Lakers News: Pau Gasol Says D’Antoni Leaving ‘Another Factor’ In Free Agency

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Says D’Antoni Leaving ‘Another Factor’ In Free Agency


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Two-time NBA champion Pau Gasol will become an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his NBA career this July with plenty of potentially showing interest showing interest in acquiring his services.

With Gasol clearly frustrated with his role with the Los Angeles Lakers the last two years due to Mike D’Antoni’s system and the endless trade rumors, the consensus seems to be he’ll leave the team in free agency this summer.

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Following D’Antoni’s resignation, the speculation continues surrounding Gasol’s immediate future with the Lakers.

During a promotional event for Banco Popular recently, Gasol was asked if D’Antoni leaving has changed his stance on free agency. Gasol said the following according to Jesus Sanchez of

“Mike leaving was not the be-all and end-all, but it is another factor. What is certain is that we are without a coach and I say ‘we’ because I’m still thinking of myself as a Lakers player,” he said.

With D’Antoni deciding to resign, the door has been left wide open for Gasol to return next season. Gasol still remains undecided and for good reason with the start of free agency still more than a month away, but it would be safe to say D’Antoni’s departure has improved the team’s chances of retaining him.

The Lakers may have a better chance to keep Gasol in Los Angeles with D’Antoni moving on, but Gasol will have plenty of suitors in the off-season. If Gasol is determined to improve his opportunity to win a third ring before calling it a career, potential title contenders will likely show interest making it that much harder for the Lakers to bring him back.

As of right now, the Lakers have a fighting chance to bring back the Spaniard with free agency right around the corner. That may very well change in July with teams competing for his services with potentially more money and a chance to win another championship on the table.
Mike D’Antoni OUT, Resigns As Lakers Head Coach – Magic Johnson Says He Couldn’t Be Happier

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  • 3.12

    he said WE

    • Marcus Franco

      Nuff said

  • taviyoung

    Its hard to leave a team that has your heart.

  • Jim213

    No more than $8-$9 mil per year IMO given his play but it say’s a lot with what he’s endured year after year with regards to the constant trade rumors, Time will tell…

    • Zimmeredge

      i think that if mda was still there he would consider leaving more than staying unless we give him 12-13m$ a year. With MDA gone, kobe willing to finish alongside him like old bro he could sign for less than 10m$.

      • Joseph Apohen

        I think another ring for Pau matters but not as much as his love with the Lakers and to play with Kobe again. He might get 10-12m offer but I think he will remain a Laker for less, with no trade clause.

  • Mark

    Pau balled out this year. If he comes back and we have a solid pick n roll coach with defensive identity the sky is a limit. That said, pau still a defensive liability and adding a top notch front court player is crucial.

    • Zimmeredge

      Bryant will play pg on offense and he has developed a great partner ship with pau on pnr sequences. if the next coach can make kobe a regular facilitator and you have pau at the elbow and a guy like parker or embiid (or unlikely aaron gordon) to play above the rim and two guys in the corner like Ariza, Stephenson, i heard bradley will be on the market this summer too so he has the ability to play alongside kobe, Meeks, Farmar or Young it could be deadly!

      • Daryl Peek

        Why do folks think it will be easier on Kobe to play more PG on this team? What position has endured the most injuries the last few seasons in the NBA? PG.

        • richard

          I am with you on PG duties, but not totally… I think, Kobe will have to play point on some minutes during the game but not all the time he is on the floor.. but he will definitely want to do pnr with Gasol or another big who can play it… other players can bring up the ball and initiate the sequences, but we cannot take Kobe out of that pnr action, he can do the picking then catch and shoot, or he can do it with the ball and do the passing or driving or shooting…. or he can be the shooter on the wing.

