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Lakers News: Pau Gasol Turns Down Two-Year, $20 Million Offer

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With the Los Angeles Lakers trading for Jeremy Lin and re-signing Nick Young and Jordan Hill, the roster is beginning to take shape. However, it appears Pau Gasol is likely moving on after turning down a two-year, $20 million offer according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

Earlier today, Gasol tweeted he was very close to a decision and thanked everyone for their interest and support. While there was a strong possibility the two-time champion would re-sign if the Lakers landed Carmelo Anthony, it appears he is headed to the San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, or Oklahoma City Thunder.

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After these past couple of seasons, Gasol has been the ultimate professional through all the trade rumors. While he may not retire in a Lakers uniform, he is still one of the best offensive big men in the league and will look to finish the final years of his career with more championships.
Jeremy Lin Traded To The Los Angeles Lakers

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  • LegendInMyMind

    Hmm, well that’s disappointing. But we gotta wish Pau all the best.

  • Classy Lakers Dude

    Lakers are way worse than last season.F U Pau Gasoft.Soft bitch GTFO!!!!!!!!!

  • stephen eduard solivio

    i agree to pic jeremy lin in lakers and carmelo anthony to first five with kobe

  • swag luv basketball

    Pau should have demanded a trade if he was leaving us anyways and unhappy.Also Kobe Bryant should be say it now demand it now if wants out and to be traded to a contender it’s no more loyalty round here ya’ll ugh hun.

  • kiko

    i hope that re-sign Give Pau Gasol 30 Million to 32 Million deserved 2yrs deal to re-sign to LA Lakers

  • stephen eduard solivio

    i want the first 5 is Pau Gasol,Andrew Bynum,Carmelo Anthony,Jeremy Lin,and kobe bryant

  • truth24

    Lakers fail! Should of got rid of pau last year now he’s walking away and lakers get nothing. Hahaha what a sorry ass front office.

    • Bruce

      We are getting something in return for Pau, it will happen, sign and trade with Chicago for Carlos Boozer, same like Lin, expiring contract and plus a 1st round draft pick, we need assets, heck of a deal if done.

    • phoname

      cupcake & jimbo what is a pair of joke

  • kiko

    Pau Gasol,Andrew Bynum,lamar odom and ron artest i hope sign to LA Lakers


    The Lakers will win 16 games next season.Lottery pick will stay in LA.TANKING!!!!!!

  • Henry Martinez

    I’m glad Nick Young and Jordan Hill stays in Lakers uniform. They are both assets and hard working players. It’s a pity if Pau Gasol will leave the Lakers.

  • Linda Schurr

    Gasol We need you, besides you like LA and you’ll have to excuse the last 2 coaches for disheartening you. I know Kobe would miss you and so would a lot of Laker fans. Don’t go to New York,you’ve worked with Phil before and this will be different.

  • Edy

    Plan A or plan B was never there so guess we’re going for plan C,D lol were in some deep shit

    • phoname

      LOL I guess “Deepshit” is plan D

  • Helen

    Climb Every Mountain Forward Every Stream, Blessings Paul. You have weathered the storm and you continue to rise.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    Lakers: Hey Pau, I know we don’t really have anything going for us, but here’s $10 million a year, cool

    Pau: No, I’m good. Gracias.


    I was hoping we’d be able to retain some of our role guys while bringing in at least one new, solid player. So far, it’s looking grim. Fingers crossed Mitch & Co. pull out some magic. Not expecting a contender this year, but I’d like to at least feel good about the future.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Here’s all the future holds for us:

      Next summer, Nash, Lin, and Hill come off the books = $20 million
      The next summer, Kobe comes off the books = $25 million

      My best guess is we’re looking for Rondo on a near-max deal next year, and Durant for the max in 2016. Plus a late first-round pick in 2015 and a mid-first round pick in 2016.

      • phoname

        Kobe signed for 2 years so next summer he’s not off the books.
        If Bron and Melo do NOT want to come to LA to play for Jimbo then tell me why Durant wants to play for Jimbo? If you have a superstar left your team to play somewhere else for less money then it tells a lot about your organization, isn’t it?

        • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

          I said the summer after Nash, Lin, and Hill.

  • GagSoft

    Oh please. If he’s still sore about being “traded” for CP3 and being the subject of trade rumors, then he’s in the wrong damn profession. In the NBA, it’s better to trade an aging star a year or 2 early, rather than hold on to him too long that his value goes down the toilet. The Lakers pulled of a great trade for CP3 and when they were screwed out of that deal by Stern, they entertained and shopped him, but guess what? It’s a damn business and that’s something players should understand going in. Pau has been well compensated during his time here in LA and was even freaking coddled by fans who absolves him or any blame whenever he plays like crap. It’s always somebody elses fault and Pau shares none, not even an inch, of responsibility.

