Lakers News: Phil Jackson Doesn’t See Himself Back With Lakers

Lakers News: Phil Jackson Doesn’t See Himself Back With Lakers


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As long as the Lakers continue to struggle, one name will be continually linked back to the team. Phil Jackson helped the Lakers reach seven NBA Finals, winning five of them, and was linked back to coaching the team once again last year. We all know the story by now, the team felt that Mike D’Antoni would be the right coach for the team and the rest is history.

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This doesn’t keep Phil Jackson’s name out of rumors, especially since he is engaged to the Lakers President, Jeanie Buss. Many fans believe that Jackson will eventually return to the team in some capacity, but apparently he has other intentions.

When talking to Sam Amick of USA Today, Jackson was asked about him possibly rejoining the Lakers and his response might surprise a few people:

I don’t think so. I have a good relationship with the vice president in business affairs (Jeanie Buss) — at least it has been pretty good (laughs). She’s dedicated to their family running the business and trying to feel what that’s like.

The Lakers are still in a transition period from moving on from the legendary coach. The Lakers have not won a title without Phil Jackson since 1988 and before Mike Brown and D’Antoni, Kobe Bryant had only played for one other coach in his entire professional career.

Jackson was so influential on the entire Lakers’ organization that his presence will be felt for years to come, much like Pat Riley was before Jackson’s arrival. While Jackson has come out repeatedly saying he will not coach again, many still believed that Jackson would return to the team in a role much like Riley’s with the Heat. While difficult with his engagement to Buss, management must continue to try to move out of the Jackson era and build for the future.
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  • Jordan

    Come back phil! :(

    • kobe24

      That would be amazing :( but then again the man deserves his retirement, best coach in NBA history

      • fakerstolakers

        Best Coach, where is Pop, Pat Riley. Jackson is a great coach. He only coached the 3 best players from 1990 to 2000. Jordan, Shaq, Kobe.

        Pat Riley 6 times as a coach, 2 as a GM, and once as a player and three times coach of the year. Best all around Basketball brain.

        Jackson is too fixated on triangle. Jackson had to be talked out of it in 2004 series against the Spurs as Payton and Malone revolted the system as they were on the verge of loosing that series.

        Is he best ever, up for debate, but, not clearly and decisively.

        • fakerstolakers

          I mean he coached best player from 1990 to 2010. And never had to built a team. All handed fully loaded.Almost.

          • kobe24

            Its all up for debate however, no matter how great of a player you have (I.E. Michael Jordan greatest of all time) you still need a coach to lead those players.

            And if Phil Jackson won once or twice that’s a different story but he won over 11 times as coach that’s amazing even though he had stacked teams.

            And no doubt the “greatest of all time” is always up for debate however I think there is a solid argument for Phil Jackson as the best NBA coach

            Also I agree that Pat Riley is one of the greatest all around Basketball brain however I’m just strictly talking about coaching

          • fakerstolakers

            Rudy T won in Houston 2 times, that team had no expectations. Spurs won 4 times, that team had no expectations.

            Those are good coaches as they were creative and they won.

            Jackson was expected to win in Chicago.

            Jackson was expected to win with Los Angeles, when Shaq and Kobe were playing. EVERY YEAR.

            Brown was not suppose to win. No one gave the Pistons a chance in 2004.

            No one gave Doc Rivers a chance in 2008.

            Those are the kind of coaches that surprise me with sneaky plans.

            Nevertheless, 11 rings are amazing.

            No one gave Dallas a chance in 2011 with Rick Carlisle at the bench. Those are the kind of wins that are exciting. Because the coaches won the series.

            Spurs were not suppose to beat the Lakers in 2003, that was exciting. That was POP out gunning Jackson. Lakers had Shaq and Kobe both in prime.

            And, I hate to say this, MDA beat Phil, in 2006, while the Lakers with Kobe in Super Prime were up three games to 1. Remember Phil forgot to tell his team to foul rather than give 3 points. They were up 3 games to on, and up by 3 points in that game, if Lakers had foul and gave up two points, they win the series.

            Another word, If you gave me the same team, and my coach was Doc Rivers or Pop or Pat Riley, I feel secure.

