Lakers News: Phil Jackson Wants Brian Shaw, Scottie Pippen on Staff

Lakers News: Phil Jackson Wants Brian Shaw, Scottie Pippen on Staff


The writing appears to be on the wall in Los Angeles with only a matter of time and certain conditions separating Phil Jackson and his third tour with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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The 11-time NBA champion is currently the number on target for the Lakers’ search for a new head coach with all other candidates considered backup plans for the storied NBA franchise. Although it seems to be close to a done deal with the team rumored to be closing in on a two-year deal worth $10 million per season with Jackson, the 67-year-old has a few conditions in terms of travel and control.

With Jackson potentially being hired by the Lakers in the coming days, the next order of business will be putting together a coaching staff. A few names from his former staff have already started to surface with Frank Hamblen, Kurt Rambis and Jim Cleamons on the short list, but two others have also emerged as assistants Jackson would like to have on the Lakers’ sideline as well.

According to Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News, Brian Shaw and Scottie Pippen are on Jackson’s radar with the negotiations with the Lakers kicking into high gear:

Jackson actually could be in place by Monday, according to league sources, with the Lakers trying to find a way to have Brian Shaw freed up from his coaching duties with the Indiana Pacers so that he can rejoin Jackson in L.A. The former Laker player and assistant coach, long talked about as a potential head coach with the team, is the Pacers’ assistant head coach. To get him out of Indiana, the Lakers will probably need to send the Pacers some sort of compensation.

Jackson is looking at adding Scottie Pippen, his former Chicago Bulls star, to his staff, sources said.

The addition of Shaw for Jackson’s coaching staff is a no-brainer with a long history between the two and Shaw’s aspirations to be an NBA head coach in the near future, but Pippen getting mentioned was unexpected.

Pippen has been actively searching for the right opportunity to break into coaching in the NBA ranks and may have found that opportunity with his former head coach willing to give him a shot in Los Angeles.

As for Shaw, it might be a challenge for the Lakers’ front office to bring him back with the Indiana Pacers not willing to let him go for nothing in return. There’s been no indication of exactly what it would take to snag Shaw from the Pacers, but if Jackson is insistent on bringing him in, the front office will likely get it done.

  • lakers_824

    i doubt indiana is gonna let go of brian shaw and im not sure if scottie would want to be an assistant coach but if we could pull it offf that would be dope.

  • Johnny Felix

    so Scottie would pass Jordan and Kobe would match him with rings…oh yeah

  • saadi saadi

    there is no way shaw will be in L.A unless he is offered a Head Coach job.
    How can he leave assistant coach job in the middle of the season for other team. It is not professional. Then again; I hope it works out for Phil…Scottie’s resilient nature in coach form is going to be added bonus for Lakers…he doesn’t like quitting…that’s what Lakers need.

    • anticrust

      often a team or a company will look at it as “if a person doesn’t want to be with us, then we might as well accomodate him and try to capitalize on it”…yes, it would rock the harmony of the Pacers, but then again, Shaw could become disloyal, if his heart is elsewhere….

      • saadi saadi

        interesting, well said…

  • Mike Pugrad

    After Phil gets the job he will have a say on personal. He will make a few changes before the trade deadline. Also beyond this year he will build a Team for years to come! After the Time Warner deal the Lakers have as much money as the Dodgers! We will be in good hands.

  • Disappointed

    It’s a sad day when so much money is spent on sports with the state of the economy and people losing jobs left and right. Only in America!

    • dumbass

      Yeah because the NBA and associated sports arenas employ literally nobody else except for coaches and players…

    • MrEvans

      With all due respect this here is about sports not economic issues. Other forums are appropriate for your comments.

    • Noah Noeezy Aldrich

      Oh yeah, cause there is definitely no revenue for the city coming from the tickets, merchandise, etc. sold by each franchise…. and it’s not like jobs are created either…

    • LaksFan

      Debbie downer aren’t ya?

  • Jct4teen

    This needs to happen cuz the personalities of jackson, pippen, and shaw would keep this lakers team fired up, focused, and motivated.. NO doubt the lakers would have the offensive and defensive schemes to make a huge run for the title so lets make this happen please.! Lets GO Lakers.!

    • Joseph Apohen

      Besides Shaw and Pippen, they need to get back LO and Matt Barnes. Just wishful thinking.

  • LaksFan