Lakers News: Pau Gasol Wants To Remain With Lakers Past Contract Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers have put themselves in an ideal situation for the summer of 2014 as they will have a plethora of cap space to work with. The Lakers have The Los Angeles Lakers have put themselves in an ideal situation for the summer of 2014 as they will have a plethora of cap space to work with. The Lakers have Rating:
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Lakers News: Pau Gasol Wants To Remain With Lakers Past Contract

gasol d'antoniThe Los Angeles Lakers have put themselves in an ideal situation for the summer of 2014 as they will have a plethora of cap space to work with. The Lakers have the ability to bring in some big name players and pave the way for the franchise’s future.

However, before the team can decide who to sign, the front office must figure out which of the players on the 2013-14 roster they want to bring back. Both Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol are on the last season of their contracts, and it is unclear how much money, if any, these players will be receiving.

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It is hard seeing a scenario where Bryant doesn’t sign another contract with the Lakers if he’s still in the league, but Gasol’s future is foggy.

Gasol will make $19.3 million in the final year on his contract, and the Los Angeles Times writes that the Spaniard would like to remain on the team past his current deal.

“I would love to play for the franchise that I love playing for, that I’m proud to be a part of,” he said.  “It would be great to continue to play for the Lakers.”

If the Lakers bring back both Gasol and Bryant, it will make an impact on how much money they can offer the other free agents. The free agency class of 2014 is a loaded one which could include LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh if they chose to opt out of their current contracts.


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  • Jim213

    IMO, flashes of past times will need to take place.

    • Daryl Peek

      Averaged 18 pts, 12 reb, 7 assist & 1.3 blks a game while shooting 51% from the field in the month of April. This was done coming off an injury riddled stretch where he missed 13 games in Jan – Feb, and 20 games in March.

      Pau got more touches than Howard in the month of April. His assist numbers were off the charts and Howard actually benefited from it by having his best shooting percentage of the season in April, 61% while scoring at his highest clip, 21 points a game. Gasol grabbed almost 2 more rebounds a game than Howard in April while playing basically the same minutes a game on average as D12, 38 min.

      With Gasol being the low post focal point, D’Antoni’s best season ever prediction is a solid reality for Pau, barring injury. This especially rings true when you take the Hack a Howard strategy we saw last season. That threw the rhythm of our offense off. Howard’s missed free throws (12 attempts game) was a huge killer of momentum.

      I fully expect production improvement from Pau given Kobe fast treatment he had on his knees at the seasons conclusion.

      • Jim213

        Daryl, why are we re-arguing this issue again?

        Now you’re being sentimental in arguing that he deserves the $20 mil just for what he may have done in the past within the triangle offense and for the month of April 2013. But this goes beyond that as last season the Lakers were close to the bottom with regards to giving up points inside the paint while opposing team’s avg. 100+ a night.

        There’s not doubt that the team will put up points but they shouldn’t expect to win games if opposing teams avg 100+ points a night as the previous season. Defense will likely set the tone next season as Gasol hasn’t played up to his standards IMO. If he also played consistently talks about trading him wouldn’t arise all the time.

        However, with some of the recent articles that have been written about Gasol I believe he understands this too.

        • Daryl Peek

          How am I re-arguing with anything that I wrote? And where does the triangle fit in on what I said? Better yet, what does the last year of his contract have to do with anything? I simply documented his production improvement which happened to be out of the triangle.

          Obviously you’re expecting an argument by injecting the aforementioned coupled with talking projected wins and losses based off perceived defensive plight. Again all I did was talk about Pau’s production improvement the last month of the season. I also detailed multiple reasons from throughout 2013 that led to my conclusion of why he’ll improve. You were very quick to show you disdain for Pau. LOL

          • Daryl Peek

            Jim, the thing I would think you would find encouraging is the fact that Pau found his groove with D’Antoni coupled with co-existing with Howard down the stretch. The defensive thing was not going to get fixed as Howard was the defensive leader who never got on track with anyone in rotation communication.

            Through the finals run of 08 – 10 the Lakers gave up 101.3, 99.3 and 97 points a game. The main difference from those teams and this one the last three season is chemistry IMO. This is why I say I’m most looking forward to a team that likes to play together.

          • Jim213

            You prefer youth and athleticism over experience IMO which hurts the team chemistry wise. Many also point out that this year will be a tryout year for the new acquisitions but it’s goes beyond that given that it’s about wins and losses. Thus, it may take up to 30 to 40 games IMO for the team to play cohesively.