        • Zimmeredge

          Because when you’re star player is 36 and is not able to play as fast as in the past why should he play off the ball? He will be a sg but on offense he sets the tempo, th pace and rythm, he will play with the ball on his hands and organize the game offensively.
          And yes it´s gonna be easier for him to attack pg because they aren’t very good defensive pg in the league. Yeah sure he might not defend on pg but do not expect him to play point forward or small forward. He won’t play against durant, George, lebron, Leonard, batum. TheseKobe’s future lies on getting less big and less heavy. He has to loose a lot of Weight because it´s about being able to carry your body around the court easily for him. I’ve already explained that on another topic. He will play 1-2 not 2-3. That´s unlikely to happen because his articulation are getting old and so he can’t move like before, plus you have the multiple injuries that he had for the last 12 months. He won’t be able to carry 205-210lbs anymore. He has to be around 200lbs.

          • Daryl Peek

            Very simple answer that completely debunks your theory. 1st. Kobe does not like running PNR offense. MDA is a heavy PNR HC and Kobe outwardly complained about running so much PNR in his put your big boy pants on tongue lashing of Gasol in 12-13….

            “The reality is, I’ve adjusted, I’ve never run this many screen-rolls in my entire career. But I’ve worked on it. I’ve worked on handling the ball. I’ve worked on coming off of screens and making plays. I’m used to being in the post much, much more but you have to adjust.

            You have to master what it is that we’re trying to do here and Pau is talented enough and he’s good enough to be able to do that.”

            When Kobe speaks out against small ball it is that style of play he is against therefore Kobe playing PG in heavy screen and roll offense is not something he wants to endure. Kobe believes he was able to avoid injury by not having to run PNR as it calls for more contact in setting screens. This will be a fundamental quandary for who ever is hired as the next Lakers HC as most coaches are more like MDA in that they run PNR more than the slowed down post up offense Kobe and Pau prefer. Concessions will have to be made on both sides with the new HC if Kobe and Pau continue as a duo.

            Kobe and Gasol played off each other in post up ISO clear outs not PNR under Phil. This is what Kobe did in those 6 games this past season when he tried to get Gasol going. Farmar did the same with Pau when he said we’ve got to run the offense through Pau.

          • Zimmeredge

            pnr is the basis of the offense so kobe played pnr during his whole career… but as you said he was not used to play that much pnr. when phil was there it was a triangle offense but pnr was also in action.
            they have a great duo, a great partnership together. i guess they’ll figure out what’s best for them and the team, and the coach.
            i think because he will be a bit slower on the court pnr is just what kobe needs right now. of course he can sit his arse in the post but that would far too predictible for the defense because just like gasol they know they have to draw an automatic double team on them.
            kobe and pau partnership and age is the reason why i could choose Messina over any other coaches. Maybe Jerry Sloan can make that work too because he is used to work with one-two punch players. But messina is really great at finding a flow with players.

          • Daryl Peek

            The one two punch of Kobe and Shaq or Kobe and Pau was never truly PNR. It was always ISO clear outs. There was very minimal PNR in the triangle. Usually it was Fisher, Horry, LO or other role players running it. You can’t find many if any highlights of Kobe in PNR in the triangle.

            Mark Jackson! My next Lakers HC thirst meter is on tilt!!

        • Joseph Apohen

          It would be a tremendous burden for Kobe to play pg. It is such a demanding position. Five years past he could have handled it. For now we can have Farmar handle the postion until we get Marc Jackson to bring with him Barnes, Thompson, and Steph. Wishful thinking? Or maybe dreaming?

    • Joseph Apohen


  • Lakers4Life

    We, if and only if he takes a nice paycut. Still worried about his defense though.

    • Mario Flores

      If they pair him with a good defensive and rebounding big, just like Odom and Bynum back then, I have no worries

  • Daryl Peek

    Don’t want to lose Pau for sentimental reasons but the team needs to get beyond the slow things down triangle mentality. Pau showed he can function outside of the triangle, tho begrudgingly. The next step if he stays is completely accepting change. If he cannot do that its time for him to move on….

  • iloism

    Jerry Sloan…defensive minded coach. Lakers can get these explosive offensive players but still need to play defense at the other end. Defensive wins championship on any team sport!!! Lakers, Shape up your defensive side of the ball!!!

