Lakers News: Phil Jackson Was Willing To Help Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers News: Phil Jackson Was Willing To Help Los Angeles Lakers


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The recently acquired president of the New York Knicks, Phil Jackson, is very confident and adamant about the future of the team and hopes to fulfill a positive journey for the franchise.

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Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Lakers simply were unable to offer Jackson a role with the team and as a result the Hall of Famer chose to take the opportunity with the Knicks.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin spoke with Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak about the discussion they had last summer. Kupchak characterized Jackson as a Lakers “consultant” last season for a number of different topics:

We talked, it was about a year ago, a little bit less than a year ago and Phil and I sat down for an hour, hour and a half, two hours just to talk basketball and about a lot of things. We’ve had lunch in the past also. And I don’t know when it came up in the conversation. That wasn’t the purpose of our discussion but it kind of came up and he mentioned, ‘Mitch, if you’d like me to help, let me know.’ So that’s really how it came up.

Also during last summer, Jackson was helping his fiancée, Lakers president Jeanie Buss, on the campaign to keep Dwight Howard in Los Angeles, but would ultimately fail to succeed on re-signing Howard.

The fact that the former Lakers head coach was ready to come to work and didn’t receive an official contract from the Lakers franchise, is unfortunate to say the least.

With Jackson’s future now in New York rather than Los Angeles, the Lakers organization will have to move on and hope for the best in the coming years. Losing Jackson to the biggest market in professional sports could potentially be a major blow if the Knicks become a desired destination for big-name free agents in the near future.
VIDEO: Kobe Bryant On Phil Jackson To The Knicks

  • whathefun

    sure,for $12 million dollars.

    • truth24

      It’s not your money idiot your just jealous or you like losing that must be it I can’t think of anything else.

      • whathefun

        Your limited brain needs to think before your write.

        And is it yours?

        Then, keep quite.

        As a business minded person, I will be in favors of the owners most of the time.

  • ra

    Phil: If you need my help, I’ll be glad to help out.
    Jim Buss: nah, we got this
    Phil: no really, I have many ideas you can use. I’ll be glad to discuss them with you. You can do whatever you want, but I have some good ideas. I have 11 Championships.
    Jim Buss: nah, that’s ok.
    Phil: I can even be a liaison between you and players who might want to come here, but need to feel comfortable here
    Jim Buss: mmmm, no – we got Mitch. And everyone wants to play here. We got this.
    Phil: so, you wouldn’t mind if I take my talents to Manhattan.
    Jim Buss: Manhattan Beach?
    Phil: no, New York.
    Jim Buss: Go ahead.
    Phil: ok, so you wouldn’t mind if I recruit superstar players there, in New York? I mean, instead of coming here to LA?
    Jim Buss: Nah, everyone wants to play here. We got this.
    Phil: Jeanie? Jeanie? don’t cry. Come back here. Jeanie?
    Jim Buss: well ….. bye
    Phil: ok. We’ll be seeing you.
    Phil: Kobe? Kobe? don’t cry. Come back here. Kobe?


    Phil: Hey Kobe. Want to come to New York? Play with Melo and LeBron? Win a couple more rings?

    • Obie


    • badfuthamucka

      Just like your fantasy scenario, I suppose that you think the NBA salary cap is a fantasy too. The Knicks can only re-sign their own players or, new ones at league minimum. Phil is just a big name to add legitimacy. Thats it.

  • badfuthamucka

    The Lakers front office seems to be full: the President, VP, and GM positions are all taken. Was Phil ready to take a position as a college scout? Something tells me that the answer is NO.

    • truth24

      Who said anything about being a scout???? Your assumption tells me that you must be a heat fan, that’s what I’m assuming sir know it all dumbass.

    • whathefun

      Jim is doing the right thing. Standing his ground to his “birthrights”. Why should he step down?

      Again, if the Lakers had CP and DH, Lakers would be number two in the West. This discussion would be mute as to where Phil is!

      • whathefun

        But, not with MDA!

    • teddy

      no Jim buss should step down as president of basketball operations and have given that position to phill and just been content being an owner his dad hired the best basketball mind to run his team (jerry west) he should have done the same.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Phil is in New York now lets move on from him we have no choice but to find another route back to the top without Phil Jackson.Phil is the opponent now.

  • DrM

    Jim, thanks so much for not keeping Phil.

    God Bless America!

    Now, got find a real coach!

  • Mr. Shah

    Can we move on already?

  • Rashan Anderson

    die hard laker fan but the busses are dumb to feel that we did not need Phil Jackson the greatest coach of all time in any sport they fooling themselves how in the world can you tell Phil Jackson that you feel Dantoni is a better fit for this team last year stupid stupid stupid