Lakers News: Picture Of New Alternate Lakers Jersey Leaked Reviewed by Momizat on . The 2014-15 NBA season is still a couple months away with the Los Angeles Lakers aiming to bounce back after arguably the worst season in franchise history. -- The 2014-15 NBA season is still a couple months away with the Los Angeles Lakers aiming to bounce back after arguably the worst season in franchise history. -- Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Picture Of New Alternate Lakers Jersey Leaked

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Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers

The 2014-15 NBA season is still a couple months away with the Los Angeles Lakers aiming to bounce back after arguably the worst season in franchise history.

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With a new season comes a new look with ESPN’s Darren Rovell leaking a picture of the Lakers’ new alternative jerseys on Twitter:

Last season, the “Hollywood Nights” jerseys were arguably the team’s most popular jerseys with the fans. This year they have gone with a sleeved version of the jersey.

Sleeved jerseys were highly criticized last year with many not liking the new style. Even some players like LeBron James complained about the new sleeved look, but the league stuck with the new style regardless and will bring them back once again.
Lakers Waive Kendall Marshall, Sign Xavier Henry, Wesley Johnson

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  • SirBosco

    Very nice! Hopefully we win games wearing that jersey.

    • Marcus Franco

      Hopefully we win games.

      • SirBosco

        I like the lakers roster this year. We will be in the playoff (6-8seed)..

        • The Knight

          Hopefully it’ll be an exciting season!

          • wendymwenzel

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            Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
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        • kookiebuger

          We need to see the team play first before saying that.

          • Badazztj12

            That goes for every team

          • kookiebuger

            That’s true but this team is full of question marks we need to see how they play first before stating they are a playoff team in the stacked West.

          • Badazztj12

            Been hearing on ESPN(First Take) That we are considering this trade for Bledsoe. I would do it but not giving us Randle

        • Marcus Franco

          Yeah, It’s not a bad roster but we’re in west which the competitiveness is too high but let’s see what happens, I hope Coach can have some major impact this year given the fact that we haven’t had coach in the past two years.

        • Elcid Martinez

          Honestly I do to. If healthy, this is a playoff team.
          Lakers for life!

    • Jim213

      It’s alright but there’s better options.

    • joshhh

      hahaa ya right

  • Badazztj12

    Guess we turning jeresy’s into t-shirts. Thats what teams like the Warriors and Clippers doing

    • Jeff

      a really bad trend. what happened to wearing a normal home and away jersey? tight fitting t shirts, alternate colors, etc etc. It’s going to be terrible when the advertisements make their way on the jersey

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        It’s all about the $$$. Fans buy more jerseys and everyone makes more money.

      • comrade24

        Corporate sponsors are taking over the game! I hate it! Remember when stadiums didn’t say “staples” and “united” and “bankers field life” before the name? Those were the days. I miss the Forum

        • Claude McCorkle

          You realize it was called The Great Western Forum because it was sponsored by the bank with the same name?

  • Jeff

    sleeves? can we stop it already? Sunday whites was one thing, but all this alternative jersey crap is getting ridiculous. Hollywood nights? why don’t put a picture of bob seger on there while you’re at it.

    Lakers need to go back to the old school round neck jerseys.

    • Joey Quinones

      Agreed on the old school. You only need a home and an Away. Alternate should be a throwback, maybe the MPLS one, but I just miss the old school gold with the rounded neck.

      • GodlyRebel

        round neck jerseys(gold) with the drop shadow(white) on the numbers(purple) my favorite Lakers jersey

    • Badazztj12

      They said they adding teams championships tag on the back of the neck of the shirt or jeresy. The comissioner is turning the NBA into Soccer

    • LakerSpartan117


    • Nalin Shukla

      Yeah old school…bet you wanna see the daisy dukes back too huh

    • comrade24

      Agreed but I do like the black jerseys. The sleeves have got to go


    I am feeling good about the new season coming up and i am very anxious to see Kobe be back on the court, i think this new year is about change and i’m happy to see we are starting from scratch and more things i hope that change.

