Lakers News: Pau Gasol Happy To Remain A Laker After Trade Deadline

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Happy To Remain A Laker After Trade Deadline


With so many rumors floating around the Lakers, many players were anxiously waiting to see if they would still be a Laker after today’s trade deadline.

Steve Blake was moved to the Golden State Warriors last night, but the Lakers stayed pat otherwise, not making any moves. This isn’t the first time Gasol has had to sweat out the deadline, but according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, Gasol is happy to still be in Los Angeles:

Even though Gasol has had to deal with trade rumors for years, it’s apparent that he still loves being a part of the Lakers. He’s had his greatest success here, and will have his jersey hanging in the rafters one day.

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Gasol has dealt with the pressures of being shopped at the trade deadline for years now, and always seems to handle it with great professionalism. According to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, he holds no hard feelings towards the team:

Gasol will definitely be a desired target this off-season as he is set to hit free agency after the season. There are sure to be a number of teams lining up for his services.

But for the rest of this season, Gasol remains a Laker.
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  • Terrence

    The Lakers are so rudderless it’s ridiculous. They can’t decide if they are going left or right. If they are out to dump as much salary, then go about it already. Show us you have a plan (ANY plan), are implementing said plan, and going about implementing the plan DECISIVELY. Then again, perhaps Kobe is dictating thngs behind the scenes. If so, then it will be a looong time before the Lakers hit relevancy again.

  • gm jack

    Loosers Club!

    Pau must have no self respect. He should be pressing the button to his agent to find him a home for the next 3 years of his career.

    I know I am going to have Pau’s fan jump up and down.

    Go Ahead. Have fun.

    Like follows like.

  • e3bonz

    It’s good that Pau remains with the team.

  • Vi5ion

    Didnt wanna see either of these guys go. I hope Pau offers Lakers a discount at resigning him, but totally understand if he doesnt. Id love to see hill resigned long term, the guy is the ultimate hustle player. All I know is ill ‘ve at the Lakers final home game just in case its Pau’s last.

    • $20509373

      Why would he take a paycut to stay in LA when he can take a paycut to play on a contender?

  • Boobie Knight

    Why do people think Pau is going to take a cut in pay to stay? He’s gone after this year to the highest bidder.

    • Juan

      Sadly, there are fellow Laker fans who are smoking something strong and illegal. They think Pau right now is still the same Pau from 2008-2010, and that he is void of any ego that he would gladly accept less than 8 figures a year for his services.

      • d

        I think Pau would play better and even take a little cut if the coach would use him effectively…

  • $20509373

    He’s gonna leave in the offseason and once again we’ll get no compensation.

    • Gregory Choa

      …well, except for the 2 titles he helped this franshise win and the 20/10/5 he’s basically given this team, while healthy, throughout his tenure.

      What “compensation” were you expecting exactly, once a player’s contract expires and he becomes a free agent? SMH!

      I’m happy for the guy this summer (as I’m sure he is)…he finally gets to control his own destiny instead of playing under the constant cloud of possibly being traded and for a bunch of spoiled fans who have absolutely ZERO appreciation for his formidable, wordly talents.

      • $20509373

        Zero appreciation? Not so much. I just don’t put a lot of stock in what happened 4 years ago. The “compensation” I was looking for was a draft pick and an expiring contract. I’m sorry I don’t roll over and worship the ground that Gasol walks on like you do. I’m a team first fan (unlike 99% of other Lakers fans). If team success meant Kobe and Gasol had to leave I’d pack their bags for them and thank them on the way out.

        The difference between the players and the organization is in 50 years the organization will still be here and the players will be gone. In 50 years I’ll still be a fan (and old). How about you?

        • Gregory Choa

          …and what if this draft pick and expiring contract wasn’t forthcoming and never came to fruition, in spite of Kupchak’s efforts to get a deal done – did you expect the FO to magically conjure it up? And, in the absence of that, did you expect/want the FO to just dump him for cents on the dollar?

          I understand that team success is a cyclical process and there are going to be some peaks and valleys along the way, and I’m a pretty patient guy who also understands that we live in a world dominated by an incessant need for instant gratification.

          In 50 years I won’t be around anymore, but I’ll be a fan of this franchise ’till the day I die.


      There is always compensation when any player leaves, as the team takes that player’s salary demands/obligation off their books…
      $0.00 salary to pay that player, thus opening up salary for another… Identical to trading said players salary demands/obligation for another of equal compensation… Get it?

      • $20509373

        That’s not much considering Jim Buss will be deciding what to do with that new found salary space.


          It is what is, no matter what… That’s what owners do: Decide