Lakers News: Phil Jackson Says Lakers Coaching Job Was Offered to Him

Lakers News: Phil Jackson Says Lakers Coaching Job Was Offered to Him


NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Lakers at Dallas MavericksAs Phil Jackson continues his media tour to promote his new book, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success, we’re learning more and more about the situation at the beginning of the season when the Lakers looked beyond Jackson and hired Mike D’Antoni as the team’s next head coach.

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In an interview on The Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday morning, Patrick asked Jackson to clarify some of the events that took place.

DP: Were you offered the job?

PJ: I would say yes to the answer and the question. It was proposed to me without any hesitation. They wanted to hear me out and I wanted to hear them out.

DP: What happened 11th hour? Do you know all the details behind the scenes? They were waiting for your answer? Is that fair?

PJ: Yeah, I would say that’s fair. Obviously at the end of the process, Mitch Kupchak had asked to come along with Jim Buss, and at the end of the process Mitch said you know I’m going to have to continue interviewing people for the job. If you turn this down I have to be prepared to move on.

Jackson went on to explain that he wasn’t expecting Mike D’Antoni to be in the running for the job, as he felt his knee surgery would prevent him from accepting the job.

It’s surprising to hear Jackson say the team actually offered him the job, as that’s a piece of information we hadn’t heard before. We knew that there had been mutual interest in both parties, but it was thought that the team went with D’Antoni because they didn’t want to wait for Jackson to make a decision. According to Phil it sounds more like he was given the offer before having it taken away from him at the last second.

Obviously there are different sides to every story, but hearing Jackson’s side of this fiasco is quite intriguing.

One thing is certain, and that’s that there are a lot of stories left to be told by Jackson, and that his latest book isn’t going to be the end of them.


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  • Lorenzo

    Obviously Phil Jackson would have been the better hire here. Dwight Howard might even leave to Houston or Atlanta and its because they hired the wrong coach for this team. Jackson has the rings and championship experience that this veteran group needs…not Mike Da’ntoni. But thats life. At least Kobe is going to come back…one one can stop that matter who the coach is..

  • lorenzo

    no one can stop Kobe Bryant

  • LAKers_19

    The Lakers should sign& trade howard for irving then trade gasol for leonard and
    trade duhon,MWP,sacre for ross
    blake and nash for bledsoe then sign
    sign Oden,przybilla,daniels,andersen,b.miller,blair,korver
    Lakers should also hire better coach,the best coach for their talent as possible
    PF:hill,blair, b.miller(lacks athletecism but good mid-range shooter)
    total salary:70m$
    previous salary:almost 100m$(when kobe had retired after 2 seasons,we can sign paul george,al jefferson,beaubois,mayo and drft picks)