Lakers News: Pau Gasol Still Unsure On Future With Lakers

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Still Unsure On Future With Lakers


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A number of moves and decisions made by the Lakers front office have been criticized by the media, fans, and even some of the players in the locker room. A lot of the criticisms within the franchise have been come from Lakers stars Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant.

With his contract set to run out after this season, Gasol spoke with Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times about his future with the Lakers after the embarrassing loss last night to the Oklahoma City Thunder:

A lot of factors will influence me going one place or staying here, we’ll take everything into account.

If he was to remain with the Lakers, Gasol would have to take a massive pay cut from the $19.3 million he is due this season. The Lakers are trying to keep as much cap room available for the next two off-seasons when a number of big-name players can become free agents.

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While Bryant recently called for big changes from the Lakers, Gasol, in classic Gasol fashion, simply wishes the best for this Lakers franchise:

I always want this organization to do great and to be cast in the best possible scenario, I hope everything works out well for the organization, for management, for ownership. I’m very appreciative, and if I continue to be here I would also want them to be in the best possible position.

Gasol has had no problem voicing his frustrations this season, calling out D’Antoni for his offensive system. If D’Antoni will be here for the forseeable future, Gasol could have some reservations about committing to the Lakers, while taking a pay cut no less.

Needless to say, Gasol’s future with the Lakers will continue to be one of the biggest questions heading into the off-season.
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  • Zimmeredge

    knowing that Nash want to go through his contract (damn him!!!)… knowing that the mamba wants to play for the playoff (at least)… knowing that we have to bring back some of our guys next season (i can name 8 guys who may deserve a second look)… and knowing that we will have a lottery pick (means 4-5m$ a year)… Pau Gasol will have to take a huge pay cut in order to remain a Lakers. Something like dividing his wage by 2. it’s very unlikely to happen. so i think we will solve this by either letting him go, or sign and trade him for a lottery player, or let him play half a season then trade him.

  • michael

    No offense, or insulting to anyone, but his price tag is to high for what he offers. He is consistent, but that’s it. He isn’t leading his team or making great plays.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I like to see him back, but for 8 or 10 mio., 20 is just to much.

  • YRN

    If D’Antoni isn’t fired, he’s definitely leaving. If Lakers hire a new coach and he still wants to leave, I hope he does the Lakers a solid and asks for a sign-and-trade.

  • Ron Harper

    I say he takes a cut if they rebuild fast and look promising next season, but also with a new head coach and if they promise no more trade rumors. Basically he wants that Kobe contract, where he can play the rest of his career as a laker. Not really that Kobe money, but definitely a gurantee he’s not being traded and that a new coach is coming.

    • Chrmngblly

      His contract is over this year, isn’t it? I say sign him up for 2 years at 10 per year. Pau will thrive now that he is getting well and with Kobe coming back next year. With any other coach you need a real center. Pau has skills at the 5.