Lakers News: Pau Gasol Reacts to Mike Brown’s Firing

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Reacts to Mike Brown’s Firing


The Los Angeles Lakers have parted ways with coach Mike Brown, and the search for a new head man had begun.

The Lakers players have struggled adjusting to Brown’s style of coaching and their 1-4 record speaks to that claim. Los Angeles looks lethargic on both ends of the court and the players have not been able to figure out the new offensive system.

Pau Gasol is looking to win his third championship with the Lakers this season, but he will have to do it without coach Mike Brown. Gasol spoke to Mark Medina about the firing of Brown, and as always, he was very professional and compassionate when answering the question.

There’s nothing we could as players except go out and perform and do our best to turn this around. I feel bad for Mike. There’s been a lot going on regardless. This is my third time with the coach being fired when I was on a team. It’s not pleasant to go through. You feel bad for the coach and his family and the position he’s in.

Many names have surfaced as possible coaching replacements, including Phil Jackson, Jerry Sloan and Mike D’Antoni. Gasol won two championships under Phil Jackson and he fit perfectly in the famous Triangle offense. Gasol and the Lakers have a game to play tonight against the Golden State Warriors, so it will be interesting to see how he and his teammates play after the news.


Video: Mike Brown Fired, Howard Wants Phil Jackson


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  • Manuel A. Carmona

    I like all three names been mentioned!

  • James

    Exactly. I knew he wouldn’t last. This organization isn’t used to losing. Period. And no, we shouldn’t feel bad for him. Money isn’t going to be a problem he’s walking away with millions.

  • Linda

    i have no problem with him being fired. He leaves with a buy out of 18 million dollars. He doesn’t have to worry about a job any time soon. Maybe now we can get our old team back and win games. This has been a horrible start and a dis-service to our 5 top starters.

  • Rigged4fun

    Mr. Brown was unable to make the team play better, let alone win games. I believe the Lakers already have a coach in tow to replace Mike.

  • hookedonnews

    Wondering if the Triangle would work any better for Nash than the Princeton. Hoping for D’Antoni, but it will probably be Phil Jackson. Feel bad for Brown, but he probably wouldn’t be in this position if he had not brought in the Princeton offense and then refused to drop it.

  • M Antoine

    Good riddance Mike Brown… Good morning and welcome Phil Jackson, zen master… Let’s go Lakers

  • Joseph Apohen

    Watching Brown on the sideline, I knew he would not last long. The man does not have presence, no charisma, no swagger, too kind to the refs, and does not know how to make adjustment. He was the wrong hire. All the best MIke.