Lakers News: Pau Gasol Still Getting Over Respiratory Infection Reviewed by Momizat on . One of the biggest disappointments so far for the Lakers has been the play of Pau Gasol. Most people believed that if the Lakers were going play at a playoff le One of the biggest disappointments so far for the Lakers has been the play of Pau Gasol. Most people believed that if the Lakers were going play at a playoff le Rating:
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Lakers News: Pau Gasol Still Getting Over Respiratory Infection

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Pau GAsolOne of the biggest disappointments so far for the Lakers has been the play of Pau Gasol. Most people believed that if the Lakers were going play at a playoff level, especially during Kobe Bryant’s absence, it would have to be Gasol who stepped his game up.

Gasol is averaging just under 12 points and 11 rebounds through the first eight games of the season and has generally looked slow and tired this season. Additionally, he’s shooting only 36 percent from the field which is abysmal for a center.

Gasol had surgery done on both knees leading many to speculate that he hadn’t quite recovered from that, but Gasol, in speaking with the Kamentzky brothers, revealed the issue he has been having this season:

Unfortunately, I had to go through two weeks of this respiratory infection that has been killing me. But now I feel better. I finally feel like I’m over it. I was able to push myself better, and I felt better (Sunday). So I look forward to continuing to build on that and get closer to that hundred percent.

While Gasol has never been the most explosive athlete, this year has been especially bad. His lack of lift on his jumpers and hooks has led to numerous shots blocked by the likes of Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis. His struggle to get his conditioning in order has led to him averaging only 28 minutes per game.

With Steve Nash’s injury issues not going away, the Lakers really need Gasol to step up and lead this team on the court. If he is unable to get back in the groove, it could be an even longer season for the Lakers.

Pau Gasol On The Loss, His Health, Steve Nash’s Injury

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  • kobe24

    Although I don’t like the way Pau is playing at least hes saying hes getting better unlike Nash…I still have my hopes on Pau …but its dimming fast

  • petron_run&gun

    trade pau now and steve nash should retire, they have no choice but to do this for the Lakers sake

    • kobe24

      Why would they trade Pau? And for who??? Gasol has about a $19 million contract no one is going to take that. Pau is going to be off the book by end of this season so it doesn’t matter but nash on the other hand….

  • Daryl Peek

    His energy looked better last night but we need him at 100+% to be effective as a team.

  • Andy

    The problem is D’antoni’s so called system. He simply doesn’t know how to utilize the strength of the bigs and likes to play small ball by having the guards runnig around settling for 3s.

    Instead of having the bigs stay inside to fight for rebound, he wants Pau to float around to shoot mid range jumpers.

    Pau had an off game against the Pelicans which he got owned by Davis but if D’antoni would utilize the strength of the bigs and stop settling for quick 3s then we wouldn’t be having this problem at all.

    The only reason why Pau isn’t criticizing the system now is because he doesn’t want to get benched again by D’antoni. If anyone remembers what happened last season when it became a one two punch between Kobe and Pau which Kobe asked Pau to stay inside and we won a bunch of games.

    It really isn’t hard to tell what’s going on if people actually pay attention to the details during the game…

    • doodoopopper

      dont know about the whole system thing… we’ve seen pau down low where he wants to be and lets face it. he gets punked either way lol

      • Andy

        If we slow down the pace and play the players in the right positions then I’m pretty sure we won’t be debating on this issue and will be busy celebrating instead.

        • Jim213

          You mean like yesterday, when they got outplayed and out hustled with transition defense too after struggling offensively.

          • Andy

            Out hustled is due to lack of effort at the beginning. The lack of defense and struggling offesively is due to the current so called system is just playing uptempo and trading basket. The problem with that is you will score a bunch of points when you are on a shooting streak but it will quickly turn into a nightmare when your shooting is not so hot with just run and gun.

            Basketball is more than just about scoring buckets.

          • Jim213

            Have to hustle on both sides of the court. Current Pau FG% 36%, as he’s proven to be a liability on the floor as a starter. He’ll need to come off the bench and when/if time comes that he happens to improve/show consistency then place him back on the starting rotation.