  • Josh

    Why would Pau even consider staying? Last year, #StayD12. This year, #StaySwag. Fans think the team should retire #16, but don’t seem to want the player around anymore. On a fair contract, Pau should ABSOLUTELY be back. Appreciate the man, and show him a little respect. He’s infinitely better than Nick Young, and probably wouldn’t cost a whole lot more.

    • Lakersfanfromwayback

      Nick Young is going to be your next Dwight Howard for the Lakers, he and Kobe Bryant are not going to play well together because Nick is only worried about advancing Nick just like Dwight! He showed that all of this season and he and Kobe did not get along very well the short period Kobe played with him. Mark my word and you will see that Swaggy P is only about Swaggy P not Team Lakers! His goal is to replace Kobe…JMO

  • LakersFan94

    I guarantee he’s not leaving haha. 1) Kobe will convince him. 2) It’ll be hard to leave a team like LAL, which you’ve played for for so long. 3) D’antoni is gone. And 4) D’antoni is gone.

    • ra

      don’t forget 6) Mike D’Antoni is gone. Oh, forgot 5). What was 5) again?

      • independentbynature

        Antoni is gone……

        • oNeDelusion

          If FO will be stupid enough to hire someone like George Karl, the spirit of “noD”Antoni can easilly remain with us… But I always hope for the best. So Pau will remain in Lakers uniform, our next HC will be Michael Jordan… Stop, I mean B.Scott or some promising NCAA coach like Ollie.

  • LegendInMyMind

    Kobe needs Pau, because he’s the one guy that Kobe trusts on this team. And Pau trusts his teammates. So, in a way, Pau allows Kobe to trust his teammates. His ability to facilitate offense and keep his teammates involved is key in getting the best out of Kobe Bryant. If you want to build around Kobe, you start with Pau Gasol, especially now. I say give him a 2 year deal at his current market value of around $10M/yr or so. I feel like that’s fair and beneficial to LA. It’s a better contract than Steve Nash, at least…

  • kennedy

    I really wish we could bring ariza back!

    • vdogg

      it is possible. he is a free agent and loves LA.

      • kennedy

        I hope he does wish we never lost him

      • kennedy

        Be nice if we got coach thib bcuz he moved defense and if we picked up ariza he would help a lot for our defense but Washington is becoming a good team

  • independentbynature

    For Pau to be most effective,he needs to be paired with a rim protector.

    • Zimmeredge

      We should really consider drafting jabari or embiid if possible. They could both make a great partnership with Pau. Plus with embiid you already have a great guy to play with love (if indeed we are targeting love in 15)

  • Tage

    Jerry Sloan

  • Dboy

    We need a good leader that can get along with the team..kobe is not a leader ever since D Fisher left lakers falling apart because he was a great leader more communication with his team.

  • KingEmperor

    i love monroe to replace him..

    • oNeDelusion

      His agent recently told he would like max contract for his client, no way LA need him for that amount.

      • Javon Newton

        Marshall, kobe, rudy gay, melo gasol

        Farmar swaggy p bazemore henry nash sacra

        Tom t choach

        • Coach Choach


      • KingEmperor

        not sure we didn’t know what will happen..heheheh

  • Barry Bunes

    Since I cannot comment on the N ick youngt campain I say let the Swaggy no d show off go

  • Barry Bunes

    I hope Pau stays he is a a smart player and a gentleman

  • Robert L. I.

    Marc Jackson…. Love his style of basketball. And he seems to know how to use Bigs!

  • Wade Wilson

    Julius Cesar???…I don’t follow the NBA!!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Mike D’Antoni was total shit when it came to handling big men.Terrible coach and the Lakers now need a top 5 coach in the NBA to make this a trump hire.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Mike D’Antoni resigns is so misleading so many folks think he got extended LOL meaning resigns is he quit,but re-signs means he got extended.Good riddance.

  • carlos

    Let us round up good players and a good coach , after we got away from (the virus) D. Howard and D’Antony . Get the front office a clear horizon with Pau and Kobe we only need WINNERS…. front office do not beg for a player ever again ………….