Lakers News: Pau Gasol Set To Return Against Bucks

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Set To Return Against Bucks


Injuries have been a major problem for the Los Angeles Lakers once again this season with players going down on almost a nightly basis. Xavier Henry was the latest to suffer an injury, straining his right knee in the loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, but fortunately the team will get a big piece to the puzzle back on the floor on Tuesday with Pau Gasol returning according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Gasol missed the last two games with an upper respiratory infection. It was uncertain how much time the veteran would miss as a result of the persistent respiratory problem, but will finally return against the worst team in the NBA in the Milwaukee Bucks.

With the Lakers losing five in a row and incredibly banged up, Gasol returning on New Year’s Eve is a relief for head coach Mike D’Antoni who simply can’t pinpoint the problem with this team. Although the injuries have been a serious hinderance for the Lakers, the team has been really hot and cold as of late. The minute this team seems to put it together, another injury occurs or they fall apart the following game.

At this point in time, Kobe Bryant, Steve Blake and Steve Nash will still be out an extended period. Henry could be added to that list later today, depending on the results of his MRI, which will be released later today.
Mike D’Antoni Says Pau Gasol Will Play Tuesday, Acknowledges Criticisms Of Pau Gasol


    No difference

  • meep

    good lakers need all the help they can get. but still doesnt help that Henry got hurt. the big rotation should be hill,pau,kelly and kaman, with sacre and willams coming in if needed for defense

  • kobe24

    Anyone else think Williams should get cut? His contract isn’t guaranteed till January 7th so Lakers can waive him.

    I understand that MDA loves his “stretch 4” but Williams sucks.

    Hes .379% in FG and .320% in 3pt with 4.3 RPG/ 5PPG with 20 MPG…
    With Ryan Kelly getting more minutes it wouldn’t be bad for Williams too get waived

    Lets also not forget during the Philly game he had a 100% open 3pt shot but he missed which cost the Lakers win in the crucial moment

    • meep

      i wouldnt mind it since if it wasnt for mike d who knows if Williams would be in the league right now and to add for the month i heard he shooting under 30% maybe that just from 3 which he shoot the most and i like kelly more anyways i just wish kelly would try to score more. it seem like he scared to shoot.

  • Jose

    Just let him sit at home. The lakers should shut him down due to play detrimental to the team cause he can’t play D and has been a whinny ass on offense. I mean he was a great #2 option in his prime not so much now. He needs to realize that or play to prove otherwise.

  • Aaron

    Trade him for Bynum. Cheaper, and who knows….Bynum may heal up.

  • LakeShow

    The best move Lakers could do is to trade Gasol for Bynum + player + Cleveland’s 2014 first round pick. Release Bynum to save cap for 2014. And most importantly, TANK HARD!

    If Lakers can land someone like Dante Exum (if Wiggins/Parker/Embiid are gone), they will have the ability to attract top FAs to play for title.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    No. 1: Report: Lakers, Cavs talk Gasol-for-Bynum swap — Disgraced Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum had his best years in the NBA as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Pau Gasol, the Lakers power forward who has fallen out of favor with coach Mike D’Antoni,
    could use a change of scenery himself, too. Those factors, plus a
    looming luxury tax hit facing the Lakers has L.A. pondering a move that
    would briefly bring Bynum back to Lakerland, if only to help the Lakers’
    cap situation in the immediate future. Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelbourne of ESPN have more on the deal talks between Cleveland and Los Angeles:

    The Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland
    Cavaliers have had discussions on a trade that would involve Pau Gasol
    and Andrew Bynum, league sources told ESPN

    No deal is believed to be imminent, but both
    sides are mulling it over ahead of a Jan. 7 deadline when the second
    half of Bynum’s $12.25 million salary would be guaranteed. The Cavs
    suspended Bynum for one game this weekend for conduct detrimental to the
    team and have excused him indefinitely from all activities, including

    By trading Gasol in a package for Bynum and
    then waiving him, the injury-ravaged Lakers could save more than $20
    million in salaries and luxury taxes, which could help them maintain
    financial flexibility heading into the next few summers. A Gasol-Bynum
    trade would have to include at least one other player and perhaps other
    assets from Cleveland.

    The Lakers have been luxury-tax payers for
    six straight seasons. While the luxury-tax savings this season — and
    ability to avoid the repeater tax penalty that kicks in when a team is a
    taxpayer in four out of five years starting with the 2011-12 season —
    would undoubtedly help the Lakers’ long-term flexibility, the
    franchise’s history and organizational culture make that a difficult
    prospect to consider.

    • LakeShow

      Gasol for Bynum + player + 1st round pick (2014). Cavs get productive veteran player that can help them to get into playoff while Lakers can start rebuild. Win-win for both teams.