            This is why it’d be best if management finished filling the roster in the next few weeks to buy the team more time to bond. For me sign Lamar trade Blake and possibly Hill or Sessions to alleviate the cap tax for Nate Robinson to hold the fort while Kobe returns. Although, you’ve expressed interest in more youth acquisitions than experienced players.

          • Daryl Peek

            Gotta disagree. We need balance in youth an experience. The Spurs Pacers and Heat are proof of this. The 08 – 10 Lakers team is also. Farmar, Sasha, S. Brown, Powell, Ariza and Benga were all very young like Young and Johnson. Kelly and Harris are the only non experienced players on roster right now. Kaman is 31. Landry is 27. We have more experience than youth.

            Kobe is the ex-factor for us regardless of who else we bring in for the 14th spot. Gasol, Blake, Kaman and Nash are the vets that will hold the fort down for a while til Kobe is 100, IMO.

          • Jim213

            Yes, but it did take awhile for a few of them to solidify within the team and though it’s still about the BRAND Kobe will only play 3 more seasons. Another issue Lebron ain’t coming to LA IMO as the Heat/Cavs/Knicks are his top 3 option especially since he’s mentioned that he’ll strongly consider NY come 2014 FA.

            Thus, it’s more likely that Melo would join the Lakers than LJ given that I don’t believe that Melo wouldn’t want to stick around and let Lebron get most of the credit if the Knicks ended winning a championship as a result of LJ. Melo isn’t guaranteeing anything come next year with the Knicks. With Kobe only having 3 yrs left he may be more enticed to join the Lakers and if Kobe happened to attain his 6th rings before then I’m sure that he’d retire.

            Although, I’d prefer LJ it seems that Melo would be more enticed to join the team if things don’t pan out next season in NY. IMO

          • Daryl Peek

            I’m talking the 2013-14 season only. 14-15 will work itself out when we get there. Speculation on those RFA’s makes my head hurt! lol

            Melo will not come here with D’antoni. LeBron is staying in Miami IMO. There’s too many moving parts to ponder those guys. I’m with Kupchack in that the team will likely not go all out in 14-15. This reload is gonna be a process they think long and hard on. A lesson learned from the CP3, D12 and Nash trades. Players that want to be Lakers are the only ones they’ll pursue this time around IMO. Better vetting.

          • Jim213

            Yes, that’s with taking Dumbtoni out of the equation but this also impacts the type of salary that Kobe would consider taking given he’d demand more or less pay on the type of team depth acquired so that he can go after a 6th ring.

            Thus, he’d likely be the last player to be signed which puts into doubt whether some of these players are willing to stick around for minimum pay if they end up having a prosperous year next season. It’s still about staying competitive (hopefully). Chemistry, depth, and the well being of players will determine next season’s success. IMO

          • ra

            LBJ is definitely not coming here, for the following reason: His best chance at developing his own legacy, is staying with Miami. If he comes to LA, it means he is adopting the Lakers ‘way’. If he carves out his own legacy in Miami, he does not have to be linked to a historical championship team, or anyone (Kobe). He almost dragged Cleveland to a championship, and he helped out a little in this last championship. So I agree with those who say he’s not coming here. LA should just forget it (but, I’m sure the FO will still try).

            BTW, I predict Oden will be a huge bust next year. Remember he busted his legs the first week he played. It may take a little longer, but for some reason he’s just not built for the NBA. Yao Ming lasted a while, but he was also ‘not quite built’ to last. His ankles kept giving out.

          • Jim213

            I believe he’s only played 82 in the league though rolling $$$, even Bynum sounds good compared to Oden. However, I’d prefer LJ but it’s very unlikely with management and current coach. Although, Melo hate to say is a better option but with Dumbtoni its not likely too.

          • ra

            Agree. Melo is a better option. Kobe could give him the last bit of tutorial edge he needs to step it up a level. But you’re right about D’Antoni – Melo had too much trouble with him to come here.

          • richard

            Melo would be the best fit for this roster… he will be the ideal 4 to play alongside Gasol and Kobe… bring in Deng at the 3 and we are set… IMO…

          • richard

            I think, Jordan Hill will have an excellent year this coming season… he could be our starting center in 2014… if we can bring Melo, and Deng… that would be awesome…

            Jordan Hill, Melo, Deng, Kobe, Farmar… that would be my lineup for 2014… Pau to shore up the bench with Young, Johnson, Nash… not a far fetch idea…

          • richard

            Session has not been with the Lakers for over a year now… and the Nuggets just signed Nate…

          • Jim213

            Thanks, for catching that brain freeze… yes Nate just signed with the Nuggs too but with wheeling and dealing anything is possible though this would be a LONG SHOT.