            The 2nd group suits the coach’s style (small ball) as opposed to the starters. No chemistry within the starting rotation is what’s hurt the team. Can’t expect the bench to be given responsibilities that the starting rotation assumes. To different units are on the floor at separates times rather than play as one unit. This will need to be addressed during the off season.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      The offense place Pau Gasol at the horn or a picker, after which he has multiple options when recieving the ball… swing it to the corner 3s, dive to the basket, or shoot the jumper.. so, it’s not as if, He has no opportunity to be close to the basket. He can also post and make a play from the post… the offense is not tied to your description of having Pau just wander around the perimeter.. the problem here is execution… not the system… they must execute it, stay with it, and execute it some more. That is how you build consistency, it starts from execution.

  • Jim213

    Old news with all the talk about inconsistent Nash.

    However, not of Asian ethnicity but given the mass Laker fan base in the Philippines, I’m wondering if (business operations) plans on making donations or starting a fund. Aside of helping the citizens given the recent Typhoon it’ll further help to solidify the bond (brand loyalty) with the citizens.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Pau Gasol is a Lakers soldier and i want him to leave gracefully just like James Worthy.

  • jeremy

    the problem is the starters get out man and that when the lead for the other team start to grow. if only the starters can get out of the gate on a good note, the bench can keep us in games. but if the starters keep on allowing big leads early in games. then that put on alot of pressure on the bench

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      That first quarter was really something for the Wolves… in part due to our teams lack of energy coming out of the gate… but the 2nd quarter up to the fourth… we did battle hard, both first unit and 2nd unit.

  • Tyrus

    Respiratory problem? Fine, I’ll take him at his word. Though I wonder what the excuse will be a month from now or come January and so on when his play barely gets better if at all. Pau was asking for this for years now (ie..To be the man in the paint be it the 4 or 5, and to get plenty of touches down low), hell, he even took some subtle shots at Kobe over the years about while it’s great for him to get 30-40pts every game, it would be better if they ran the offense through the post (ie..himself). Pau is getting what he has been wishing for right now and he can’t back it up.

    Everyone just needs to take the “Pau is such a nice guy” and “He helped us get 2 rings” blinders off. Those are true and nobody can take that away from him. He grew old overnight and is not the same player he once was. He no-showed that Playoff series against the Mavs and hasn’t been seen since. This early in the season, he is getting touches down low even under the much maligned D’Antoni system. All I saw when he got it down low was a lack of aggression, a “I don’t know what to do look” in his face, and he either passes the ball back out to the perimeter, turns it over, or just steps back and takes a weak flimsy jumper. It’s one thing if he’s matched up against Howard, A.Davis, B.Griffin, De.Jordan, but he’s getting owned down low even by the likes of Dalembert and Pekovic.

    • JohnC

      Check D. Howard’s numbers this year. They’re almost identical to Pau’s for the same amount of game time. Yes, Howard plays more minutes, his contribution is bigger… ok. They produce +/- the same in that time, limited because of Pau’s illness

      Check then Zach Randolph’s numbers. They’re a bit worse than Pau’s this season. Pau is averaging 27 minutes a game vs. 28 Zach. Fair. But Randolph’s are smiliar or even worse… Is Randolph too old too?

      The same story always with Pau. Year after year. Tiring, really tiring.

      • Gregory Choa

        Totally agree JohnC. Guys…it’s Pau Gasol we’re talking about here…arguably the most skilled and accomplished euro big men this league…heck, this planet…has ever seen! We are talking about a career 18/9/3 guy…there aren’t a lot of them out there, believe me…it’s what he does, season in and season out. That he’s basically had to play his ENTIRE CAREER under the constant threat of being traded is just a further test of stalwart character and nature. I mean look at Lamar Odom…dude reacts to being traded by crying on the phone, over the radio, and failing to report to camp…never to be the same player again…what does Pau do? Produce, that’s it, time in, and time out. Look, he’s been dealing with an upper respiratory problem and a strained muscle in his left foot…lemme see you average 21/10/3 (which is what he’s doing this season) with the flu and on one foot…while people are booing you!

  • tobuss=starting5shouldbe!!!

    2013-14 gasol is the slow, no jumping getting posterized, 2 inch vert, remix of vlade divac, he needs to get traded by deadline if this keeps up…
    kaman and hill should start at the center position.
    dantoni should play e. harris and kelly for a few min. at the end of quarters to rest the starters.
    lakers have the best bench in the league thus far,
    if he starts jodie, farmar, hill, young, and wesley or
    farmar, jodie, kaman, xavier, wesley,
    the lakers have a fast athletic team and wont fall behind 20 points in the first quarter like they did against the wolves…

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