Lakers News: Pau Gasol Writes About His Future, D’Antoni On His Blog

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Writes About His Future, D’Antoni On His Blog


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Pau Gasol has an uncertain future ahead of him. After years of hearing his name in trade rumors, Gasol finally has the chance to choose his own path. He has made it well known that he may re-sign with the Lakers, but prefers to sign with a team that will offer him the best chance to win another title.

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On his blog, Gasol talks about how his future is uncertain and that if he were to re-sign, Kobe Bryant would be a main factor behind that decision:

Re-signing for the Lakers is a possibility, but I’m not sure whether to say it’s a remote one. If there’s anything or anyone who could make me stay it’s Kobe Bryant. I’d stay for him, but there’d have to be significant changes.

Gasol was a key part of Phil Jackson’s triangle system and if given the opportunity to play in a predominantly half court offense, his skill set could help any contending team. Although he is turning 34 in the coming months, Gasol will have no shortage of suitors this upcoming offseason.

Also, the two-time champion states the he is not sure whether his decision will be swayed with the decision to fire or retain D’Antoni:

I’ve never concealed the fact that D’Antoni’s style doesn’t suit my game. Everybody knows this. I don’t know if my decision will be swayed by whether Mike stays or leaves. Obviously, the coach is a very important factor for any team.

The decision to either move on from D’Antoni or not will have a huge impact on Gasol’s decision. Gasol’s future with the Lakers most likely won’t be set until after the upcoming draft. Should the Lakers choose draft a big man like Joel Embiid or Julius Randle, the team may be ready to move on from the Spaniard.

Throughout his tenure with the Lakers, Gasol has been pure class despite all the hardships that have been thrown his way. The Lakers are sure to extend an offer to Gasol as GM Mitch Kupchak recently stated the two-time champion is a priority this summer, and it will be up to him to decide if his time in Los Angeles is over.
Lakers Pau Gasol Says Kobe Bryant A Deciding Factor This Summer

  • comrade24

    We need defenders in the paint. Gracias por todo, pero Hasta luego companero.

    • MrJoepch .

      Why is it that we have some idiot fans that makes comments like the one above. A good offender isn’t always going to play the best defense cause he has to reserve the energy to score. True that we need defenders but that’s the purpose of having two towers to rebound and distort shots from smaller players. What the Lakers need is to get rid off the coach and idiot Jimmy Bust!

      • jason

        ur the idiot mr joseph. comrade24 is right. r biggest weakness this year
        was our interior defense. we had ZERO rim protection and teams got to
        the basket at will. jim buss traded for cp3 and dwight howard, something
        the other 29 gm/owners would have done. giving gasol a pass, when he
        was clearly one of the biggest offenders of playing ZERO defense. if he
        doesnt have enough energy to do both, then play DEFENSE. offense was not
        our issue. god damn idiot. cute baby in the pic tho

        • disqus_aCzvNuGEo8

          of all stop offending others, you feel like a boss when you write an
          idiot to someone who doesnt do anything to you? Secondly, offense was
          not our issue because we had enough players like Young, Meeks, Henry,
          Farmar, Blake, Bazemore, Johnson suitable for Dantoni
          run and gun system. Every team in the NBA would have no problem with
          offense like this. Thirdly, not only interior defense was the issue, we
          had problem with rotation on perimeter as well, Overall team defense was
          just bad, because it something what Dantoni doesnt even practice on
          training camps. Defense wasnt problem till Dantoni hasnt come.

          • jason

            i appologize for using foul language. but im tired of people saying gasol was tired and had to focus on offense. gasol gave up about 8-10 different career highs just THIS SEASON. if he has to focus on one end, focus on DEFENSE and stop complaining that u dont get to post up enough. it doesnt matter who was coaching this team, ZERO rim protection. we agree on the state of the defense, and that offense was not the issue! the guy above me thinks gasol was just so tired bc he had to get his 17 points a game that he should get a pass for playing ZERO defense. enoughhhhhhhh