          • Jim213

            Myself SCORN Pau… no, though what I post may seem like it but it has to do more with consistency and competitiveness. Yes, I forgot to include this in my post too the contract was dealt before but he’d likely get traded if he doesn’t produce given that he’ll be in the spotlight next season.

          • Daryl Peek

            I feel you on the consistency thing but it’s not as simple as pointing the finger at Pau. From 2010-11 on Pau was consistently ask to move out of the post for Bynum and Howard. Phil, Brown and MDA all did it. Bynum’s defensive improvement was the reason the Lakers brought the points allowed down to 95.4 in the 10-11 season. Brown held pat with that and Bynum’s increased role at 95.9 points a game. Last season was a hot mess all around but and the higher scoring was a byproduct of coming from behind all the time due to said bad team chemistry.

          • Jim213

            Yes consistency though I’m sure that Kurt will help transition the new acquisitions defensive wise too. BTW, it’ll be interesting to observe what type of mentality the team takes… either a run and gun mentality or defensive attitude mentality that takes pride in stopping teams.

          • Zimmeredge

            D’antoni = coach. Rambis = assistant coach.

            this team is built and meant to run the floor. It’s been assembled for D’antoni’s taste (young, speed, shooters, good screeners). And that’s why we won’t get the old Odom.

            It won’t be run and gun or 7 seconds or less though. But it will be a fast paced offense.

            I can see Hill setting screens and rolling to the board because he has the explosivness to do that just like Amare did back in his prime (but of course with less success). He brings energy under the rim at both end.

            I can see Gasol being a facilitator and being the prime weapon in the paint he will get 17-19ppg (above 50%). He can pnr with both Nash and Kobe efficiently and playmake pnr with Kaman and Hill rolling to the rim.

            I can see Kaman being a good rebounder and go to guy in the paint (post-ups). All 3 are good rebounders. In fact, we wont struggle that much in that area of the game. Night in night out we can grab around 40 rebounds.

            What I don’t see is a decent shot blocker inside. We need a good shot blocker. The only player available and who’s willing to prove he still worth it (like all the players we have recruited so far) is Tyrus Thomas. He can run the floor, rebound, get some points and BLCKS! prone to injury but he worth the shot in a role.

            I can see Kobe handling the ball halfcourt with a twin tower configuration. And i can see Nash handle it too with one big men setting screens then rolling and 4 spot up shooters.

            We have great shooters with Nash and Blake and arguably Farmar. Some average shooters like Kobe, Young, or Johnson. Those are the guys who will run the floor in fastbreak and the can spread the floor at 2, 3 and 4 spot.

            Then you have all the other role/bench players Meeks, Harris, Kelly, Landry, Sacre. They can spread the floor or bring in some athleticism.

            No for real this year it’s a (almost) 100% D’antoni’s type of team.

          • Jim213

            Yes, but the team can’t afford to give up 100+ points a night like last season. While expecting Kobe, and Nash to play run and gun consistently (Dumbtoni style) IMO. Chemistry, depth, and the well being of players may likely determine the team’s success next season.

          • Zimmeredge

            i think our defensive issues are not going to get worst this season. We had 3 good defenders last season but the problem is that they never figured out how to play good team defense. with effective rotation, traps and everything else. they were playing their individual 1vs1 match-up and so there was a sense of global unawareness, not communicating with each other.
            I bet this season won’t be as ugly as last season. It can’t. even if we dropped WP and D12. if we can play good team defense we will be better. Remember that we are much more athletic than we were last season. We have to do a better job offensively and I agree with Rambis when he says good team D starts with good offense. You start defending once you turn it over offensively not when you’re set defensively at halfcourt. So we have to be more effective offensively (we were 45/35 and we have to improve drastically to a 50/40). And we have to avoid easy buckets in transition or fastbreak (20 ppg). Easier said than done but our team was not meant to run the floor. This season we will play 3 guard (pg, sg and point forward) and a spread four.
            then, once we get back on transition and we are set halfcourt we’re still lacking a good shot blocker in the paint.

  • Eddie Lazaro

    The salary that Pau (if) will get depends who the 2014 FA will be signed, and how great his performance will be this season. Given the salary cap restrictions, we can summarize that it will be how much is left after signing FA and Kobe.

    • Jim213

      IMO, It’ll depend on this upcoming season but Kobe will be the last one to sign which depends on the type of depth/stars that can potentially be acquired. Otherwise, he won’t take anything less than $12-13 mil, IMO.

