Lakers News: Phil Jackson Believes Lakers Overpaid Kobe On Extension Reviewed by Momizat on . The announcement of Kobe Bryant's two year extension was met with mixed reactions. While many fans were excited about Bryant remaining with the Lakers for anoth The announcement of Kobe Bryant's two year extension was met with mixed reactions. While many fans were excited about Bryant remaining with the Lakers for anoth Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Phil Jackson Believes Lakers Overpaid Kobe On Extension

Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson

The announcement of Kobe Bryant’s two year extension was met with mixed reactions. While many fans were excited about Bryant remaining with the Lakers for another two years, others were disappointed at how much they paid Bryant, and how it could impact the Lakers chances at bringing in another elite free agent.

While he is no longer with the Lakers in an official role, Phil Jackson’s voice does hold a lot of weight in Los Angeles. Jackson appeared on NBA TV and, as the OC Register’s Bill Oram reports, agrees with most of the fans:

While it is true that the Lakers did make a sizable dent in their cap space with this extension, this is Kobe Bryant we’re talking about. His impact on the Lakers franchise is worth far more than the Lakers could ever pay him.

Bryant could have taken less money, but, as he said on twitter, it should not always be on the player to make the sacrifice. The Lakers still have ample cap space to bring in players, and have been linked to big-name guys such as Timberwolves forward Kevin Love, and Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving.

Jackson is never afraid to voice his opinion on any topic, and he and Bryant remain close friends to this day so him speaking on Bryant should come as no surprise.

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  • Jim213

    Don’t blame Kobe again but IMO the league can pay their SUPERSTARs more for carrying the NBA torch. The issue is the cap limit in place which limits the amount of revenue that can be dished out (agreed by owners & NBAPA. Hear the owners want to limit the cap more down the line for their own benefit $$ aside of helping the small markets out. Although, coming at a time with the biggest/top organizations in the NBA have to dish/divide more revenue sharing $$$ to others.

    • Dragon7s

      Agree that the issue is the CBA and the punitive provisions with exceeding the salary cap.
      The top players in the NBA should be paid according to what they bring in for their team owners and by all reckonings, superstars are severely underpaid.
      This situation partly came about because too many stupid owners overpaid for average or slightly above average players and then complained because they were unable to field a competitive team due to lower than average income.

      I think that what you’ll see develop over the next few seasons is the reduction in the amount and length of contracts for role players which is why I don’t have a problem with the contract Kobe was given.
      You’ll see more of the superstars taking the ‘cream’ of the salary cap and the FO’s will surround those 2 or 3 stars with cheaper support talent.
      GM’s will be forced to use all of the tools available to them, including the draft *gasp!* in order to field a playoff caliber team.

      All in all, I think it’s good for the league although not the greatest thing for us as Laker fans who are rather spoiled by Dr. Buss’s philosophy of willing to spend whatever it took to compete for Chips…lol

  • Theyshouldvwaured

    Uh oh, watch out Phil. Those Kobe fans masquerading as Laker fans will go after you too. Those true Laker fans who put the team first over any superstar is a dying breed nowadays.

    • Jim213

      Take myself out of equation. Do I believe Kobe’s deal limits their opportunities of nabbing a good play who could play along Kobe? yes. But this issue is more of an FO dispute so can’t criticize since we aren’t in that bargaining position.What does this do for the upcoming 2 yrs? Basically limits their spending potential but given the season it’s best to focus on the draft and signing some starters to help fill key positions.

      My concern mostly is FO and the team’s future play. Are they still 100% on the current coach bus or are they willing to wait until things really get worse (nest season? possible) before making some major decisions.Always say it’s about putting the best team on the floor no matter what but FO only had plan A this past off season being DH.

  • Pablo Martínez Dutra

    Oh snap!

  • Jack

    Here goes all the same laker fans that were chanting we want phil about to disagree with him like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about out of all people. Preach Phil..Preach.

    • Randy Dockery

      i dont see a single person disagreeing with him other than Kobe himself. but what should Kobe do? he is probably thinking, “i got 2 years left on these legs, i have a family to look out for for many generations, and they are offering me more money than most countries have. should i sign the paper?” yes, he signed the contract. we, as fans, would love for him to have taken less money. we would also love for melo, lebron, love, and kyrie to all take 5 million a piece to come and play. the problem is, and what phil actually was trying to say was, dont offer him that much. if someone offered you 50 million/year to do what you are doing right now, guaranteed, would you take it?

      • Guiru

        I’m pretty sure if he took $5 he would have more than enough to support his family – and his kids family for the rest of their lives. Of course the average man who has never seen that kind of loot would jump at it – but for somebody that could burn his cash for the next month and not make a dent in his finances – it is a selfish gesture. Comparing Kobe taking less than 20 mill to Love taking 5 million is just a ridiculously stupid comparison

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Hell yea we did – stupid as fuck

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