Lakers News: Pau Gasol Shrugs Off Latest Trade Rumors Reviewed by Momizat on . When the Los Angeles Lakers began this season, they thought, along with everyone else, that Pau Gasol would be able to be the main focal point of the offense an When the Los Angeles Lakers began this season, they thought, along with everyone else, that Pau Gasol would be able to be the main focal point of the offense an Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Pau Gasol Shrugs Off Latest Trade Rumors

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Shrugs Off Latest Trade Rumors

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When the Los Angeles Lakers began this season, they thought, along with everyone else, that Pau Gasol would be able to be the main focal point of the offense and lead the team to moderate success while the Lakers were without it’s star Kobe Bryant. But as the season has progressed, Gasol’s play has gotten progressively worse, even after Kobe returned just four games ago.

As it has been throughout most of his tenure with the Lakers, Gasol’s name has been rumored to be a part of  possible trade talks between the Lakers and the New York Knicks.

According to Mark Medina of the Daily News, Gasol seems to have shrugged off the recent trade rumors.

The recent trade rumors have linked Gasol to Knicks players like Tyson Chandler, Iman Shumpert, and possibly J.R. Smith.

The most realistic name from those three names would be Tyson Chandler. Although Chandler would be a huge offensive downgrade from Gasol, he makes up for it plenty on the defensive side of the ball. Chandler has been out since November with a broken left fibula.

The other problem with dealing Gasol for Chandler would be that the Lakers would be forced to pick up Chandler’s contract, which in turn takes them out of the running for some of the big name free agents like Carmelo Anthony in the summer of 2014.

Gasol is very well liked in Los Angeles as a player and a person, but since the arrival of Mike D’Anotoni, he has struggled to fit into D’Antoni’s offensive plans and in turn, has caused some turmoil between the two that has been unhealthy for both of them.

As for now, the rumors are exactly that, just rumors. But it should be interesting to see what the Lakers do in the next couple weeks, as they get to see what they look like with Kobe Bryant back in the lineup each day.
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  • 3339

    nobody can make a convincing argument for dantoni to remain here. guy has got to go.

    • Josh

      Nobody can make a convincing argument for firing him either. He hasn’t had a fully healthy roster since he arrived. The team’s starting five played 189 minutes together last season, and they haven’t played together yet this season.

      • 3339

        blah blah blah

    • Daryl Peek

      11 of 13 players on the team can. So can the FO, and theirs is the only argument that holds weight.

      • 3339

        because all most of them do is stand around and shoot three pointers which is all dantoni cares about.

        • Daryl Peek

          Wrong. MDA system is more about motion/ball movement. PNR is the half court bread and butter of it. Floor spacing with shooters make this optimal.

          Gasol starting with Hill, Kaman and Sacre at time this year shows his willingness to be diverse. Wins is what he cares about.

          • 3339

            he’s the most overrated coach.

          • Daryl Peek

            Who’s overrating him? When has he ever been that? What hes’ does is develop young players well. Someone on this site said you’d be back soon as the team stated to lose. 10-9 without Kobe and Nash with a gimpy pouting Gasol was great coaching by MDA. This is a PG centered offense with no PG right now. The injuries are a real problem.

      • SoCal Al

        D’antoni is Jim Buss’s guy….letting him go would mean Jim Buss was wrong….which means he probably won’t let D’antoni go even though that is what is best for the Lakers.

        D’antoni’s philosophy is to shoot more than the other team and hope you score more. Defense is not part of his vocabulary.

        This team is disorganized and not wanting to play to their potential.

        It is true that injuries have plagued the team but D’antoni is still the ROOT CAUSE of the issues with the team.

        No hope in sight this year or next….we can only hope for a new coach by 2015 and look at picking up Love, Westbrook or Durant…that would be awesome! maybe a pipe dream but what the heck….

        Tank this year and get a lottery pick plus their first rounder….better than trying to squeak into the playoffs only to lose in the first round…

        • Daryl Peek

          Have you been paying attention all season? The team was actually winning games with good defense over that 8 game stretch as they went 6-2 right before Kobe came back.

