Lakers News: Pau Gasol Comments On Phil Jackson’s Move To Knicks

Lakers News: Pau Gasol Comments On Phil Jackson’s Move To Knicks


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On Friday, the news became official that former Lakers head coach Phil Jackson will be heading up the Knicks front office in Madison Square Garden. Jackson has no experience with any team’s front office, but with 11 NBA championships on his resume, he adds a new perspective to the business side of running a team.

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Pau Gasol had the opportunity to play under Jackson during the 2009 and 2010 Lakers championship winning season seasons. The Lakers veteran commented on his former coach’s new job via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Jackson and Pau Gasol have always had a great player-coach relationship, and to this day, the two still remain in contact despite belonging to different organizations. Pau looks forward to hearing more about Jackson’s new position directly from the man himself via Winters:

Surely, Gasol will have similar questions for Jackson as the rest of the NBA fans base does. When a highly successful former head coach not only transitions to an entirely different aspect of the game but also for a team that is not the Lakers, one has to wonder what exactly Jackson’s new position will entail and why he has decided to make the move.

Lakers and Knicks fans alike will observe the following seasons to see the course of action Jackson looks to take in order to rehabilitate the Knicks organization altogether. The former Lakers head coach may be the answer to save the Knicks franchise.
Kobe Bryant On Phil Jackson To The Knicks, “I Don’t Really Get It”

  • Laker fan in Oregon

    Really sad day for a laker fan
    Who now will convince free agents
    To come to la
    Doc rivers huh,same building

  • Daryl Peek

    There’s a GREAT ARTICLE written by by Ramona Shelburne on ESPN go .com ‘LA Lakers’ titled “Phil Jackson’s long goodbye to L.A.” Those of you interested in the truth about things should read it.

    I’ve been saying this stuff on all kinds of different Lakers blogs for the last three years. I’ve tried to show people the obvious that’s been right in front of their face since 2005. Dr. Buss told us all of these things back then in two interviews, one with Jim Grey and the other with Michael Eaves. I’ve posted those video’s I don’t know how many times and told folks to listen, take it in, because this is Lakers gospel being spoken about the future….

    “Dr. Jerry Buss Exclusive interview 2005 Fox Sports” with Michael Eaves and “Dr. Jerry Buss exclusive interview ESPN 2005” with Jim Grey. Buss covers all things most are and have speculated, about what’s been going on. Again, I’ve argued with many on this very site over these things citing Dr. Buss’s words as truth.

    My question to many is how did you as long time Lakers fans get to the point where a HC became bigger than the Lakers brand? Pat Riley did more for the Lakers brand than Phil did and he was not revered like this. I don’t recall people involved in rituals of idolatry in chanting his name like a Buddhist mantra being recited after he retired, calling for his return?

    I respect all that Phil has done for the Lakers in helping the franchise obtain more championships but all eras eventually end. The Lakers brand was great before Phil and will be after. It was great before Dr. Buss also. Each new era brings individuals who only enhance the legacy of this storied franchise. Hanging on too long hinders progress when it’s time to let go. Things look bad right now but this is not the first time they have and wont be the last. I as a Laker fan remain encouraged because just like reading a great book, you can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds.


    • Eddie Jones

      I think that is like on point. I really believe that Jim, Jeanie, and the rest of the Buss family feel they need to make their own stamp or their own legacy without their father now. May his soul rest in peace, but half of me is sad because I think Phil could of been a great asset to the organization, but the other half of me believes that having him would just be like an escape or like a panic move for Jim. I truly believe that if he wants to be great or if he wants to make his own mark, he will have to do things his way now. He has to experience the bad and the worse, in order to get to get back to the top. And with this Phil uncertainty gone, I think this summer is finally the blank canvas they can use.
      1. They have an important draft decision to make?
      2. They have cap space to utilize and spend wisely?
      3. They have a coaching staff decision?
      4. They have a roster majority of expiring contracts?

      Exciting questions to be answered in the offseason.

      • Daryl Peek

        The only thing I would caution you and all other Lakers fans on is, remaining patient. Dynasty building is not an overnight reload continuance. At some point there has to be a reboot, and more often than not there’s an extended period of lows involved. The Lakers under Dr. Buss have been the best and quickest at the dynasty turnaround. If the cards fall right and favor is shown sooner rather than later, who knows, number 6 might come to fruition for Kobe but the odds are stacked against that and the all out gamble Kobe and most want is not a wise choice as the FO can again, no longer keep kicking the reboot can down the road.