          • disqus_aCzvNuGEo8

            Its ok, here I agree that Pau was weak defensively and its nonsense that he was resting there to be efficient in offense. He is 34 after many injuries and surgeries, its obvious that is slower on his foot so he cant protect the rim. But to be honest its not his job anymore, of course you need to force your opponent to take as toughest shot as possible but his role in this team is to score, rebound and have a good decision making. And this what Pau still has, otherwise even Kobe would not have been so eager for keeping him. Pau is great player. Also we can remember that he has never been good defensive player as well as Kevin Love, everybody is calling for him, yes he is amazing player, but defensively he is soft. What we need is guys like Deng, Stephenson and mainly having Kobe and other players healthy all year long. And to be honest many fans dont like Sacre but he is gonna be very defender in this league, still young, strong, improving. Also we need to keep Kelly-very smart guy, for sure re-sign Johnson, Young, Farmar, Meeks, wait on draft pick and then finish with re-sign or resign and signing new players. And D’antoni has to go. I am not hater of him, he isnt bad coach, the fate just hasnt been fair to him, but his run and gun and non-teaching defense cant work in play off.

  • Josh

    Wow! A LN article that was not based on Serena Winters’ twitter feed. I’m impressed!

  • Vi5ion

    Fire D’Antoni and bring Gasol back, Under the one condition that he takes a pay cut. While he’s never been a lockdown defender, he has still proven to be able to control the paint offensively. His game doesn’t rely on brute strength, and if Lakers can bring a coach in that will actually utilize him, he’ll return to Double-Double avg. Also it doesn’t hurt that the player you’ve committed nearly $50mill the next two yrs has the up most love and respect for him. It will be an absolute travesty to let Gasol, who practically turned this franchise around when he was acquired, walk and allow Nash to sit in a suit and collect his money. Fire this poor excuse of a coach, bring in a solid post defender to back up Pau, and sign the Spaniard to a REASONABLE contract price.

    • hookedonnews

      Mitch Kupchak has made it clear that re-signing Gasol is a priority. However, the decision is his. I’m sure there is a limit on what the FO is willing to pay him. Nash will not be sitting on the bench in a suit collecting his money. He will be playing or doing his best to make that possible. If you’re looking for a coach who runs the Triangle to be brought to LA you’ll probably be disappointed. Gasol’s opportunities were not limited by the D’Antoni offense. If he was limited this season it was because of his physical condition and his lack of aggression early in the season. His numbers this season were good once he got healthy. The Lakers need a presence in the paint defensively. We all know that defense is the area that needs the most work, and better defenders are going to be needed to make that happen.

      • magikwyrkz

        We also need a coach that teaches defense, and we know dumbtoni doesn’t.

        • hookedonnews

          Actually the Lakers have had a defensive assistant the two seasons D’Antoni has been in LA. He asked that Nate McMillan be brought in to coach the defense when he was hired, but the FO wanted to keep the assistants they had. Rambis was brought in at MDA’s request to work with the defense this season. According to coaches & players, defense was emphasized. However, the injuries, the lack of a stable line-up (crucial for defense), the less than elite talent that was on the floor most of the season including few good defenders, and the turnovers on the offensive end all combined to give us the bad defensive numbers we saw most of the season. D’Antoni is still being evaluated on statements made about defense in 2004. This isn’t 2004, and he has made it plain since coming to LA that defense is a priority. If you’ll look at the Lakers roster you’ll see few good defenders in the paint or on the perimeter. You’re correct that MDA is primarily an offensive coach, but that doesn’t mean that there has been no emphasis on defense. Even hearing what has gone on during games during time-outs will tell you that.

          • comrade24

            Hopefully now that Dan D’Antoni has moved on there will be room for McMillan as assistant if they retain D’Antoni. Has McMillan been working anywhere?

    • LAClippers!

      Pau is soft and old and done. I haven’t seen Pau blocking or attempt blocking anybody charging in the lane. No intimidation factor whatsoever. The old Vlade would play better defense. Pau won 2 championship partly because Bynum is the anchor of the defense. Bynum would foul hard on those little guards trying to attempt those layups.

  • richard

    Lionel Hollins will be a really good coach for Gasol… Hollins coached Mark Gasol effectively in Memphis, they where one game-changer away from contending… we have that kind of player here in Kobe… him and Gasol plus Hollins coaching a deliberate half-court offense will do wonders for this Lakers.