    Byron Scott as the head coach

    I hope Nick Young continues to study Kobe and prefect his game, also change his jersey number to 8 rebirth with the old kobe beside the new one.

    I would love to see Jordan Hill cut his dreads and work with Kareem Abdul Jabar on his low post game and continue to get even better on defense.

    Kobe Bryant minutes has to be managed stay healthy and he has to get a sixth ring or 7th and also wear his lucky long white sleeve on his right arm.

    i hope Jeremy Lin can bring Linsanity to L.A. and we can have ” Los Sanity ”

    i hope if we keep Steve Nash i hope he can stay healthy and be great with the assist and shoot when he gets an open because he has a nice jumper.

    I hope Julius Randle can bring that Kentucky game and he as well work with Kareem and Shaq and become a dominate force in the paint.

    • Derek Clark

      Why does Jordan Hill need to cut his dreads?? I feel like that’s part of who he is as a player. They’re fine to me.

      Like it or not, nobody will ever wear the #8 again, even if it isn’t officially retired and #24 goes up in the rafters.

  • SirBosco

    Where did u heard the news about Byron Scott hiring?

    • Nore

      He hasn’t been hired yet. Not sure what they’re waiting for.

      • SirBosco

        Not sure.. Maybe FO have another coaching candidate in mind.

      • Badazztj12

        There most likely discussing the state if the team and will he be a long term or short term coach

  • atakan

    nice jersey.also I see Kobe averaging 28ppg,4apg,5rpg.

    • SirBosco

      Hope so

    • john

      that would be fantastic!

  • Andy

    I’m sick of these ugly sleeved pieces of shit. Was it really necessary to change the original Hollywood Nights jersey? It looked so nice, they just had to fuck it all up with this gay ass tight sleeved thing didn’t they?

  • Spade

    My dreams came true last year with a black Lakers jersey. Now those dreams are nightmares. Why does the NBA insist on these horrible sleeved jerseys?

    • Judo Mma

      To cover as much as tatoo as possible!

      • Spade

        I thought that was what the shooting sleeves were for. Melo has to wear 2 because he has some very bizarre and offensive tattoos on his arms.

  • LakerSpartan117

    Black is my favorite color so nice! I liked their Hollywood Nights uniform as well.

  • Pat Oslon


  • john

    i hope the lakers won’t be advertising their 16 championships for 10+ years down the road…

  • Andy L

    So what’s next? Bicycle shorts? Oooh yeah…nice an’ tight.

  • SirBosco

    Julius Randle Rookie of the Year
    Bandwagon! Who want to jump on?

    • LakersTank

      The next few months before the season start will be crucial for Randle. He needs to improve his right hand/jumpshot/rebounding/defense if he wants to have a shot at ROY.

      At the moment, the favorites to win ROY are Nerlens Noel or Jabari Parker.

  • okaaay

    I have yet to see someone on the street HAPPILY sporting one of these sleeved jerseys. What a joke.

  • goscrewyourselfadidas

    Lame, I can’t wait unitl Adidas contract ends for the NBA, and go back to real basketball jerseys (NIKE). Can someone advise adidas that this isn’t futbol, that we need our arms to shoot the ball!


    The Hollywood Nights jersey were nice but these new sleeves ones are atrocious. Stop it already.

  • Jay Brodes

    jerseys are dope..just do away with the sleeves!!!

  • Lakers4Life

    What a complete waste of a jersey for a wasted season next year. We have a bit of hope of maybe making it to the playoffs once we acquire Bledsoe for Nash and Randle — now that would make all of us Laker fans truly happy for sure.

    • Ohnono

      Speak for yourself….. I dont want bledsoe.

    • vdogg

      you are a moron. bledsoe is an injury waiting to happen.

    • Yaya

      Yeah I’ll pass on Bledsoe.

  • M3 Commish

    Looks good but the sleeves have GOT to go!

  • Matt

    Ohh shit not another sleeved

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