre was five for seven from the field and looked good in pick and roll sets with Steve Blake. Mike D’Antoni felt Sacre’s was good in his first start.

“I think he did great,” said D’Antoni after the game. “He started off really well. I thought he played well the whole game. He had some big stops on [Demarcus] Cousins. And I thought for the first time out he looked really good.”

With the Sacre start, Jordan Hill was regulated to coming off the bench, but was still able to lead the team in rebounds with nine — four of them offensive. Hill only finished with seven points on three-for-five shooting, but D’Antoni felt he looked better in his role off the bench and suggested that he may continue in his role as a reserve.

“Yeah, for sure. And I think that’s the role that he the most comfortable with. We got him out of it and he’ll go back [to coming off the bench] and he can get even more comfortable.”

D’Antoni has made quite a bit of line up changes this season, and he’s done a great job in reading his team and putting guys in positions to succeed. Tonight was no different as both Sacre and Hill played positive minutes in their respective roles and contributed to a Lakers win. The Lakers are now above .500 (9-8 record) and have won three consecutive road games with Kobe Bryant set to return in the next game against the Raptors. Things are looking up for this Lakers game.

Kobe Bryant Announces His Return Via His Facebook Page

  • Sheldon

    The lakers are 10-9 not 9-8

  • Rob

    Sacre playing like Gortat out there. #SacreRule

  • LakersHeatBeef

    The Suns made Miles Plumlee into a legit NBA starter,i happen to think Robert Sacre can become a good energy guy that can hold down the middle.It was shocking to see him start,but he proved he belongs.MDA must see something in practice about Sacre that gives him the nod over Hill.Good coaching tbh.

    • A Fan

      Looking forward to the Garbage Duo (Hill and Sacre) split time at C for the rest of the season. Kaman’s good as gone

  • Zimmeredge

    good to see him play. Mad Mark’s stamp. we needed a guy who can protect the rim and Sacre delivers
    With Gasol playing decently, Hill, Sacre and Shawning rotating well. With Kelly coming back from the D-league. I think we can pull up a trade for Kaman. add a better… or… more useful player to the team.

    • meep

      well kelly actually not back, he was send back down to the d league and played last night

  • Gregory Choa

    It’s great not only seeing Rob play more, but it was borderline revelatory (I know, I tend to use that word a lot) seeing him inserted into the starting lineup…and, in hindsight, the move makes all the sense in the world; it allows Jordan Hill to come off the bench – a role he is much better suited for IMO, it switches Pau to what I believe is his much more natural position, especially at this stage in his career, and it bolsters the defensive posture of the starting unit in the post while complimenting Wes’ defensive posture on the wing and from the weakside.

    And, yes, this clearly renders Chris Kaman – who probably deserves better – completely useless to the Lakers and wholly tradeable.

    Another little feather in the cap of D’Antoni and his coaching staff…I really hope this move sticks.

    • meep

      kaman probably does deserve better but that what happen when a injury happen sometimes a player step up and the coach feel he the better fit . plus he not exactly 100% either since it was said last night he had to sit out

  • scal

    he looks intimidated, he gotta step up big and to be the toughest player on the team he has the physics for that

  • meep

    who knows if sacre a long term starter but only time will tell. however it was nice to see him have two solid games since getting mins

  • Cali Jeff

    Sacre’s a much needed force in the middle. He won’t be afraid to stop the drives to the basket with some hard fouls if need be. That’s been our weak spot. No more ole’ defense. I also like his pick and role activity and I’d like to see him and Hill play more together.

    • Gregory Choa

      Yeah, not sure about Sacre & Hill together spacing-wise, but I like what MDA had to say about Rob as a starter, “He’s a good fit for Pau because he gives a physical presence under there … He can take the tough guy defensively. He really runs the floor well. He understands the offense and how he wants to do it. He’s a great dive guy so it opens up a lot of shooters … and he finishes well now. He’s a better offensive player than people give him credit for. Defensively, he’s good, and that’s what we need.”

      I do like the combo of Sacre and Williams coming off the bench.

  • Marty Susman

    Sacre should play every game & see how much he learns & how good he gets before next season. he has the body, the size to be a top flight center & could shock everyone so lets allow him to grow…

  • Cary Rumley

    I think Sacre needed a little time to add some muscle to his frame for the NBA game. I think he has worked his ass off in the D League and weight room to get there. Now we are seeing the results.

  • Scottish

    let’s just ignore the games he started last year against Houston and San Antonio.

  • Richard

    Sacre started a few games last year vs rockets and spurs because of injury to shitbrick (dwight) pau and jordan hill