Lakers News: Pau Gasol Wants More Focus On Team, Not Individual Game Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="130"] After being part of a Lakers team that went to three straight finals and won two championships, Pau Gasol is not taking a liking to t [new_royalslider id="130"] After being part of a Lakers team that went to three straight finals and won two championships, Pau Gasol is not taking a liking to t Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Pau Gasol Wants More Focus On Team, Not Individual Game

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After being part of a Lakers team that went to three straight finals and won two championships, Pau Gasol is not taking a liking to the rebuilding stage. Following the Lakers second blowout loss in as many days, Gasol started to voice some frustration with how the team has been playing.

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According to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, Gasol feels the team must be more selfless in the way they are playing:

With everybody not named Kobe Bryant or Steve Nash playing for a new contract, it is understandable that players are trying to do too much. The team seemed to have a great chemistry on the court at the beginning of the season, but with the Lakers struggling and officially eliminated from the playoffs now, the players are starting to look toward earning that next contract.

In addition, Gasol feels the Lakers need to stick to the basics in order to have a chance to win games in the final month of the season:

Gasol has always been one of the more selfless players when it comes to the court, so it is easy to see his frustrations. As the season has slowly slipped away, Gasol has become more and more frustrated with everything from the coaching to his teammates.

With only pride left to play for, it will be interesting to see how the team reacts to Gasol’s comments. Jordan Farmar has already called Gasol the key to the Lakers success, so hopefully the team can rally around him and play some more team-oriented basketball.
Pau Gasol’s Asked Whether He’s Questioned Management’s Decisions

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Nick is currently a Lakers Nation intern and a sophomore at USC. From the Los Angeles Area, Nick grew up an avid Lakers and Trojan fan. He has written for the Daily Trojan, covering a variety of Trojan athletics. Nick is glad to share his passion for the purple and gold with the fellow Lakers Supporters! Follow Nick on twitter: @nsbarbarino

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  • HypocriteInSpanish

    Says the guy who early in the year when the Lakers were relatively healthy and playing well with Steve Blake running MDA’s offense, and the team going 10-9 having won 6 of 8 and 3 straight road games, starts crying like a b1tch about his touches. This guy is no leader.

  • Daniel

    Gasol has always been the same, a highly skilled players that in Europe play center, but given his lack of toughness around the boards he had to play PF in the NBA.
    During the first few year in LA, Gasol was able to play well, because he always had a bigger, stronger center next to him that helped with the rebounding and crashing the boards.
    Now that he is all alone, is very clear the kind of defense that he can provide. If we add his age and lack of motivation, then you have what the Lakers have.
    Gasol is really smart and he knows his limitations, he is just trying to play “leadership” and create a smoke screen so his value does not go down the drain.
    I do not any chance that Lakers sign Gasol again, unless he signs for less than $ 5 million.

  • ranfan

    It’s true. It doesn’t look like they are trusting each other that well out there. They’ll start to give up a little and then get a little motivated when it’s too late. I’d think they could at least be a decent defensive team if they communicated on all those rotations they keep missing lol. I blame them for failing each other as teammates as much as MDA.

  • Al Haldie

    ITS A SHAME – some people don’t understand what PAU is saying – he can see whats wrong and calls it as he sees it – no ball movement to many fast shoots – not playing team ball and no D-FENCE….thanks PAU for those who do not understand…

    • hookedonnews

      Talking to the press accomplishes nothing. He needs to talk to his teammates and stop throwing them under the bus in the press. This kind of stuff only divides a team. Real leaders lead on the court & in the locker room, not in the media. He also needs to figure out that he’s not playing with Kobe, Nash, Blake, and MWP anymore. These are young guys who are not top of the line players for the most part. If he wants to help them it should be done in private, not in the press.

      • Al Haldie

        BULL CRAP..

    • Al Haldie

      I Dont believe Pau is throughing any one under the bus – he is just saying what the so called COACH should be doing, he and KOBE are the only two players on the team with RINGS I believe he has a right to say what he wants to say to bring back some kind of leader ship back to the team – this yr is over and its the mgn who will say who will stay or go , and speaking out is not hurting anyones chanches of returning to the LAKERS if they want too..

      • hookedonnews

        That’s not leadership. You lead on the court, not by making statements to reporters that reflect on other players or the coach. I don’t care if he’s got 15 rings. If he wants to help his teammates he will talk to them and not the press. It’s not his job to tell MDA how to coach. If he has a complaint he should man-up and talk to him directly. His play has not been perfect this season. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate a teammate or D’Antoni talking to the press about his poor rim defense. This is the kind of stuff that goes on when a team is struggling, but Gasol is just doing way too much talking here lately.

      • Hank

        I stopped reading at “Throughing”

  • hookedonnews

    Gasol need to talk to his teammates and quit going public with this kind of stuff. It doesn’t help the team and probably damages morale. I don’t know why he keeps doing this. He is the de-facto leader of this team. He needs to exert that leadership on the court and in the locker room and quit airing all his grievances in the press.

    • H309rty@gmail.com

      He’s a fake leader that’s why. People forget his playoff teams in Memphis NEVER won a damn playoff game. Not one. They were swept single time.

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