    • LakersHeatBeef

      Yes i agree Lionel Hollins would be a great coach for Pau Gasol and the Lakers.Hollins is a no nonsense type of guy and i have all the respect in the world for him dating back to his days as the 93 championship finalist Barkley Suns this guy Hollins knows his stuff.One of the best post offense coaches in the NBA.Also a defensive minded no gimmicks coach.

      • richard

        AGreed… the reason Hollins was let go in Memphis was that, the owner wanted him to play the rookies and young players… Hollins is a veterans’ coach.. he loves vets… he knows that rings are won not by athleticism but by game smarts and experience. His style may not be exciting, but he produces results.

        • Daryl Peek

          The problem is Hollins lost in the playoffs to teams that ran small ball much of the time. Last season was his best effort as there HC winning 56 games and getting to the WCF but they got swept by those same Spurs that took our twin towers out in the first round. The Spurs flat out, out executed the Griz shooting a much better percentage from both the field and behind the arc. Memphis dominated the boards in that series to no avail.

          The Clippers often handled the Griz and it was again hot shooting that thrust the Clips into the second round of the 11-12 playoffs. The Griz won the battle of the boards in that series also.

          OKC took the Griz out in a similar manner in 10-11 as Perkins was still playing for the Celtics and Green was the smaller PF for OKC, yet they actually out rebounded the much bigger Griz.

          Keep in mind the Griz under Hollins only had three players with over 9 years of experience in any given season during his tenure. Outside of Randolph all of them grew up with Hollins and they were actually a very young team.

          • richard

            You are correct about their age, that’s why there was a clamor among fans and owners to play the young guns more… that Memphis team with Hollins was on the cusp of breaking it through the hump, the owner was just impatient and wanted a more up tempo style of play… Mark Gasol mentioned this on an interview while in spain last summer.

            Personnel and talent wise, Memphis couldn’t compete with OKC… it was talent and experience that won them… but Memphis battled that series with OKC, and they punked the Clips in the first round in spite of the Clips having a better team on the floor.

            Remember, Memphis wasn’t a complete team then, they lacked shooters, and best of all, they lacked a player of Kobe’s caliber… you need talent to win in this league… Memphis, while not devoid of talent, had no one transcendent on the team. OKC had 2 in Durant and Westbrooke, Clips had 2 in Paul and Griffin, Spurs had 2 in Duncan and Parker. Unless you consider Conley, Z-Bo, and Mark Gasol transcendent talent, which clearly they aren’t.

            In those 3 series, they had difficulty scoring specially at end of shot clocks… they didnt have a player they can go to at crunch. It was not about small ball against fast pace offense.

            Now convince me how is that not to the coach credit?

            I tell you, they were just 1 good player away from championship.

            The loses you are referencing were 2 years ago… not a good reference, when you can have a better one last year’s playoffs.

          • richard

            Hollins is a better coach, better than what is now available… he is a good coach for Kobe in this stage of his career, same with Gasol, if FO elects to resign him, and he chooses to stay.

          • pcf

            the lakers desire to play an up tempo style so hollins wont be the coach i would guess…p

          • Matt Williams

            The up tempo isn’t working out. Especially when we have some older players. Hollins won a ring as a player, so he know what it takes to win.

          • richard

            i guess they are…. at the end of the day, FO has to make a decision…. we are just being fans, and as fans, we vent airs on this blog….

          • Daryl Peek

            The Griz were much like the Pacers are right now. A very young team with a few key vets but in an identity crisis. Remember Rudy Gay was the man for the Griz and struggled playing with both Marc and Zack as they were becoming the dynamic twin tower duo they now are. That coupled with the growth of Conley. Gay much like Granger lost his lead man footing on the team due to his injury. Lance Stephenson and Paul George are in that same power struggle this season.

            The losses I referenced shows the progression of the team year by year of their ascension under Hollins and is absolutely relevant. I agree one good player may have got them over the hump but the conflict with Gay from the previous season is what started some of the seeds of dissension. Gay was use to having the ball in his hands but while he was out Conley got on par with the Bigs and they performed more fluently. Especially with Marc facilitating from the elbow. This made life difficult for Gay as his touches dwindled.

