Lakers News: Pau Gasol to Start Upon Injury Return

Lakers News: Pau Gasol to Start Upon Injury Return


Pau GAsolThe Los Angeles Lakers will have their star forward Pau Gasol in the lineup very shortly, and according to reports, the Spaniard will be inserted into the starting lineup.

Gasol suffered a foot injury in a game against the Brooklyn Nets on Feb. 5 and he was initially ruled out for six to eight weeks. In Gasol’s absence, the team has played well and is currently the eight seed in the Western Conference standings. Although Gasol is ruled out for the team’s next game against the Indiana Pacers, he will be back on the court within a week.

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The Los Angeles Times reports that once Gasol is ready to play, he will take Earl Clark’s spot in the starting lineup.

Gasol will return to the starting lineup next week in place of struggling Earl Clark, unless conditioning reasons force him to come off the bench for a game or two, an unlikely event.

Lakers Coach Mike D’Antoni doesn’t want to repeat the distractions caused by Gasol’s demotion to reserve status, according to a person familiar with the situation.

Gasol has struggled mightily this season and he has not looked like the player he once was. This is Gasol’s worst season since his rookie year and he is averaging a career low 13.4 points per game and is shooting only 45.3 percent from the field.

However, with Kobe Bryant out indefinitely due to a severe ankle sprain, Gasol should be getting more touches on the offensive end. The Lakers will need to fill the void with Bryant out of the lineup and Gasol can help guide the team while Kobe is sideline with the injury.

  • JohnC

    All the story about Gasol is more than ridiculous: he is not averaging the same numbers as always? Try and play with plantar fascitis… in the NBA… or those who invented the childish ‘Gasoft’ stuff: just go and do the shopping with plantar fascitis. Did Pau force it too much because the team was not working? Besides, K. Garnet’s numbers – otherwise a terrific player as well – are quite similar. However, Pau’s being critizied and KG was in the All Star. Can anyone explain? Can you, the ‘Gasoft’ children?

  • Marah Juwana

    I do think that Pau and Dwight can play together, but like the rest of the team has done, he’ll need to adjust. When they’re out there together, Pau should spread the floor, and let Dwight do his thing unless there is an obvious opening for him to attack. Then when he’s out there with the second unit or whatever without Dwight, then he plays Center and goes to work.

  • KcS

    D’Antoni is such a retard. Starting Gasol is just a matter of ‘pride’ and plain ridiculous. The whole reason why he came off the bench was because he didn’t fit in the starting line-up, and now that he’s been gone a while with the injury, D’Antoni thinks people have forgotten the past and can slip Gasol back in again. Earl Clark may not be doing as well as before, but he fits much better in the line-up with his quickness and spread.

  • colo

    fuck Dantey jones

  • Kaeden Cloud

    Starting Gasol is not a very good idea but he’s better than a lot of guys so your right but I so agree with you about D’Antoni he is a retard for playing dirty.