Lakers News: Pau Gasol Thinks Trade is a Possibility Now

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Thinks Trade is a Possibility Now


PauGasol2Pau Gasol came off the bench against Toronto because he was rusty. But Kevin Ding would report right before the Chicago game on Monday that Gasol would be coming off the bench permanently. It was for efficiency issues, D’Antoni says. He feels that he can’t put Gasol and Howard in at the same time and that Gasol would be able to maximize his talents off the bench.

Gasol is not a fan of that bench role and has insisted that he’s a starter. He said that he is uncomfortable coming off the bench.

Craig Sager of Turner Sports talked to Gasol about his new role. Gasol, of course, expressed his dissatisfaction about coming off the bench. Sager asked Gasol about possibly being traded before the trade deadline. Gasol responded that it has certainly become a “possibility.”

Gasol has been in trade rumors ever since Phil Jackson left town. He was traded initially to Houston involving the Chris Paul megadeal before it was nixed due to the infamous “basketball reasons” episode. Gasol has been rumored to go to Minnesota, Toronto, New Orleans, and Atlanta but obviously, nothing came to fruition. Kobe Bryant has been one of Pau’s bigger defenders, saying that he should be more involved in the offense.

Unfortunately, Mike D’Antoni hadn’t really put Gasol in a position to succeed. But D’Antoni never seemed to be enamored with Pau Gasol’s game, preferring his offense to be more of the “small ball” kind. So expect the rumors for Pau Gasol to be ramped up even more as we seem to be numbering the days Gasol has left as a Laker. Maybe it could be a good thing for Pau, who has had one nightmare of a season. He’s averaging a career-low 12.6 points and shooting a career-low .432 from the field. Gasol has also gone through tendinitis on his knees, plantar fasciitis, and a concussion that have all caused him to miss 13 games.

  • Ligaoeno

    Bring back Phil Jackson! I think it’s D’antoni who needs to get the boot.

  • pautookc

    i wish pau will go to miami okc or spurs :)

  • Jack

    I agree. The Zen Master know this team better than D’Antoni.

    • Woodie Perry

      Nate Mcmillen, Jerry Slon, two others right off the back Brian Shaw (laker brass wanted away from the triangle) he is a system coach actually he is a steve nash coach. I bet in his mind its nashes team

  • dwightmare

    o its pau gasol fault huh? last 3 games dwight 13 vs miami vs toronto 5 points kicked out game vs chicago bulls 10 points and he get stripped look at pau points of the bench come on

  • joe23

    I see a new players on the lakers team soon…


    young players.

  • Woodie Perry

    Antoni has a loosing record in the playoffs we as Laker fans see that as the actual season. his system has never and I repeat never been successful by Laker standerds never will. What I dont understand is why cant Howard and Pau run high low switch high low repeat. it worked with Bynum. they would just throw it up and the other would dunk it.

  • Benz

    They’d be crazy to trade Gasol… two talented big men in the middle, Kobe, Metta, and Nash, and coming off the bench, Earl, Jaimison, and u still can’t win games… I think It’s the coach, not Pau….

  • mJ24

    Get back phil!!!..D’antoni its not hellping a lakers…

  • Joel Kidpan

    I think D Antoni don’t know much on how to motivate his team, he keep pressuring his players. Yes I agree change the coach

  • JohnC

    Pau is the most productive big guy of the league. His contribution can’t be measured by just rebounds + points. He passes, sets secreens, reads the game, moves the ball, creates spaces. Watching Pau is a great pleasure for anyome who likes this game. Playing that way and making the team better is something he will do wherever he goes, as he does with his National team threatening even the almighty UA National team at the Olympics, sweeping Kevin Love + T. Chandler all by himself at the Finals, sweeping Dwight + Gortat al by himself in his first Finals, sweeping Garnett, Wallace, Perkins with both Bynum and Odom injured. How is it possible this player doesn’t fit a system?

    • Mark

      Your extremely optimistic, but delusional….

  • azndragon

    I for one the person who should be booted is the head coach. The Lakers got a scrap coach who was booted by the suns then the next because his inability to utilize the talent of his players and very poor in defense. Wake up Jim Buss your just insulting the franchise your dad made…

  • Lakerfreak

    I think the lakers would be better than they are now without a coach…Nash Kobe and Gasol know basketball better than D Antoni anyways…this offensive system has not worked with ANY laker for ANY consistent time period this year. Gasol is lost, Kobe is not benefiting from the system, Howard is not benefiting, and nothing consistent with our young guys, Meeks was great now never plays. Dantoni will take a player who is playing good, start them the next game (thus ruining their rhythm) and then DNP them the next game. I.e. Jordan hill after sitting out (around Christmas) Jamison after scoring 33 vs. Denver. And Meeks hasn’t seen more than 10 minutes for a long time, after playing 40+ for a few games.
    And what kills me most is how Gasol gets the blame, offensively Gasol is more talented than Howard. On top of that the coach seems to love Duhon…talk about a liability…did anyone see when this PG, a PG attempted to pass the ball across to Jamison and hit the bottom of the rim in the pass… Start Gasol with Nash, Kobe, Dwight, and Metta. Then play Morris back up 1 (allowing Duhon to sit in the last seat on the lakers bench) Meeks at the 2. Jamison at the 3 and Clark at the 4.

  • Al

    It’s not Pau that the Lakers problem. In fact they will not trade him with his 19 mil salary until it becomes an expiring contract next season. Pau can fit in the D’Antoni system as he can run the floor and face the basket. Instead, they should consider trading Howard. He has an expiring contract; he does not really get along with players now and he doesn’t fit into D’Antoni system. It’s a guard driven league now and Howard disrupts the rhythm.

  • leavepau

    trade pau to okc or miami i will be happy hahaha lol

  • anon

    System sucks, mike d’antoni is horrible at adapting at what he has, just like mike brown.
    Lakers biggest win streak was when they had a interim coach when Mike Brown was fired.
    If anyone remembers the games when they didn’t have a coach. That is LAKESHOW

    4 all star players
    5x NBA champ Kobe
    2x NBA champ pau
    NBA champ Ron Artest
    Steve Nash
    Dwight Howard

    Great players can play together, but when you throw a dictator the controller everything falls apart.

    MIKE = bad karma for the lakers.

    • anon

      my mistake, longest win streak was in december.