        • savi

          I won’t be surprised much, if ‘no D’ Antoni is back. I think FO must have thought that if they have to rebuild they need a lottery pick somewhere down the line. well it’s coming right up. We should blame them for so many things that went wrong this season, but silver lining is, coaching staff has been able to develop role players like Meeks, Young and Bazemore who can fit in with the team next season. And with good moves and a lottery pick this off season…….. Lakers will be right back in the mix in sometime. I like that you used the word ‘patience’. #patienceLakersFan

          • Zimmeredge

            it’s gonna take much more time imo. and building a dynasty is great but building a winning dynasty is harder. i can remember a lot of one-two punch dynasty or big three they were good ones but not winning ones. so even if you get Bryant, Lebron, Melo together you might loose the final game. there is no key to straight success.
            we are, imo, in a position to get a great team together within 14-15-16. is it a winning one? maybe. what’s sure is that it’s gonna take time.
            i think we should address the coach issue. D’antoni did a great job grooming and auditioning some talents but we need to move forward and get a better coach or at least a more suited coach for the situation.

          • markjsunz

            D`Antoni is always angry. Every picture you see him making a face. Not sure this is the type of man to rebuild a team. But on the other hand as long as the Lakers continue to play like they are playing the Lakers will bring in young talent.
            Funny Jackson is going to be in New York and he is still laying wood to Busses daughter..
            As for baby Buss I remember when he was an unsuccessful horse trainer.
            There must be a terrible rift between Busses daughter and son.
            Phil is family and Baby Buss let him walk.

        • truth24

          Ok you remain patient, lakers won’t be winning anytime soon then that’s what you want ???. As real laker fans we don’t have time to fucking wait. It’s either champs or busts that is the laker tradition… we should be in the playoffs every fucking year!!!! Fuck being pessimistic . It seems like your ok with the lakers sucking well I’m not. Kobe would smack the crap out of you. Are you really a bucks fan claiming to be a laker? Ah so weak minded

          • Daryl Peek

            Typical. No team wins all the time! Even ones ran by Dr. Buss and West. Please grow up and miss me with your childish huffing and puffing. The only people being pessimistic are the ones crying over a supposed only begotten savior of the Lakers leaving, when we were an 11X champ before him. SMH

    • Zimmeredge

      i didn’t read the article but the best way to move forward and to win again is to think about the future, to think ahead. and not to think about the past. thinking about the past was possible when we had Dwight… now we are in a position to build the future (draft picks for next two seasons, expiring contract etc) so we should think about the future and how can we build a winning team for the future. that’s all.

      • Daryl Peek

        Agreed on the future but there’s still Kobe. Bryant poses a problem in the sense the FO is stuck between a complete reboot in rebuilding and trying to send Kobe out these next two season happy. A complete rebuild for the future works against Kobe’s all in wishes.

        Kobe is the link to the past for the FO as they work towards finding their new direction without Dr. Buss. Securing Kobe for the two season’s they did was a necessary guaranteed box office buffer. A complete reboot without the confidence of Dr. Buss in the FO could be disastrous with no marquee player for the fans to get behind. Two average seasons can survive with Kobe still on board as fans will still come to see their hero before he rides off into the sunset, hoping to catch flashes of the Mamba here and there. This was the case with Kareem during his farewell tour in 89, and the same in 96 when Magic came back. Rarely do all-time greats go out like Jordan did in 98, and even he came back to have his farewell tour in Washington.

        • Zimmeredge

          not to my knowledge. imo he is not a problem. i see him as a chance. you can combine his will to win and fo’s desire to build for the future. the problem with Kobe is the uncertainty surrounding his level of game. it all depends on his level on court. if (big if tho) he delivers on a nightly basis a 20/6/6 it’s gonna be great. if he doesn’t it’s gonna be complicated no matter what happen this summer. we need to get him back to a decent level.
          Now to be the bond between him and the future? no question about this for me. that seems logical that he needs much younger guys to go grab number 6. of course he won’t grab #6 with old Gasol and old Nash and as i said it’s not because you’ll get together kb, lbj and melo that you’ll win the final game in the post season. you have as much equal chances to do so with players that are less performing. no key to straight success.
          some might say the risky, hard choices are the better choices you can make in life. and bringing a winning team together is a hard thing to achieve.
          tbh the real pain for me is Nash’s contract and of course D’antoni. he was the good coach for that transition period. but now we need to attract players. Bryant is a so-so supporter. Gasol wants him out. Nash he’s not playing so he can’t really have a say on this. so our three stars are basically against him.
          Plus there are great coaches out there this summer. And depending on what you wanna build for the future there’s probably a more suited coach for that.
          Hollins knows how to play with bigs. del negro instigated “lob city”. Sloan is a master for pnr type of play. he mastered that with both stockton/malone and dwill/boozer and of course george karl. he can play full court our half court. he can play with bigs or small ball. he plays with the guy he has in the roster and that’s a quality.

          • Daryl Peek

            Kobe coming out being critical of the FO is proof of the potential problematic. At this point the FO might not be willing to grant his wishes and spend in an all out manner that will compromise the plans of cap flexibility going forward. Mitch has said this on several occasions. Kobe’s dig at the FO is in direct conflict with that.

            Of course they want to win soon as possible but again, not at the cost of a gamble that might compromise the plan.