          • Chrmngblly

            Very creative, DP.

        • nlruizjr

          that’s exactly why B. Scott will make a better coach for the Lakers, Byron knows how to mix vets and younger players to fit his style of BB, plus Byrons resume is a lot more impressive than Hollins and he has more experience.

          • richard

            Byron Scott relied heavily on point guards… he had Kidd in New Jersey, Paul in New Orleans… and failed miserably in Cleveland without a seasoned pg… this lakers team does not have elite pg talent… Hollins is the better coach for the personnel that they have, specially Kobe, who loves half court offense, ditto with Gasol…

          • Daryl Peek

            Not only that, B. Scott’s teams run and gun more than most will admit. In Jersey they were all about running fast breaks and had Van Horn as a stretch 4. CP3 ran heavy PNR with Chandler and they ran fast pace open court offense coupled with heavy three point shooting with the likes of Stojakovic, Rasual Butler, James Posey and Antonio Daniels.

            Scott is not much different than MDA as a HC style wise. I’ll give Scott the edge up defensively as a coach but Scott had some very defensive minded players on those teams in Jersey and NO.

            Remember Scott was groomed Showtime.

          • richard

            you are correct.. he relied heavily on PG play… he was a showtime product which did rely heavily on excellent PGs.

            That is the very reason that he is not a good fit with this Lakers team for the lack of talent on that position. Unless, they can get one that can run the show, I’d take Hollins.

          • LAstory

            Yeah along with a center who built his greatness in half court offense and the most dominant offensive move that can only be shot in a half court game… Scott is totally different and no where near MDA chaotic mess of an offense… those Lakers teams only ran after a missed shots, they never ever “tried” to push tempo, Magic, CAP, weren’t fast enough and Pat only ran a 8 man rotation… limiting them trying to push tempo..

          • Daryl Peek

            The Showtime Lakers were all about pushing the tempo. Jack McKinney was the architect of the offense and while he was HC in 79 during training camp, he was viewed as crazy for saying that team was gonna run opponents to death with Magic. Westhead took over after McKinney’s accident and rolled with the offense that season. The next year Westhead went on to try and change things (slowing the pace) adding more low post featuring of Kareem and that caused his firing in 82 as Magic and Dr. Buss wanted the horses to run. They contended the fun was gone.

          • LAstory

            Again the Showtime was about the fast break… if it was there… they got into their half court offense… Dr. Buss wanted the run and gun style, though those championships came because of the half court offense. So though your chronicle history is somewhat correct, Byron style of coaching differs from that of MDA.. that’s all I’m saying…

          • Daryl Peek

            The problem with your assumption on MDA’s offense is thinking it’s only up tempo. MDA runs PNR, back door cuts, ISO, post ups & pick & pop.

          • LAstory

            One…I never said that it was the only thing he tried to was the main thing MDA wants to run is up tempo… I only stated it was a chaotic mess. So your assumption of what I said and making up things of what I said trying to make a point is just plain wrong. And just so you know ISO isn’t an offense, it’s when a player goes one on one to “make something happen” you may not have known that and two MDA doesn’t run post ups..

          • Daryl Peek

            All of the things I listed are just sets within an offense. The point is MDA runs multiple sets in his offense just like many other coaches. The chaotic mess you speak of is player execution gone wrong. No coach has his players run an offensive script exact. Kobe Shaq, Gasol, LO ETC.. all went outside of the triangle often. MDA allows for post ups. Gasol, Kaman, Hill and Sacre all did it. Kobe did it in his 6 games. I’ve even seen Ryan Kelly post up this season.

          • nlruizjr

            richard, Byron relied on the talent he had available, that’s why he coached them at a faster pace, in Cleveland the only elite talent they had, had already moved his talents to south beach and Byron was left with a crappy team that was worst then what the Lakers had this year, if every thing being equal, there is no way Hollins can out coach Byron, he proved that in NJ and NO and that crappy team in Cleveland he coached them to 5th spot in their conference, something I doubt Hollins would have accomplished, not down on Hollins, he’s just not a championship coach.

