Lakers News: Pau Gasol Says Nash Would Still Be Out In Regular...

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Says Nash Would Still Be Out In Regular Season


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Sacramento KingsAt this point in the season there aren’t very many players that are completely healthy. In fact, after going through an 82-game regular season there isn’t a player in the league that doesn’t at least have some sort of injury, even if it’s something minor. One player who has dealt with more than his fair share of injuries this season is Steve Nash, who referred to this as the most frustrating season of his career.

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Still, even with the injuries, Nash suited up for the team for Game 1 of the playoffs and is expected to play in Game 2 on Wednesday. Nash’s teammate, Pau Gasol, recently told Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles that he believes Nash would still be on the sideline if this wasn’t the playoffs.

Gasol said Nash would be sitting out if it were still the regular season.

“He’s fighting through something that probably would have kept him out longer if it wasn’t the playoffs,” Gasol said. “I think it’s something that we’re happy to have him back with us. I think he played really well, considering. He’s just fighting through it.”

This goes to show you just how severe the injury is. And in reality, Gasol probably is correct. Nash didn’t play in the final eight games of the Lakers’ regular season. The injured hip/hamstring has been debilitating for Nash, who just never was able to get into a rhythm this season for the Lakers.

Nash didn’t play terrible in Game 1, scoring 16 points in 29 minutes. Still, Nash admitted it’s a slow recovery process, and that he wants to do whatever he can to produce for his teammates.

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni also mentioned Nash’s importance, saying the Lakers won’t succeed without him.

Nash and the Lakers will face the Spurs in Game 2 on Wednesday night in San Antonio as they look to tie the series at one game apiece.


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  • KcS

    I’d much rather see a 100% healthy Ebanks play the game over a crippled and old Nash. This is exactly the reason why D’umbtoni is a joke and gets 0 respect from true Laker fans – he puts injured players into the game and further cripples them more, and that ultimately hurts the team.

    • hookedonnews

      There’s not a coach in the country who would use Ebanks rather than Nash. D’Antoni gets respect from Jerry West, and I think he knows a thing or two more about basketball than some “true Laker fans.” If they don’t win this series it’s over. Even injured, Nash is a lot more valuable than Ebanks.

  • concerned

    even if nash plays, at the vaery least he should be on the bench. him being in the starting lineup messed up the rotations.

    • hookedonnews

      Not sure why you think Nash messed up the rotations. He was only on the floor 29 minutes and scored 16 points and had 3 assists. They turned the ball over 18 times (1 of those belonged to Steve Nash). The idea that they lost that game because Nash disrupted the chemistry rather than the 17 turnovers and the poor shooting (not to mention the lack of rebounding) is ludicrous. They played better when he was on the floor than when he was on the bench. Ask the players whether they thought he was the problem.

  • JohnC

    Nash played and gave the Lakers his good contribution in points and ball movement. Other players came later and the team did not play for them: they’re not Nash, they’ve got a different game. Which is the main problem of this team this season: some players are used to satisfy the requirements of a ‘system’ too far from this roster’s characteristics – and too often they don’t play according to their strong points/skills.

    The real problem for Nash is how he’s going to be ‘tomorrow’ if he plays injured.