    I’d love to see his ass on the Spurs, because the moment Popovich sees Pau play his typical soft-ass defense and not challenging players going to the basket, he’s going to yank his ass and nail it to the bench which is something he does no matter who you are.

  • Cee

    Gasol a BITCH!! SAWWWWFT ASS EURO!! Lakes tried resigning n that pussies still butthurt about shit that happened in the past… Whatta sensitive Edward Scissorhands emoass foooooo… Do it for yo friendship with Kobe at least

  • Xaqshunr

    Nash should retire and become part of the coaching staff.

    • phoname

      Tell me who says NO to 9 mils for doing nothing?

      • Xaqshunr

        He can make it as an AC, and his 9 mil won’t count against the cap.

  • Rasheed

    Last man standing “Kobe”!
    I’ll be happy with whatever Pau’s final decision is. Him leaving Lakers will be a great loss, painful and tragic.
    Thank you Pau for everything so far, I appreciate it.

    • phoname

      How could he not have faith in FO?
      You must be kidding dude. After the Mike & Mike fiasco please tell me who has faith in this FO?

  • Daryl Peek

    I remember telling folks 8-9 mil was an insult for Gasol. Now he just turned down 10+ mil. He will get at least 12-14 mil wherever he signs.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Reports also say he turned down 11.5. He said he wanted 10-12. He just wants no part of next season with this roster, and I don’t blame him. It’s gonna be a long year.

      • Daryl Peek

        Gasol was flabbergasted at Kobe’s contract. I recall a very awkward response to a reporter about it in an interview. Pau basically indicated how would the team pay him and others going forward? I also believe he’s ready for change given all he’s been through over the past three seasons.

        “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone…”

        So many Lakers fans took Pau for-granted as the blame and shouts of Gasoft continually rang out over the years. Now all of your top contenders covet his skill set?


          Every Lakers’ fan does not agree with the Pau to stay in L.A. thing, let alone take him for granted thing… I’ve been a die-hard Lakers fan for many years and enjoyed his first few years with the Lakers… But today, I am simply delighted, finally NOT having to see his performance as a Laker any longer.

          • Daryl Peek

            Not insinuating he should stay but there aren’t many realistic options out there better. Many absolutely took him for-granted and being glad he’s gone is classic example. No matter how you cut it his 17/10/4/1.5 is elite for a PF/C and we will not find that kinda production going forward. Too many wanted Pau to be more than he is as a player. Pau is not a number one option but is a great #2.


            Pau playing major minutes on any team will not translate to winning a Championship for that team… in fact, even more so, he’s a hindrance on winning that Championship.
            Pau is not a great anything. He is not an asset any longer, he is a liability… His performances have proven this concept, and will continue to do so, time & time again.

          • Daryl Peek

            WOW! No words

  • Lakers4Life

    No LeBron, no Melo, no Pau…lol, how sad can things get. And now we end up with Lin as PG too…just lol all the way.

    • phoname

      Another lottery season comes our way bro lol, and many more thanks to Jimbo

      • Jereomy

        Yeah and we traded that pick to Phoenix.. so things are looking terrible

  • phoname

    Remember when the lakers was the dream destination of FA, and now Bron didn’t even want to talk to them thanks to Buss jr.
    Thank you Gasol for 2 champs, you made the right decision to decline Lakers’ offer

    • BULL

      sorry Phoname, but Fuck Lebron man!


    Sounds like a lot of hog wash to me… Pau turning down 2 years/20 million to stay in Sunny Southern California, where everybody and their grandmother knows he LOVES to be ??? …Choosing to play for ~ 6.5 million in Chicago ??? …Staying in character – Pau’s numbers – dollars or otherwise, simply don’t wash the hog and plainly smack of baloney & cheese to me.

  • Laker4life

    Ok Melo is gone Gasol is is gone now wend are the Lakers, r gonna stard worckig on plan B

  • Lakers people

    Gasol is gone Melo is gone wend do we stard whit pland B

  • Frank L

    They can sign Bynum. This guy will only show his real game if he would play for the Lakers. Sign Henry as well and Kelly or even Wesley

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    Losing Pau Gasol without receiving a single asset in return is a fire-able mistake by Mitch Kupchak, period.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this post,

    Bryant T. Jordan

    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book|

    The book that PERFECTLY PREDICTED Julius Randle being drafted by the Lakers AND LeBron James returning to Cleveland MONTHS AGO!

  • Robert L. I.

    Losing Pao is a total fuck up.

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