          Can we get past the FO ISH? Again this is a team that has lost all three of its PG’s at the same time. There isn’t a team in the NBA that would suffer from that.

          • SoCal Al

            Healthy or not….this team will be right around a .500 ball club at best. In the playoffs, they would be bounced in the first round. And i’m a huge Laker fan…..

            They brought in the wrong coach no matter what….everyone acknowledged there were better coaches available than D’antoni. He is no proven winner in the playoffs unfortunately.

            You can see Gasol is totally disengaged with playing right now. Nash probably won’t come back and even if he did, he will not be near the level he was before. Blake and Farmar have been playing good at point.

            If D’antoni stays his full 3 years or whatever….the team won’t come close to competing for a championship.

            It’s a tough time to be a Laker fan….

          • Daryl Peek

            Not proven as a playoffs winner?!? You act as if championship winning coaches grow on trees? The list of championship proven head coaches is very short. D’Antoni is absolutely a playoff proven HC.

            This is a rebuilding time for the Lakers and there is no better HC than MDA for that out there. Lakers fans really need to come to grips with that. We all would have loved for Phil to have been given the job last season and roll into another parade. I highly doubt that was gonna happen with Phil either.

            The Triangle era had to eventually end. Again, If Phil had been hired the team would not have won either. There’s no absolute right or wrong to be seen in this as far as championship aspiration failed goes. There’s only the rebuilding of the team that was a clear cut theme right in front of us.

            Gasol is disengaged due to much more than D’Antoni. Pau has become indifferent with the organization as a whole. It’s based on the constant trade rumors and the Gasoft ISH. MDA is not to blame for that. People need to stop looking for a scapegoat. This day was coming and there was nothing that could’ve been done to stop it.

            Dr. Buss and West had to rebuild after Magic. Kobe is not the Mamba right now and it remains to be seen if he can recapture that given what he’s trying to overcome.

            D’Antoni didn’t create the new CBA. He’s not the one who hocked the future chasing rings wit Phil and the triangle. Patience’s, that’s all.

  • Terry

    I bet when (it’s not even a question of “if”) Pau has another game wherein he can’t hold onto entry passes and keeps turning the ball over, Kobe, who joked about it the other night, won’t be joking anymore moving forward.
    His contributions will always be appreciated and remembere, but him blaming the D’Antoni is now just him making excuses. It’s the same tired song and dance and he’s just in denial of his abilities at this stage of his career. D’Antoni is not without blame, but in all fairness, he has done a solid job the first quarter of the season without Kobe and a ragtag roster of cast-offs. People won’t give him credit for that simply because of their blind hate and “Phil Worship”. He wants touches? Then grab rebounds, block shots, deflect passes, and what not. All the guy cares about is scoring which is the least of their problems.

    • ted

      Couldn’t have been said it any better. His latest comment about “needing the ball in the post so he can bang with other opponents” made me laugh. Since when does he bang with anyone. Stu always talks during the games that Pau needs to stop slapping at rebounds like he’s playing volley ball and grab the damn ball. When Jordan Hill is out of the game we get NO rebounds. The only banging Pau gets is banged out of the lane whenever he tries to post up. I don’t think trading him for Chandler and his broken leg and fat contract is the answer either. Unfortunately the lakers will have to keep him and hope everyone comes back and stays healthy then let him bounce in the off season

  • Zimmeredge

    since the arrival of Mike D’Anotoni, he has struggled to fit into D’Antoni’s offensive plans and in turn, has caused some turmoil between the two that has been unhealthy for both of them.

    since D’antoni? The Laker organization have tried to dump Gasol plenty of time and it almost worked with CP’s deal. And he’s struggling in LA since Phil Jackson… people are so short memory. We only have one All star at the moment. Pau Gasol will never ever be a All Star. To win title you need players with the all star caliber.
    I think it’s being realistic to say that we won’t win the title as we are barely a playoff contender this season. But I think that if we can bring 2 or 3 all star caliber players during the next 6 monts (summer 14 included) we shouldn’t let this possibility wanished.

    • Jose

      How are they supposed to pay the 2 superstars and bring in the supporting cast while remaining under the cap???