          • Daryl Peek

            No one gave Doc a chance in 08? The big three were on fire that season.

          • fakerstolakers

            Vegas had the Lakers on top. Do not remember, but, they were the favorite.

          • richard

            hahahahahaha… you sir does not know what pressure is all about… you would know if you have played competitive sports.or coach a competitive player.. it is rather too much difficult to win when you are expected to win… professional athletes will tell you that… coaches will tell you that… again, it is so much harder to win when you are expected to win… the pressure is enourmous. Only those who have nerves of steel can handle those pressure,, and no body besides Phil Jackson can handle those pressure as well. That is the biggest testament to his legacy.

            If you sir don’t believe me… just go and ask a professional athlete or go interview an NBA player who have tasted how the to win… that is why it is so hard to win back to back championships…most teams can win one, but to do it 2-3 times in a row is just mind boggling…. ask the Heat players they will tell you that it is so… ask Kobe, he will tell you that it is so… ask the greats and they will tell you that it is so….and that goes the same with a coach and coaching.

            again may I repeat… It is so much harder to win when you are expected to win!

          • fakerstolakers

            You seem to know more than the Lakers’ Front Office. Have they contacted you to work with the Lakers?

            As a matter of Fact, NBA office in NY should hire, you are too brilliant to be trolling here. Or perhaps, they might not be able to afford your services.

          • richard

            You don’t have to be in FO to know that… I know it, because I coach some grade school athletes…. it doesn’t take rocket science to know it… even in life situations… the greater the pressure the difficult it is to come through…. your view on the matter that the coaches who won but wasn’t expected to win was better is just amiss.

      • ra

        Phil is great at taking the greatest talent, and pushing it to the highest level. He could certainly push a mediocre team to a better level, maybe not to a championship, but he also knows (as a good coach should) the limits of a player’s potential.

        The best part is – Phil knows how to ‘manage’ the greatest talents in basketball history. When someone is great, like MJ or Kobe, it is hard to fit them in to a ‘team’ operation. But he did that in a great manner – was able to allow them to lift up to their potential, while maintaining the integrity of a ‘team’. Hard, if not almost impossible to do.

        Not sure it would be worth his while to work with a ‘work in progress’ type team, like the current and possibly future Lakers.

  • michael

    At the end of Jackson’s tenure a few years ago, the Lakers were a playoff team, but just barely, and they got hammered by Dallas in the playoffs. If Nash and Bryant were healthy, they would be okay right now. You need players.

    • Jay Brodes

      i will say this..would they be competing with but kobe would not be on IR if phil were back last year! book it!!!

      • Daryl Peek

        WOW! Phil has Magic healing powers too? You seem to forget Kobe was much more injured from 2000-2011 under Phil VS. Nash under D’Antoni during those same 11 years. Nash never missed more than 7 games during that time. Kobe did 5 or 6 times.

  • Jack Bauer

    Unfortunately, the Lakers will see many years without another championship unless the team drafts and acquires solid players throughout every position, including their bench. In other words, it’s time for them to gut the team and start from scratch.

    • Jim213

      Somewhat agree but it’s more than just solid players. It’s players that do it on both sides of the court. IMO, defense should be more of a focus with offense not too far behind.

      Have some good players for the bench but require some starting role players. Hope the inept bring back those who have an all around game otherwise defensive issues will persist as some have issues with basic fundamentals.

  • MambaMentality24

    You’re forgetting that Kurt Rambis was the coach before Phil Jackson came. You also forgot that Rudy Tomjanovich coached the Lakers after Phil left the first time. I swear you writers need to do more research.

    • Stan Heath

      Also Kobe played for Del Harris, Frank Hamblin and Bernie Bickerstaff for 5 games.

    • ra

      Yes, and the Bulls didn’t do as well before Phil. Phil can take great talent, and elevate it to the highest level. He did that with Lakers as ‘soon’ as he came in. (they were losing with Shaq & Kobe for 4 years!).

      But, don’t forget the ‘other’ greatest coach in history – John Wooden. JW also took the best talent to great heights (Kareem, Bill Walton, etc.).