      • Eddie Lazaro

        Probably higher, I’ll say $15-20m after they signed the ($20m)FA, then what’s left will be split among 11players to complete the roster.

        • Jim213

          I was thinking about $17-20 mil a month ago but this will depend on his play this upcoming season. IMO

          • Zimmeredge

            both Kobe and Gasol can sign contracts year by year next summer and so it allows the organisation to adjust the team and avoid the pressure of a big contract our veteran’s shoulders.
            Kobe between 15-20 and pau logically between 10-15. The FA will get approx the same salary as Kobe and it will be Carmelo Anthony.
            let’s not forget about the FA 2015 it will be loaded with big mens. Love, Aldrigde, Millsap, M. Gasol, Hibbert, Jordan, Jefferson.
            We have to look for option at the guard position too. A good 1-3-4 or 1-4-5 could be an excellent combination. For example: Kyrie Irving! He has a team option in his contrat. So i’m pretty sure that Cleveland will trigger that option so they don’t have to max out his contract and this way they will have enough cap for Lbj. But in 2015, will the Cavs have enough money to keep Kyrie inside that roster. I don’t think so.

          • Jim213

            Good overseas view…

            Yes, agree KB24 can sign a yearly contract but IMO it may not necessarily benefit him if he ends up getting hurt but he’d most likely will be the last one to sign with the team.

            This is due IMO to what pickups the team can acquire ex. if Melo or some other higher prospects end up signing with the Lakers I believe Kobe would take less for the chance of obtaining a 6th rings.

            However, if management fails to to acquire solid /franchise acquisitions then Kobe may likely want his worth. But next year will tell us the likelihood of this probability when Kobe returns as well as the potential of the current team though I’d still expect a few more acquisitions along with a trade IMO.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            I don’t think Kobe will take a year by year contract if he comes back healthy, also, it is not a very good business decision since he still fills the seat not only at Staples but the entire NBA. I will say they will sign another Star FA first (Lebron is not possible), then kobe (at least 2yrs) and the rest to follow. Most likely keep a couple of these young (good fit) ones and groom them to be stars since they are cheap. Regarding Gasol, I still think they will let him go since he’s been on the trading block for the last 3yrs, unless he settle for a very cheap (<$10m) price to stay Lakers. For the 2015, that will be the one they most probably try to steal a big star point guard from FA since Nash will be retired/let go by then.

          • Jim213

            I agree, but a 2 yr contract with the option of a third maybe the best fit. But I don’t believe LJ will come given that NY is a stronger possibility. Thus, Melo is more of a possibility however 2015 likely FA PG’s: Rondo/T Parker/R Rubio, are some possibilities though not forgetting 2014.

            Although, I’d still prefer if a big trade before next seasons trade deadline to ease the TO DO List come 2014 FA.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            That will be a great idea, leaving a lot of cap space to work and figuring which of these young additions will be coming back. We just can’t trade Nash and or Gasol since their payroll is padded and no one will take them for it. Well, everyone’s (almost) contract will be up next year and we’re waiting how Kobe can be a bigger factor when he get’s back healthy and ready. The good news is he just had the latest article about shattering the time table of his Achilles recovery.

          • Jim213

            Agree, was just watching the KB24 facial dunk on the Nets this past season involving Wallace/Humphries. Looking at some of his vids, IMO Kobe seems to jump two different ways when dunking. One is th3 left foot of course but the other is when he’s around the paint or under the rim I’ve watched some vids were he dunks like Dominique while jumping with both feet thus the right foot seems to propel him more underneath the paint IMO. Although I’m no expert.

            But I’m for Kobe coming back when 90% while making sure not to rush things so that he continues to posterize players which some of the opposing fans seem to appreciate too like in this vid.

          • Eddie Lazaro

            See Jim213, that is the difference of Kobe to MJ and the others. Kobe find different ways to kill opponents. Different ways to elevate his game. With what I have seen him play thru all those injuries, he compensate his game and bodies deficiency by adapting certain moves to balance his action. He has tremendous love for the game that he will find ways and learn to add somethings “New” to his arsenal. He may miss 20shots a game, but comes closing time, he never fails to amaze everyone of his ability. He’s the mostly guarded player EVER, doubled, tripled and I credited him for being the only player who will take so many of those difficult shots he made, instilling fear to his opponents. IMO, he is the Best Ever regarding basketball . Doing all of the things he has done, despite the injuries, the public and media scrutinies, he comes in every night showing so many different ways you can only see him do, and to me, that is the “GOAT”.

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