      • Zimmeredge

        i didn’t say superstar I said all star.
        Hibbert is an all star yet he is not a superstar.
        Deng is an all star yet he is not a superstar
        Bledsoe, Chandler all the same.

        Superstars? Lebron? Kobe? Melo? Durant those are three-four real superstars at the moment.

    • Daryl Peek

      Titles are the ultimate goal but they come in cycles for a dynasty like the Lakers. This is LeBrons league right now. Kobe is the old champ fighting father time. Every once in a while you may see an old champ return to glory, see Dr. J in the 80′s and West & Wilt with the 72 Lakers

      This team is not likely to reach that this season. Were out of the championship cycle right now and there is no blame to be placed. Nothing last forever…

      I have full confidence Jimmy and Mitch will do what’s necessary to find their niche in the Lakers dynasty cycle. As fans patience’s is gonna be needed. What Dr. Buss and West did in 1979 is very rare and you can’t expect lighting to strike right away like that. There was a huge gap between Showtime and the Lake Show. Lets hope we don’t have to wait that long but just know it’s not gonna happen over night and they cannot force it to happen. Due diligence and luck is the stuff of dynasty building. Given the CBA and other factors it just gonna take time…

      • Zimmeredge

        an entire decade.

        but I think we are in a pretty good shape to rebuild right now for the upcoming two seasons. Not a title contender but an outsider like the Blazer this season (yes they were considered outsiders) or like the Mavs in 2011. Clearly not a title favorite.

        We need to give D’antoni the pieces he needs and requires. I think that we need to change the roster a little bit. and let’s “hope” Nash retire once and for all pretty soon.
        fo is waiting and waiting for Nash to comeback but sooner or later they will lose patience. Also they are monitoring Kobe’s level of game with Pau. They don’t want to rush things with both of them but Kobe has already accepted that he needs to move on his duo with Pau if he wants to be title contender for the next two seasons (“obviously, we have to improve with this group of guys or with other players chosen by the organization. It’s not my job to get interested in that”)
        I think that if can get Chandler + Shumpert. A great offseason this summer with possibly one or two all star caliber players joigning us (Bledsoe, Lowry, Deng, Granger, Ariza Monroe) then scout a good draft pick. Resign our best bench players (Farmar, Young, Johson, Hill and maybe Kelly) and we are good to go.

        sometimes you just have to rocket a group. put your players in a situation where they have to adapt to each other. where they have to be ambitious and try things to get out of their confort zone.

  • AnneWV

    Pau should tell D ‘Antonio to “kiss off” ….and let the coach go packin’

  • Rigged4fun

    I agree with other posters, D’Antoni is not the answer to the Lakers coaching. I don’t see it getting any better without a center. No D no wins.

    • Zimmeredge

      tell which center is currently playing good inside defense?

      • Rigged4fun

        You got me there….no one.

        • Zimmeredge

          oh come on there are few centers who play great D but most of them are not available: Jordan, Drummond, Bogut, Davis, Noah but they are not available. Chandler is the only one ;)

  • dollarbill4life

    We should have traded Pau for K-Love in the Summer of 2011 when we had the chance. We’ll be lucky to get a tuna sandwich and Arizona Ice Tea for him now.

  • ersliva

    coach dumbass is the reason why gasol isn’t playing well…he constantly has gasol playing out of place…tonight hes doing good at center playing close to the basket where he should play at….that’s where hes most effective scoring and passing….

  • Marty Susman

    Mitch, end this, trade him to the 76′ers who have 4 draft picks in the upcoming draft.

    • Jose

      Why would the sixers want him? Besides they would want something better than Pau if they were going to make a trade. The sixers are looking for young talent not over the hill talent.

  • Stamos

    Trade this whiny Spanish has-been as fast as possible.

  • Lakers4Life

    Dumbtoni is such a retard it’s getting way past funny! Time to bring back the Zen Master for some pwnage.

  • Eduardo Santiago

    Lakers sweep by Dallas and last year San Antonio not the coach to be blame it is the player then for poor in defense due to Pau weakness in the middle , Hill more aggressive than him in the board. They should trade Pau for love.

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