      PJ and John Wooden. The best coaches in pro & college basketball history, bar none.

  • Chinh

    Didn’t Rudy Tomjanovich coach Kobe or you not counting that as coaching?

  • Peter Griffin

    Can I write for Lakers nation? Seems easy. Use a quote from someone else and then fill in the rest with a paragraph of my own opinion that is usually a rumor.

    • Jim213

      Don’t see why not as long as one double checks their work.

  • Jay Brodes

    please come back Phil…dantoni must go…worst coach in team history!!!

  • fakerstolakers

    Sure that’s what he always says. Give him the Green. He will be back.

  • Matt Williams

    How about we get Phil’s input on who would be a better coach than who we have now. He won’t be better than Phil, but at least he can be close to it.

    • Daryl Peek

      Ask Detroit how they feel about his consultation?

      • 3339

        Phil recommended Brian Shaw. Dumars wanted Cheeks or McMillan.

  • Daryl Peek

    Eras end, it’s time to let go LN. How many times does Phil have to say he’s done?

  • AngelBum

    Phil Jackson the so called best coach ever, got his rings by going to teams loaded with talent, or got the owner to buy the best player for his team, When Jordon left the Bulls Phil didn’t win anything until he came back When he took over the Lakers Phil did not win until Shaquille arrived. No Mr Jackson is just an opportunist, he would only come back if he could manage the Heat so he could advance his ring count and every one could say how great he is.

    • richard

      When a person wins, you say he is a opportunist…when they lose, people say, he is no better… what is it really?

      A win is a win is a win…. and Phil Jackson… won em 11 rings…. PERIOD.

      • AngelBum

        How many did he win without the best team money could buy? None! You completely missed the point, as a real coach, Phil did not have the capacity to take an average team and build them to a top contender. He could not teach defense and always had to rely on his teams to out gun his opponent. Larry Brown as an example could coach, could teach, he developed he never had talented teams like Phil did. Yes a win is a win, but some have greater advantages. Phil would never take over the Lakers now unless they could get the players the Miami heat have, or perhaps he’ll take over that team win another title than people can say how great he is.

        • Dragon7s

          There are a lot of great coaches that also had great players yet never won a title. (Jerry Sloan with Malone and Stockton probably tops the list.)
          Getting to the Finals is tough enough but ask any player that has been there how much more difficult is to actually win and they will tell you that it takes that little something extra and that’s what PJ provided.
          Talent alone doesn’t win championships because the NBA is full of talented players.

          Phil’s strength was his ability to get into the minds of the players and get them to perform better as a team.
          I don’t think he gets enough credit for his ability to raise the mental awareness of his players which in turn gave them the mental toughness to deal with the pressure of playing in the Finals.

      • fakerstolaker

        No doubt, he is the best coach from 1991 to 2010. But, whenever you say the Greatest, there will be opposing arguments as expected and justifiably.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Phil Jackson is the greatest coach in sports history.To all the naysayers my reasoning Michael Jordan never won crap until Phil coached him,Kobe and Shaq never won crap until Phil coached them.It’s the ring count of this instrumental coach that puts him to the top of the mountain.Others were great coaches but Phil gets the nod in my own estimation.

    • fakerstolakes

      Jordan never won, because, there was the Lakers, the Celtics, and the PIstons. When, all those teams were dissolved, Jackson and Jordan opportunistically won.

      None, of the teams that Jackson ever won against in the finals, would be considered all times great.

      And, Jackson did loose to teams that were considered underdog in 2004 and 2008 by the bet-makers.

  • 3339

    we all know he is done coaching, but honestly Phil could coach the team from home and still be better than dantoni.
    They desperately need to fire dantoni.

  • fakerstolakers

    Pop would coach my team any day over Phil. He never had the best team. He never coached the best players.

    Most would agree here that Duncan is not considered better than Jordan, Kobe, or Shaq.

    But has quietly won 4 rings no less.

    • Dragon7s

      I think you could make the argument that the Spurs Big 3 of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili would match up pretty well amongst any Big 3 of the modern era.
      To say that Pop “never coached the best players” just doesn’t ring true.