Lakers News: Pau Gasol Says Team Currently Lacks ‘Discipline’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="130"] The Lakers fell to the Indiana Pacers tonight, after another meltdown in the second half in what has become a theme for the Lakers th [new_royalslider id="130"] The Lakers fell to the Indiana Pacers tonight, after another meltdown in the second half in what has become a theme for the Lakers th Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Pau Gasol Says Team Currently Lacks ‘Discipline’

The Lakers fell to the Indiana Pacers tonight, after another meltdown in the second half in what has become a theme for the Lakers this season.

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With the Lakers having a roster full of players on expiring contracts, these guys are basically auditioning for the entire NBA, which can lead to selfish play at times.

Pau Gasol spoke with reporters on Time Warner Cable SportsNet about that issue, and said there is a simple solution to that problem:

The Lakers and Gasol in particular, are not used to being in this position, as the team that championship contenders can toy with for a half before rolling over them.

Great teams always have discipline, and it is usually on the coach to hold everyone accountable and instill discipline on the team. Gasol knows this so it is very possible that he was taking a shot at D’Antoni with this statement.

Gasol has not been shy about voicing his displeasure this season, and this is just another example of how losing breeds frustration. Kendall Marshall spoke about not being happy with the team’s play of late, and Jordan Farmar believes the lack of defined roles is hurting the team at this time.

If the Lakers are to save face this season, they will have to do it as a unit and it is on Mike D’Antoni to make sure this team stays together through what will be a daunting stretch run.
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  • afs

    It’s definitely hard to lack discipline when you’re losing…

    And as a coach, D’Antoni simply doesn’t have the same respect a winning coach such as George Karl or Phil would have.

    As a owner, Jim Buss should try to talk to the team, remind them of what an honor/chance it is to play for such a storied franchise. But that simply isn’t his character.

    • Jim213

      Disagree, he pays their bills but best for Kupcake to assume this if it ever takes place seeing as he;s the GM. Although, the players seem to have lost the authoritative confidence in their coach given his distrust in his roster.

      • afs

        Put it this way… Jerry Buss would talk to this team. He’s the kind of owner that would take extreme pride in the Lakers organization, and he’d make sure the team would be playing best. Just because the owner is the guy thats “paying the bills” he should still be trying to hold an authoritative role and be a leader… and it’s not kupchak’s fault… he has to listen to jim or he’ll be fired

        • Daryl Peek

          Then why couldn’t Jerry keep Kobe and Shaq together? The Zen Master was present back then also. Why did Phil quit because he sided with Shaq and wrote a book about how he could not coach Kobe at the time? Why did 2011 end so bad? Why did the team suffer this same fate from 92-94? Buss and West were in charge back then. Two losing season back to back. 89-99 with no championship.

          There have been many internal meltdowns under Dr. Buss’s watch. Sometimes shit just happens.

        • Jim213

          Agree, Dr. Buss would’ve had a talk with them being he did things his way. But these are different times and FO shouldn’t be expected to do the COACH’S job. Which is to make sure they execute his game plan while mentally preparing them night in and out.

      • independantbynature

        There’s a reason Magic said “I don’t believe in Jimmy Buss.”He didn’t say “I don’t believe in Kupcake.”One,is a former GM of the year.The other is never going to be a owner of the year.

        • Jim213

          Shows the GM isn’t cutting too given both make the decisions. Jim isn’t supposed to do the the GM’s job and if Kupcake can’t sell the best course for the franchise it’s time to change things. FO not stretch provisioning someone and not finding another coach after the season is over will be another indication of their lack of dexterity.

          Players have expressed disapproval with the coach’s rotations and the constant rotation changes keep getting worse but just like DP who wants Pau, Nash, and the coach around seems you’d rather go with the flow rather that turn things around for the better before it takes another 5 to 10 years to turns things around. smh

          • independantbynature

            You missed the whole point.Both,do not make the decisions.Jimmy does.”Kupcake” knows full well that defense wins championships.He hasn’t forgotten that.Jimmy is running things,now.If you want to tank the season,Antoni is your coach.If you want to win a championship,he should NEVER have been chosen.He’s Jimmy’s pick.Just like Brown was.”Kupcake” wanted Adelman.I wanted Shaw.Wait until “Kupcake” gets fed up and quits.I can hardly wait for Jimmy to pick his successor.

