Lakers News: Rick Fox Thinks Dwight Howard Has Loser’s Mentality

Lakers News: Rick Fox Thinks Dwight Howard Has Loser’s Mentality


Dwight HowardFormer Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox did an interview on 710 ESPN’s radio show ‘Max & Marcellus’ on Monday afternoon. In that exchange, Fox gave some very critical comments about starting Lakers center Dwight Howard and his approach to the game of basketball this season after hearing of Dwight’s recent issues about not getting enough touches.

“That’s a loser mentality,” Fox said in reference to Dwight’s complaining.

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Fox believes that Dwight should be focusing in other areas of basketball such as rebounding, and sacrifice for the greater good of his team as other great players have done in order to win championships.

“It’s about your own commitment to excellence in the area of team success,” Fox said. “Not so much are you going to make 100-million dollars and is your career going to be ok.”

Fox re-iterated to Max and Marcellus that Laker fans dont tolerate losing. To him, Dwight has to prove to the city of Los Angeles that he is willing to do whatever it takes to win.

“Unfortunately for him, in Los Angeles, you’ve got a legacy of great players that have shown the city what commitment looks like,” Fox said. “I’d like to see actions from him that tell me that winning is the most important thing to him, and that he wants to be a Laker.”

While Dwight Howard has recently stated that he has adjusted his mentality, it is going to be interesting to see what happens going forward with his actions on the court after all the recent drama in Laker land.

  • Rasheed

    Leave him alone. Let him figure it out on his own.
    Guy is been thru a lot this year.
    Played with multiple injuries.
    Why is it the media always have to find someone to target? Before D12, there was Pau.
    This team never really got chance to play all together as a team. Always injuries, one after another. Nash didn’t even play the more then 1/2 the season. Jordon Hill is also suffering from injury. Blake just came back from injury.

    BOTTOM LINE: For Lakers to have success they should all play together without injuries. If possible, replace the coach :)

    • Otis Whittle

      I dont agree,Kobe Plays hurt every year and sacrifices his body for the team D12 asked for this and now he cant deliver,if you cant handle being a champ, click your heels 3 times and take your ass back to Orlando!

      • Bahamas in the house

        All the way from the Bahamas, I could not have said it better my self. Just a seven foot baby.

      • Rasheed

        What kind of comparison is this Kobe to Dwight? It is ridiculous in my opinion.
        Kobe is unique, not everyone is Kobe or can be like Kobe. He will play even if one leg is limping on the floor.

        Dwight is not Kobe, so please don’t compare Dwight with Kobe in terms of injuries. He had a back surgery, and even with so many injuries, he played. How many games did he miss this year? How pathetic can you guys get? He should have just rested until he is 100% recovered. How many times have you seen pick and roll between dwight and Nash? not much. How many times Dwight gets to touch the ball per game?

        You never had any back surgery, and injuries. You would never understand.

        As a basketball fan it is painful to see Dwight not much involved in the game. You run back and forth on the floor on daily basis without being involved with the pathetic coaching then you would be upset. I am surprised Dwight didn’t complain since beginning. I blame Dwight for not speaking up with the Lakers management or media about his role in the team. Aside from getting rebounds and shot blocking there is not much there. Where is the coaching staff when it comes to Dwight? Isolate Pau and Dwight that is their agenda. I detest the coaching staff for their incompetence.

        With all the Hollywood drama surrounding Lakers, they will gel but with all players healthy and playing together. Each player have to understand what role they have to play. We have seen some glimpse of it but didn’t last due to injuries.

  • JohnC

    ??? Howard is no doubt one of the top players of the game. (It’s in fact so weird to listen to you Americans talking about all that winner/loser rubbish). Particularly at NBA and any other top professional area: can that Rick Fox – or anybody – explain how to climb up to the top of the NBA/any competition and to become one of the references for many pros and amateurs… without being 300% compromised with your work???

    • JohnC

      Can anyone expect anyone else to average 20-10 playing injured, in the NBA or any other top competition???

      • Eazy

        While whining about his touches and torn Labia, and undermining team chemistry ? No one, like you said.

    • Eazy

      In America, especially LA, we play basketball for RINGS m8, not awards or rankings or being the top anything. RINGS. Losing is not tolerated in LA because we have a winning tradition. Criticize it all you want, but obviously with 16 banners… it works. The Dwightmare came here with how much jewelry ? NADA, NOTHING, ZILCH. Which is exactly how much latitude he has here until he does something to get one. Credibility = Rings in LA m8. it’s a totally different culture in LA and BOSTON than the rest of the league.
      He came here with nothing but stats, and if he doesn’t follow the lead of the past Laker greats, that’s all he’s gonna leave with.