          • richard

            I beg to disagree about Scott doing a better job than Hollins… Byron Scott benefitted from a weaker conference… Hollins’ team battled it out with the heavy weights of the league with as inferior talent on the floor opposite those heavy weights team… i think you should take alook one more time who the opponents where and what kind of team they faced in the playoffs, specially last season.

          • nlruizjr

            richard, please, please spare me that weak old Eastern Conference, they both play opposing conferences the same number of times and it’s not like Hollins was playing the elite teams every night, give me a break, that BS just won’t fly.

          • richard

            you missed the whole point… my comment was about the playoff series in which the two teams played and the competition they faced in the playoffs, not the regular season, not the regular games.. you read and understand first before you comment, ok?

          • nlruizjr

            apparently you missed my point, Scott went the the finals twice with NJ, twice with NO and o with Clv, how many trips to the finals has Hollins made…. 1 that I know of, infact I think he has been fired more times than trips to finals, right !!!!!

          • Daryl Peek

            The thing is, we can go back and forth with personal favorites at the HC position be it Hollins, Scott, Phil Jackson or even D’Antoni, but without the proper talent, none of them wins. .

          • richard

            you are precisely correct, talent wins.. but good coaches also can extend those wins,..

          • Daryl Peek

            Like D’Antoni getting 27 wins in a season Kobe played only 6 games, Nash only 13, Gasol 62, and a bevy of other players in and out of the line up totaling 319 games missed due to injury? That coupled with a roster projected to win about 34 games if fully healthy.

      • Daryl Peek

        You do realize Paul Westpaul was the HC of those 93 Suns and they ran opponents to death in a Showtime/MDA like fashion? Barkley was their low post player and everyone else spaced the floor… Majerle, Ainge, KJ, Ceballos and Dumas was not your typical big man on the block.

        I still remember playing NBA Live, the Lakers VS. Suns and my boy would light me up shooting from distance with them. LOL

        • slit

          I feel like Jerry Sloan would also be a great coach for the Lakers.

  • PimpSav

    D’Antoni is a fat soggy ballsack covered in stale pringles

    • Ttkin

      Hahahahaha this is the best comment ever put on a LN article. The randomness of the pringles is what makes it perfect.

  • ra

    D’Antoni is returning (yes, still rumor, but heading that way).

    Gasol’s type just doesn’t fit D’Antoni’s style. Also, PJ is commenting to Melo that he (Melo) should take a pay cut, so they can staff up better in NY. To me, that means Melo is leaving. Then, PJ will recruit Gasol.

    Possibly sign and trade Gasol for … Melo? Someone else? Or, Gasol just walks and that’s it? (Melo won’t come here if D’Antoni is here).

    I don’t see anything close to a championship next year, without top tier players. We may have ‘much the same’ as what we have this year, and maybe a little better? Waiting for 2015?

    • Chrmngblly

      Sign and Trade Gasol for Tyson Chandler is what works.

      • savi

        His contract, and his defensive abilities totally fit the Lakers bill, That’s what I think and he already is familiar with D’antoni style of play, When he was rocking the court with J Lin

        • Chrmngblly

          I think so. We may have to re-sign Pau and keep him for 6 months before we can execute the actual trade due to NY being hopelessly over the cap–but that just lets us align the contracts, doesn’t it? Also, it would let Pau make a little more money for 2 years than he would on the open market. I would still rather get Embiid if there is a way, but even if we do, we still need a quality center for a couple years.

  • hookedonnews

    “I don’t know if my decision will be swayed by whether Mike stays or leaves.” (Gasol)
    The decision to either move on from D’Antoni or not will have a huge impact on Gasol’s decision. (Nick Barbarino)

    Am I the only one who recognizes the contradiction inherent in those 2 statements? This is the kind of stuff that drives me nuts.
    If Gasol wants to play in a half-court offense his options are going to be limited.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Keep Pau Gasol for 1 more year.

  • Daryl Peek

    For those Lakers fans looking for unbiased articles on the Lakers and players I suggests you check out Lake Show Life. They are doing a season review on the players from this past season and there’s some very good non leading truthful writing going on. The latest is on Jordan Hill and is an excellent synopsis of his career and season as a Laker.