          • Zimmeredge

            for me mitch has a plan. plan A: the heat break apart because they do not win it and he will try his best to go after lebron. Plan b he will build through draft (Wiggins, Parker, Randle) and get young guys in the fa (possibly Thomas, Stephenson or Bledsoe). he will keep gasol just for the sake of having a trade bait along the season and in order to keep kobe’s best friend.
            of course… i don’t see him not dropping d’antoni on either case. nash might get waive too.

          • Daryl Peek

            Gasol is gone IMO. Why would he give them the ability to dangle him again? No way I’d sign a new contract without a no trade clause in it if I were him. LeBron is not an option unless a trade is made. Kobe’s salary coupled with the need to get under the luxury tax this coming season makes it hard to have a second max contract in 2014.

            Nash is a tuff one to call. He holds all the cards because he gets paid and remains on the books regardless of being waived. I’ll say this, I could see MDA staying through his contract if player development is the call again next season but I’ve heard a few fairly reliable sources say they really believe this is D’Antoni’s last season.

          • Zimmeredge

            it’s Nash or Gasol imo. if we are interested in getting Love gasol could be an important piece in a trade talk through next season because i don’t see minny letting him go without compensation. or even if we wanna make a sign and trade for lottery player.
            either way Gasol will have to take a huge pay cut no matter where he ends up.
            I can see Stephenson-Bryant-Johnson-Parker-Monroe. but it’s gonna be too much change for one season. that’s why Gasol is still there in my mind.
            we have played the “good” franchise. we have loyal to our coach and pg but they will hamper our future.

          • Daryl Peek

            Both Nash and Gasol have the power. Were at their mercy like it or not. Gasol is not taking the pay cut you think. 18/10/3/1.5 will still command top dollar even at his age. There are not many centers in the NBA with that kind of production ability.

          • Zimmeredge

            his stats are the reason why he is still a valuable trade bait. let’s say we give him 13-14 a year. love is not giving the wolves any guaranty he’ll remain with them after 2015 they could end up with having nobody in compensation.
            his production ability combined with Rubio are great and minny will have much more time to rebuild. not to mention they have first rounder next summer (just like us) with a great fa in 15. all in all both sides are winning.

          • markjsunz

            This is Gasols walk year. He probably will go to a team with a shot at a title, and or play on a team with his brother.

            Gasol gave Kobe title 4 and 5. Kobe got bailed out for being a ball hog by Gasol and Metta world putz.

          • Daryl Peek

            How many championships or playoff games did Gasol and Metta win without Kobe?

    • NickOld

      Yeah finally we can stop hearing these we want Phil chant, the next thing to go is the stupid we want taco chant.

  • Lifelong fan now in the south

    Kobe says, “I don’t really get it.” That’s why Phil is not coaching in LA. And what I really don’t get is how people could think Phil is the only coach that could save the organization. There is a reason why he left. You may see a great coach, but not a very loyal one. The trick is to find one who is loyal and good.

    • Daryl Peek

      Phil was very loyal to the organization. I’ve been very critical of Phil quite often but I cannot go there saying he’s disloyal. Phil is no longer physically able to keep up the everyday grind of coaching in the NBA. That coupled with his ambition. What Phil wants the Lakers cannot give him and NY can. The Seattle Group could’ve also if that deal had worked out. Bottom line, it was just time to move on…

      “The franchise has been paralyzed by Phil’s presence. For better or worse, everyone now has the ability to move forward.”

      “Paralyzed” in the sense the franchise wasn’t able to move forward w/o every decision judged thru prism of “Phil.” –AK

      Phil left the Lakers three years ago. Fans, Media and a few players have not let go.

  • fdsf

    i think Pau will go to Knicks next season

  • Calijustice

    Nadia Tseng, your article implies that Gasol on played for Phil Jackson for two years when in fact it was four year

  • Osman

    Is it me or does it seem like a possibility that Pau Gasol will be a big man in New York. They are lacking that position and Phil knows hes capable of playing extremly well. If Carmelo leaves the Knicks will take part in a rebuild and this could possibly help raise Gasols price.

  • truth24

    Jim buss does not need to do things his way. Everybody needs someone, in this case he is just a selfish son of a bitch we can all relate although I hate to admit it. Why give any of your money away to someone else? He would rather keep all the riches for himself and watch his precious lakers crumble. To all laker fsns don’t get your hopes up in winning any championships these next 20 years. As long as he is running the lakers they will be doomed for a very long time. Just look at the talent he has been acquiring very cheap w low value. He does not know anything about basketball. I think mitch is the only one left trying to save this organization.. He’s pretty much Jims bitch seems like it….

  • Robert L. I.

    Totally agree with Osman. And to all the sports hacks that have been saying Phil was using the Knicks to get to the Buss’s, care to retract? Of course not that’s why your hacks. Phil’s gone and once again sport journalism is at all time low. Do us a favor go crawl under a rock.

  • truth24

    Do you really see dantoni coaching wiggins or parker???? I’ll answer that for you. Fuck noo