          • Jim213

            Gave the coach a chance but bad rotations and not motivating the troops to play for the brand is the coach’s issue not FO’s.

            I just #rollwithit being whatever given that if they can’t play competitive ball and don’t show their best then have to role with whatever even if it’s landing a top pick come draft time.

    • independantbynature

      Discipline is the coach’s responsibility.Antoni doesn’t have any,so the players don’t,either.I find it so ridiculous to blame “Kupcake” for the failures his boss,Jimmy,who doesn’t listen to him.(Listening DP ?)

      • independantbynature

        Sorry,I meant (Jim 213)

        • Jim213

          Still say Mitch can’t sell a box of girl scout cookies but IMO next off season will be the most important of his so called GM career. Need to find the next torch bearer for the brand aside of more dependable/consistent starters.

          • independantbynature

            I still say,Jimmy wouldn’t let Mitch sell a box of girl scout cookies without permission.

  • James Lee

    sigh…i hope players speak up more about their displeasure,the last straw should’ve been pulled long ago. The players need to put more pressure on its coaches as well as management. We need a fresh start as soon as the offseason begins.

  • e3bonz

    I thought they showed some defensive effort at times, but the team play was definitely missing.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Losing teams almost always lacks discipline… that’s what losing can do to a team too. Sad that this is my Lakers team. Ever wonder why Kobe would berate someone on the floor? That’s one reason why.

    • Daryl Peek

      Not the first time we’ve seen this and wont be the last. Kobe berating someone on the court is not the end all answer. In many ways that is a problem. Yes there needs to be accountability but a true leader knows when to have a stern hand and when to encourage. Not all respond to IRE’s stimulus. This is why Kobe needed LO and Fisher types. Team Character is a collective, and Blake coupled with a happy inspired Young was the ying and yang of this team.

  • Melvin Francisco

    Duh, really? Jim and Mitch running a clown team.

  • Daspin

    The team from the front office on down lacks leadership and is why it lacks discipline and as Farmar said an identity. What scares fans is not losing again next year. What scares us most is we are nearing the end of the tunnel and there is still no light to be seem.

    • Jim213

      Losing is part of the game only one team can be the champ. But FO doesn’t give the fans the confidence in being able to turn this around in a short time span. If Kupcake can’t do what’s best for the business (stretch provision Nash) given things won’t change then it’s a good example of lack of business influence/leadership.

    • Daryl Peek

      Franchises that are rebuilding from the bottom up tend to be in that darkness. This is complete change and was not gonna be seamless. No one will ever be Dr. Buss just as Mitch is no Jerry West.

      Dr. Buss had full confidence in Mitch back in 2000 when West retired and put forth the plan to have his children continue running the Lakers. There are their fathers children but again they are not the father.

      Dr. Buss took over in ideal conditions in a much friendlier NBA that was waiting for someone just like him. The children are often met with IRE as they are seen as not deserving of the crown. For me, as a long time Lakers fan and a person who always respected Dr. Buss’s judgment, I cannot question his living will this soon.

      Patience’s. Confidence will be reestablished in time. GO LAKERS

  • KC

    Pau has a point. On the other hand, I challenge him too. He was a sieve defensively last night and pretty much all season long, and was a human turnover machine last night everytime he got the ball down low.

  • Loy

    You can have a drill sergeant coaching this team and it won’t matter how disciplined you are, because the talent level isn’t there.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss


  • Shelvin™ |A1X|

    ok heres what the lakers should do my opinion.
    1. Get New coach cause MDA ain he fit for Lakers
    2. Draft Joel Embiid
    3. Get rid of Gasol (contract too big)
    4. Get rid of Kaman
    5. Get rid of one (Henry, Bazemore, Wesley, Meeks, Brooks)
    6.Sign Nick Young to a good contract
    7. Sign Boozer or Luol Deng or both so that we can have bigs
    8. Kendall/Kobe/Deng/Hill/Joel …..Farmar/Wes/Jodie/Xavier/Sacre/bazemore or brooks

    just my opinion

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