Lakers News: Pau Gasol Not Interested In Asking For Trade

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Not Interested In Asking For Trade


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles ClippersThis isn’t the story Laker fans are used to. Losing. But this season they are growing accustomed to it. Last night the Lakers played as the away team at Staples Center against their cross-town rival, the Clippers losing 107-102. It was the same old story that we’ve seen as of late. Another game. Another loss. Another fourth quarter of Pau Gasol riding the bench.

There have been three other games where Pau Gasol sat for the entire fourth quarter. He was benched earlier in the season in games against Memphis, Charlotte, and Orlando, but this time, Gasol says, is different, according to Dave McMenamin of ESPNLosAngeles.

“The guys on the floor were doing a great job cutting down the lead, and we gave ourselves a chance, so it wasn’t that frustrated from that point but it was still hard.”

Despite the constant rumors, the poor play on the court, and the, now, fourth time he has been benched in the fourth quarter, Pau Gasol reported last night that he will not demand a trade from the Los Angeles Lakers. Gasol used the word “radical” when explaining if he would demand a trade.

Kobe Bryant is still Pau’s biggest supporter telling ESPN last night that “We have to figure that out,” Bryant said. “We need to go through him a lot, lot more. A lot, lot more. He needs more touches on the elbow, more touches on the post. He’s not a scorer type of a person, he’ll be the first to admit that, but he can make plays for others down there. He can control the game from down there, and we got to find a way to get him more activated.”

Through it all, Pau Gasol is still a Laker and as far as he is concerned, he will remain a Laker.

  • approvaljunkies

    I bet he’ll be gone by the end of ylthe trade deadline!

  • joe23

    He no need to ask for trade because he knows that his going to be traded anytime soon…

  • Dmouse35

    Pau Gasol needs to be traded, if you’re a true Lakers fan
    you must awaken to this disappointing truth. Gasol is very lethargic, the other
    night he didn’t even try to get himself involved in the clippers game, and yes
    Gasol may be talented with different skills but he doesn’t seem to have the
    fire to bring that potential out on the court anymore. His brother Mark plays
    in a free flowing offence and is having one of his best seasons so I don’t want
    to hear excuses that it’s D’antonis system that’s holding gasol back!

    • Michael

      True Lakers fans believe in their team too. And it kinda is a system holding someone back… Marc’s been in Memphis his whole career so he’s had plenty of time to get used to that system. Gasol has had 3 coaches this season, has an ever changing role on his team, and now matter how you put it, Pau would not be at the 3 point line jacking up treys if it wasn’t part of D’Antoni’s system.

      I’m not saying he shouldn’t be traded, I just don’t think trading him will fix the Lakers either when D’Antoni hasn’t a clue how to use his personnel. Too many problems on this team to be fixed by just one move. There’s the “genius” of D’Antoni constantly shuffling lineups, there’s Pau lack of energy on the floor, most of the bench doesn’t bring that much, Dwight can’t keep himself on the court or put freethrows through the iron, Kobe’s shooting too much because the rest of his team isn’t getting involved enough, Antawn Jamison sits some games and plays others, Jodie Meeks can be too hot to stop one night and ice cold the next, Chris Duhon is a joke and insult to the NBA, Darius Morris… I could go on and on.

      But I honestly think there are pieces to this team that are key to a championship. Do I think it will be this year? Nope. Do I think losing Pau is the solution? Maybe. But it certainly won’t get the Lakers to the Finals this year just shipping him off.

      You’re right, but not being quite complete, because there is so much wrong with this team, it may as well be the season to weather a storm.