Lakers News: Pau Gasol Says There’s A Chance He’ll Return Next Season

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Says There’s A Chance He’ll Return Next Season


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Over the past six years, Pau Gasol has been one of the most consistent players on the Los Angeles Lakers. A constant 18 point and 10 rebound player, Gasol helped the Lakers to three straight Finals appearances and two NBA Championships. After a down year playing alongside Dwight Howard, Gasol’s numbers have risen back to his career averages this season.

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However, with the Spaniard set to turn 34 this coming July, there is rampant speculation as to whether he will play for the purple and gold next season. According to Los Angeles Times’ Mike Bresnahan, Gasol believes there is a chance he could return to the Lakers, but says he must put his pro-Lakers feelings aside when making a decision:

Gasol has been extremely vocal this season and his top priority is winning a championship. The Lakers’ upcoming draft pick and ample cap space will also play into the decision of whether the team should re-sign Gasol.

If the Lakers are able to either draft or bring a young center in via free agency, it would be hard to justify bringing Gasol back. However, if Gasol were willing to come back at a reasonable price, the Lakers would surely reach out to the two-time champion.

Gasol is a proven winner and could be a key piece for a contending team. There have been rumors that teams will line up for the Spaniard’s services this off-season and despite his affection for Los Angeles, expect Gasol to listen. With the Lakers currently in rebuild mode and Gasol stating that he wants championships over money, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out come July.
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  • michael

    To be honest, I don’t want him back. He’s almost 34 and you can notice his age. He has poor defense and avoids physical contact.

    He seems like he wants a lot of money, that we can’t give him. We have to pay nash next year and I don’t want to pay gasol 3 years dead money (20 mio year!) too.

    Let’s sign and trade him. Maybe we get a first rounder a draft somebody like scottie Wilbekin. Would be the smartest move.

    • Gregory Gaylen

      I’d take Napier over Wilbekin, but I agree with your direction.

  • Andy L

    I think he’ll get decent offers around the league and the way he’s been treated here (constantly on the trading block) I wouldn’t blame him for taking a hike. I’ve always liked Pau but I think he’s done. We need someone younger who can defend and bang.

  • Stacie

    Pau Gasol is my inspiration. He has such a good heart and I love him. I am such a fan of him and I always hate when “fans” doubt on him for two years. Pau Gasol definitely deserves to come back. He should always remain a Los Angeles Laker player for a long time!! I can’t stand all these comments to “trade him already.” How selfish is that!?!? Kobe will be completely upset with the Lakers. Everything won’t be the same and it will be ruined. Pau has to stay. And he will!!! Watch. YOU WILL ALL BE WRONG. YOU WILL SEE. YOU WILL ALL SEE!!!!!!

    • Gregory Gaylen

      Lakers management is in a tough situation with both Pau and Kobe due to their age, injuries and diminished production based on those factors. Kobe might come back and be great again. Pau on the other hand seems to have lost a gear. I wish him the best though, as a Laker, or elsewhere as he closes out his career… as a two time NBA Champion!

  • Marty Susman

    A sign n trade would be best but not being an expert I have no clue weather there are any ways to do a sign n trade. He is a free agent, why would it be good for him to be resigned & traded verses just signing with a new club ????? As for bringing him back, sure as a $3,000,000 a year power forward/center but NO more then the $3,000,000.

    • richard

      Marty, be reasonable… 3M for a 7′ center that is still top 5? Teams will be drooling with that… I would say, he could easily command at least 8M in the open market. 17M in 2 years is what I will give him, if I was the GM… but then I am not.

  • Gregory Gaylen

    Good posts folks. Gotta love Pau for wearing his heart on sleeve without showing any ill feelings towards how he has been treated. He’s loyal and he also helped bring two Championships to the Lakers. He does have value on the open market, but at this point the Lakers really need to get younger, quicker, more aggressive, and outright nasty on the defensive end. Pau doesn’t fit that bill. It’s really time to clean house, knowing that Kobe has 1 year left, he can be the glue and IQ that helps a young team find their way. Then it’s likely time for the Mamba to ride off into the sunset, like all the other greats have at the very end.

  • KB24

    sign him for 1 more year if we draft embiid to be his mentor RE-SIGN HILL,YOUNG,FARMAR,BAZE,XAVIER and use marshall and meeks along with future picks to get the rights for EXUM then GO FOR LOVE-DURANT-CURRY