Lakers News: Pau Gasol Is Concerned With The Health Of Steve Nash

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Is Concerned With The Health Of Steve Nash


Steve Nash’s status going into tonight’s game was uncertain after it was revealed that he had a minor neck injury. Nash got the start and played relatively well in the second quarter, but did not come out to play in the second half of the game.

Taking precautions with Nash’s neck was the reason the point guard didn’t play in the second half, but the fact that Nash’s propensity for injury is in the back of the team’s collective minds is an issue of its own. According to Serena Winters, Pau Gasol is among those concerned with Nash’s health for this upcoming season.

The concerns are legitimate as Nash broke his leg during the second game of last season and ended the season with hamstring issues. This year, Nash has already sat out a game with an ankle injury.

Nash was brought in to be the driver of the D’Antoni offense much like he did in Phoenix. This season, the Lakers have a bit more insurance behind Nash with Jordan Farmar and Steve Blake on the depth chart, but having Nash running the offense for as many games as possible will give the Lakers their best chance to stay competitive.


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  • Paytc

    Nash was not healthy much of last season forcing Kobe to have to shoulder the majority of the PG playmaking role. This season Famar may have to shoulder the bulk of the load should Nash not be able to? Again we hope Nash,Kobe,Hill,and Gasol are all healthy enough to lead by example to give the new additions time to settle in. It’s almost showtime again and I for one am looking forward.

    • kobe24

      I’m looking forward to Kobe’s return but I hope he doesn’t rush it. Personally I think late November or early December would sound right for Kobe to return or maybe even later (such as Christmas day vs Miami Heat)

      I love Steve Nash, one of the best PG of all time (top 5 in my list) but at the same time his body just can’t handle it. Its preseason he barely played any minutes (15~25 MAX) and yet he already has so many issues going on when regular season starts its going to get worse.

      As for Gasol, Im happy with the Kaman, Gasol duo looking really good. I hope Jordan Hill can step it up since so far he hasn’t really shown light.

      Our bench is better and solid in comparison to last year. With Johnson, Farmar, Henry, Williams, etc I can see a solid bench so that the starters won’t have to carry much weight. Can’t wait to see them and surprise many people

      GO LAKERS!

      • Paytc


        I agree that Kobe should not rush back. I do think he will need a few game time reps in a few games before returning on Christmas to face the Heat. It would be smarter to have him return for the easiest team out there just to test everything out first.

        I agree Nash’s health is a concern but it is preseason. I would be more concerned if it were the regular season. I have said all along limiting Nash’s minutes and giving the bulk of the load to a younger more athletic Famar makes more sense. Then perhaps Nash would be healthy come playoff time? He is not durable or healthy enough to log heavy minutes in a 82 game season.

        I agree Gasol (who is hungry for a new contract) and Kaman duo looks far better than the big man chemistry of last season.I also agree the bench looks better as well.

        I would not worry too much about Jordan Hill, because he was one of the few who actually came to battle every game last season until he went down to injury.

        As long as we have a call out to everyone to “STEP UP “, no finger pointing or excuses, be personally accountable, we will do well.

    • ra

      You mentioned something very important: “lead by example”. Nash has a wealth of knowledge that he can pass on to Farmar (or whomever) in an ‘in court’ situation. Gasol can do the same. They are ‘elite’ players who, granted in the downturn of their prime, have enormous basketball IQs.

      If younger players want to learn the great mechanisms of playing basketball, they should consider themselves apprentices to these masters of basketball. It is a normal process to pass down knowledge to apprentices, and this is the perfect opportunity. Since this year is ‘touch-n-go’ anyway, the timing would be good.

      If I were Nash, I would be eager to show someone how to do things, before retiring, so that they have a chance to emulate a great player. But, as we all know, nba players generally have big egos, and may not appreciate this opportunity.

  • Jim213

    Starting to speculate but if Nash fails or has issues with his health I don’t see him playing for the team next year. Especially when the team can amnesty him and go after their future PG aside of resigning Farmar.

    • Vaidas

      Didn’t we used an amnesty clause on Metta?

      • meep

        yes we did and we only get one

      • Jim213

        Yes, “I don’t see him playing for the team next year.” this off season MWP and if things don’t fair out the team may choose to amnesty Nash next off season. More $$ for 2014 FA if things don’t pan out. Nice one DP. 14!

  • richard

    This is why we have Farmar and Blake instead of Duhon and Morris at that position. I would be more than happy if Nash can get us around 20minutes per game this year. Give the bulk of the minute to Farmar at the PG.

    • richard

      Next year though is another story… I would love for him to retire if there is a recurring injury to his body, and help help MDA on the bench, that is, if MDA is still here. If MDA is fired, I would like for him to have greater role on the bench and for Kobe to be the playing coach. That would be awesome!

  • sternon

    sorry to say this, but nash is done

    • hookedonnews

      This is preseason. D’Antoni is saving Nash for the regular season. If the neck injury was serious he wouldn’t have been out there at all. There are plenty of other players around the league who are injured right now. It’s not just Nash who is sitting. Do you think Tony Parker and Tim Duncan are playing that much in preseason? If Nash was done, he would retire. Gasol is concerned because he knows how important he is to the team. That doesn’t mean that this season is going to be a repeat of last season.

      • Lakerslegends

        ^Finally someone said it right!

      • moas

        nice to see people with common sense and basketball i.q. are commenting as well.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Steve Nash knows this is preseason so he is taking precaution also he is taking it easy out there.But i do think the coaching staff is purposely keeping him out of games and restricting his minutes.

    The trainer told the Lakers to cut back his minutes and hold hi out of certain games this season.Well it’s preseason and old veterans usually get much needed time off to be better prepared for the regular season.I think Steve Nash will be just fine and he will be a major focal point of the Lakers team all season long he not done yet IMO.

    He has something left to prove his doubters all wrong.Nash is going to play well IMO.He is holding back for now,just coasting and letting the younger players develop.But come regular season things will be much more serious and get much better play out of Nashty.

  • Marty Susman

    Mitch, Jim, I am begging you, trade them BOTH before they both break down again. Gasol, Nash NEED to go & go ASAP….

  • Lakers4Life

    The team is so much better with Farmar/Blake at PG. Nash should be traded for a perimeter defender or signed off the roster as a development coach IMO.

  • Charles in Whittier

    Pau Gasol should be more concerned about the health of his low-post game.

  • Danny

    Lol at everybody on here acting like steve nash isnt visibly struggling, as if its by choice because “its preseason”. The same people last year saying preseason didnt matter even though it was a sign of things to come. Optimism is great but the reality is nash is the oldest player in the whole nba, our lakers wont be winning a championship with nash as our starting pg. As much as I hate to say it, the longer it takes to upgrade is just wasted time.

  • meep

    nash might not be nash of old, but we cant count him out just yet. since it only preseason. if this was the regular season it be different. with the depth we have this year at the point the team doesnt need nash for 30+ min. now we can have him play d fish min of 20-25 min a game. farmar no nash, but he sure is one heck of a player and he keep showing it in each game he played in the preseason.

  • Guest

    They should have amnestied nash not artest