Lakers News: Pau Gasol Respects Kobe Bryant For Speaking His Mind

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Respects Kobe Bryant For Speaking His Mind


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The Lakers continue to roll out poor performances during the current injury-riddled season. Recently, Kobe Bryant was officially ruled out for the rest of the season.

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Following the announcement, Pau Gasol spoke after the ugly 102-131 loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder. He talked about the comments that Kobe made to the media on Wednesday after practice saying the following according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

It’s enlightening to see what Kobe Bryant said after his thoughts of the current season. It seems that Gasol might be on the same page with Kobe’s comments on winning with a contending team next season rather than rebuilding.

The real question is if Gasol is willing to return next season or is finally ready to head elsewhere for greener pastures. Kobe definitely wants Gasol back in the fold, but that ship may have sailed.
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  • SoFtasTissue

    Sadly, Pau doesn’t extend the same respect to playing defense or playing some halfway tough/physical basketball.


    I hope Pau is back next year cuz I love the guy. But I also want him back with a major paycut. He only plays half the game (cuz he plays ZERO defense), so hopefully he realizes this and gives us a bargain. Then again, with the way management has treated him the last couple years, that proly wont happen. And I cant blame him for wanting to get away from this dramafest that is the Lakers now.

    • AntRodrigues

      Pau has never really been a defensive type of player…that is why he needs players around him to pick up his slack. The team as a whole are not playing TEAM DEFENSE!

  • Godfrey Uche

    Pau you need to play tough and physical basketball not soft to silence some critics.

    • Ralph Rivera

      The only was pau is tested is if he plays center against howard and marc he needs to be pushed along with kobe lighting his fire he can produce

  • Mr.Smith

    I don’t think Pau is THAT bad of a defender. When the Lakers played Orlando in the 2009 finals, he held Dwight Howard in check, and he can be a shot blocker when needed. He’s not defensive player of the year material for sure, but he’s definitely a better defender than Glen Rice or Carmello Anthony.

    • NickOld

      Howard gets most of his points off of pick and roll and put backs, he was never really a good one on one center. Pau was good back then cause he was moving his feet and can keep up with some of the quicker centers. Nowadays he can’t elevate and hes much less mobile. You can see in last night’s game how he just left Meeks to play 2 on 1 against Westbrooks and Ibaka and he just backed away and stood in the paint, just lazy defending for a guy cashing a 20 mil paycheck.

      • Terrell

        I’m glad to see there are some who are able to levy some justified criticism of Pau Gasol. Most fans turn a blind eye to it because he’s such a nice guy and all that stuff.

  • Ramon

    Will you guys stop hating on Pau, there are far worse things on this team than him. The playstyle is not fit for him, they want him to play like a 4/5, which involves him not being in the key as much.Even the Lakers understand that Pau is the best player on the team when Kobe’s not around, I don’t know why you fairweather fans think you can just easily think different of him.

    • Jared

      What, so let’s just give him a pass? Sorry, but if we are going to hold the coaches and other players accountable for their mistakes and deficiencies, let’s be fair and not excuse or make excuses for anybody. You people coddle Pau so much it’s ridiculous.

  • hookedonnews

    Everyone wants to win. The argument is the best way to go about doing that. Kobe wants the front office to make moves sooner rather than later, and IMO that’s not what’s best for the team. He’s looking at things through his perspective. Nothing wrong with that, but the team has to consider what’s in the best long-term interests of the team. Kobe’s not going to be here forever. They’ve got to get the kind of players that can pick up the mantle and be the face of the franchise. Unless LeBron decides to relocate, there aren’t any of those kind of players available this year.

  • Kay Carter

    Pau needs to stfu nd play….step his game up smh, he talking bout we lack consistency but he aint doing much…needs to take own advice

  • Ralph Rivera

    Kobe and pau is the sole heart of this team they earned the right to speak there minds duh no toni pack it up n go home jim buss is single handly crushing lakers soul of history pride like those of chick or magic kareem who humbled himself to help phil with bynum even west who traded pau to the lakers from the grizz when he was there jim get ur head out of your ………wake up! Lakers 4 life ride or die