Lakers News: Pau Gasol Says Making Playoffs Will Be Tough

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Says Making Playoffs Will Be Tough


Pau GasolIt was another embarrassing display by the Los Angeles Lakers last night as they were manhandled by the Los Angeles Clippers 123-87. The Lakers scored eight points in the third quarter and are so shorthanded that their “garbage time” lineup consists of several members of their starting lineup.

Their last win, against the lowly Utah Jazz a week ago at Staples Center, is surrounded by 10 losses as they prepare for the daunting Grammy Trip next week. At 14-23 and seven games behind eight-seeded Dallas, forward Pau Gasol spoke to Mark Medina of the LA Daily News about the teams playoff chances:

Best case scenario, we come out everyday competing with great effort, get some bodies back and we get some good results. Then from then on, whatever that is at the end of the season and whatever record we finish with, we should be okay with it that we gave everything we have. If that means making the playoffs, that would be great. It’d be tough because of the position we put ourselves into right now.

As guard Kendall Marshall said after the game, there was nothing positive to take from the loss as the Lakers scored just eight points in the third quarter and the Clippers saw their lead stretch to 41 points at one point. It was a tough week for the team mentally as trade rumors surrounding Gasol clearly affected the mood of the team.

Incredibly enough, if the Lakers were in the Eastern Conference they’d be one game out of the eight seed as the Western Conference has proven to be the superior conference this season. Hopefully for the Lakers they’ll be able to beat up on those Eastern teams during the road trip and it seems like the season has officially hit rock bottom.

ICYMI: Pau Gasol had this to say about the rivalry with the Clippers.

  • asa

    You know it’s bad when your record won’t even make the playoffs in the east

  • e3bonz

    The team is frustrated, the fans are livid.

    • Lakers Fan

      Livid shouldn’t even be the word. I don’t even think there is a word to describe the fans feelings.

  • Lakers Fan

    There shouldn’t even be talk about the playoffs. The way they looked last night, particularly Pau, “playoffs” shouldn’t even be a word spoken from this team.

  • George

    Pau will be in the playoffs on another team not named the Lakers.Trade Pau.

  • C*HarrisTHEboss

    Playoffs???? I just hope we can win a game!

    • Daryl Peek

      My fanhood won’t allow me to like but the truth hurts

  • e3bonz

    The next five games are very winnable, but it’s going to take playing as a team, with some hustle. As for the playoffs, that’s a first round exit as a eighth seed under the best of circumstances.

  • papi

    For lakers nations right now is to get are heads focus not thinking about make it to playoffs , in my opinion is better this year no playoffs because we don’t have a good team I don’t want my lakers look embarrassing like last night no thanks.

  • papi

    Hey pau gasol tu no te sientas mal tu sabes la clases de jugador que tu eres tu echale ganas tu estas haciendo tu Trabajo si Los Angeles Lakers te quieren cambiar a otro equipo, van a hacer un error buena suerte y con la frente muy en alto.

    • Jim213

      So it’s a mistake to trade Pau? It’s about consistency as this is the top brand of the NBA for a reason.

  • ico

    hey guys be fair when you judge, every team has bad games every once in a while, our team currently is in no position to beat elite teams like heat/indiana/lalc/okc/sas etc. we all know what LAL are all about but we gotta be real how the team looks and who the team plays, it’s basically a new team – gasol never played with the rest of the guys (w/o J Hill) most of them are young and need time to build chemistry, and with offensive minded coach like MDA we deserve to be here, we’ve got no real defenders, people who will eat their opponents alive, we got offense, but we got offense of young undeveloped crew, it’s just not gonna happen like that, they should be elite scorers in order MDAs system to flourish, right now.. we are half way away from the game LAL should play, even if Kobe returns and starts scoring 30+ a game which will not happen we’ll still lose because he’s too old to put his hearth in defense, defense win games, flawless offense too, but we ain’t got one

  • Marty Susman

    The ONLY power forward in the NBA that can overshadow Blake is Kevin Love….When he gets here to the Lakers, we will see how things change then.

    • Terrell

      Kevin Love dropped huge numbers on both Aldridge and Griffin just a month ago or so.

    • Chyeah

      And Aldridge

  • Chauncey

    Playoffs?!? C’mon get a grip! Get out of my face with that crazy stuff. Did Kupchak tell you that? Did Kupchak tell you that? Don’t go there with me! Keep it real with me!

    –Allen Iverson’s Mom.

  • Marty Susman

    The Los Angeles Lakers have been for decades one of the top three NBA franchises in the league. Yes they have had down/bad years but they always come back & end up with another ring on their hands. This time it is a little different in that they have zero nucleus of a championship team playing. When Kobe comes back the best we can hope for is he will be maybe 50% of his past self. Yes that 50% will be better then dozens of present NBA players but it will not lead us anywhere near a ring. So what do the “new” Lakers have to do in order to be a winning team again & hang another banner form the ceiling of Staples center, let’s see.

    A. They will need a whole new starting 5 for the 2015/16 season.
    B. They will need a brand new super star to take over for Kobe in Los Angeles.
    C. They will need to keep some of the current players to have a great bench.
    D. They will need a coach who will attract quality players, this coach is not him.
    E. They will need to find a true center to follow, Shaq, Jabbar & the long tradition of Laker big men.
    F. They will need a true/young/fast/floor general defensive/pass first/great shooting point.

    The bottom line is simple, by the 2015/16 season Kobe will be just about done time wise & the team will be using him as a starter for a few minutes in first quarter & he will sit mostly until the 4th. Kobe could if he can get his 3 point shooting to over 40% become the best 3 point shooter in the NBA. The “new” Lakers will be just that, young (all under 26) all fast, all have a desire to win & all thinking they are the best in the NBA. Can they get Love & his BEST friend Westbrook ? If Westbrook leaves, will Kevin D be next to leave OKC & will he come to the Lakers ? Will Klay Thompson be the next 2 guard for the Lakers ? Will Blake go to Golden State along with Johnson for Harrison Barnes ? Will Brook Lopez or Greg Monroe be a Lakers soon ? We have TWO years to assemble a great team & if somehow we don’t make the same damn mistakes meaning bringing in “old players” their teams don;t want & stick to YOUTH the next decade should be great for the purple & gold.


    Gasol and his complacency clearly points out what kind of warrior this guy is… Gasol is definitely a ‘Good’ guy…The ‘Bad’ thing about this is that his demeanor seems to be contagious, as most of these Lakers have taken on his personality… The ‘Ugly’ thing about this is that when you’re fakin it, you’re definitely NOT makin it…

  • Marcus

    are you fucking serious. They think they can make the playoffs at this point with the schedule they have and they can’t even beat teams like the 76ers. I’m so sick and tired of them thinking that they can make the playoffs. Fuck the playoffs stop kidding yourselves just tank and draft embiid and exum/smart and fire d’antoni.

  • EyyShawn .

    Yes let’s keep losing! Trade Pau Gasol for some draft picks and/or for a valuable player for next season and we should continue to lose more games and hopefully end up with a top pick in the upcoming draft :)