  • Rigged4fun

    Pau is good in a half-court offense, and can be a decent helper in team defense. If MDA comes back, I do believe even if Pau was a lockdown defender it wouldn’t help. His offense precludes offensive rebounding, and the floor is spread that it takes transition defenders to their disadvantage. I’ve been a loyal Laker fan since they arrived in L.A. and honesty if D’Antoni is back I will put them on the back burner until he’s gone. Any knowledgeable fan will realize his offensive system is fine for overseas or college but is not viable in the NBA.

  • Carlos

    Let’s see…..Carmelo, Dwight, Pau, Kobe; what do they all have in common? None want to play for Dumbtoni!!! Yeah it must of been the injuries!

  • Scott Asai

    What’s the point of drafting ANY big man if MDA is the coach? He’d prefer to have 12 Nate Robinsons and they don’t even have to step inside the key. Worst coach in sports history.

  • LegendInMyMind

    Translation: “Get rid of D’Antoni, and I’ll think about it…”

    • richard

      exactly! I think Gasol is sending a message the FO way… “I want to resign with Lakers, but please get a better coach for me, one who can utilize my talent to the full.”

  • ThatGuyWithAOL

    If Pau really wants a ring and claims it’s not about the money, go to Miami or San Antonio, playing there will extend his playing career and they will utilize his size there.

  • Richard

    The Lakers went to the Finals 3 straight times after getting Pau from Memphis and won 2 of those championships. Do you think he should remain with the Lakers? Do you think they want him?

    • independentbynature

      If they keep Antoni,they don’t Pau or anyone else over 6-7,for that matter.That’s how we’ll know.

  • LegendInMyMind

    Honestly, take away the record, take away the fact that D’Antoni hasn’t really gotten a “fair shake” to implement his offense, and only look at how he’s justified the handling of his players, and it’s clear that he needs to go. Plain and simple. Because no one in their right goddamn mind would use the success of other teams running a similar system to justify the failure of his own. There is ONE person in the building on a nightly basis who thinks the Lakers should be running that up tempo, and it’s Mike D’Antoni. Maybe 2, Dan D’Antoni. It’s a damn shame when the ego gets in the way of the job. You’re not an idiot, D’Antoni, you know other offense philosophies. You are a professional basketball coach. You know defensive responsibilities. Likely if you would have been more willing to adapt your style to actually SUIT the players on the damn roster these last 2 years, people wouldn’t be calling for your job.

  • KB24


  • Pau Gasol’s parents

    Just sack D’Antoni… We love to see both Gasol and Kobe play like they used to, We know they are 30+ now but we still want 2014-2015 to be an amazing season for LA Lakers.

  • 3339

    dantoni has not done anything good with the team and must go. all he has done is piss off the best players we have in Kobe, Pau, and Dwight.
    Lakers need to get rid of him now

  • Chris Hargis

    There is no way he comes back with the Pringles guy as our coach! For the life of me I Do not know why Mike Dantoni is still the coach? We are doing nothing but wasting time. Now spoiled boy Jimmy Buss won’t clean house because I think he is afraid of being compared to the job Phil is doing in NY. Get moving buddy. Yes, your style hurts grown men Mike. Yes, you should not be coaching at this level. Yes, you belong in high school or AAU so you can “run” all you want. He coached the Knicks to the worst season on record and now has done the same to us. Mike is in denile about his style of play and has no ground to stand on to argue against it. The man has done nothing in the NBA EVER! His only accomplishment is he took the Suns to the conference finals once or twice. Who cares? He seriously has done nothing to warrant this “winning” attitude he has. The man doesn’t talk to his own players. Kris Kaymen went three months without speaking to him?! How in the hell does that happen? Stoudimire and Nash are broken down old men now in their 30s now (I know Nash turned 40)! The stats are there and are undeniable. Dantoni is an awful coach and Jim Buss is going to force me to leave the fan hood family I have had for 30 years. Please stop wasting time and do something! The season has been over for two weeks and NOTHING has happened at any level of our organization. We should have Lane Kiffin’d they guy in the hallway after the last game! The clock is ticking Jim and it might be time for Kobe to voice his opinion.