Lakers News: Nick Young Wants To Know Who The Lakers Coach Will...

Lakers News: Nick Young Wants To Know Who The Lakers Coach Will Be


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Nearly everybody who suited up for the Los Angeles Lakers last season is a free agent this summer. Though the Lakers will have a lot of decisions to make as far as who to bring back, one player who absolutely wants to return is Nick Young.

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Young became a fan favorite and was one of the few bright spots from this past season. He undoubtedly earned himself more money this off-season, and is still willing to take a discount to play for the Lakers moving forward. But according to the LA Daily News’ Mark Medina, there is something else that Young wants solved if he is to return to LA:

This is a direct contrast to what some people believe is behind the Lakers thinking as some have reported that the Lakers may want to talk to free agents and see who they may like as a head coach. But Young makes a good point.

A player would want to sign with a team where he knows what style they play and what his role would be. It is impossible to know that if a team has no coach.

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Byron Scott has been looked at as a favorite since Mike D’Antoni resigned, but nothing is for sure at this time. As Young enters the prime of his career, he wants to play for a team and coach that will maximize his talents. Right now, there is no way to know if Los Angeles is that place.
Top Lakers Head Coaching Candidates

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  • cyborgspider

    Nick is so right regarding a players’ mindset on a coach. If I was switching jobs but the new place didn’t have a boss yet, someone who’s going to manage, motivate and improve my career, I would be highly cautious coming over.

    C’mon Lakers, at least release a nugget of info or get a couple more second interviews…

  • APN

    The Lakers should have an idea of who they want as their next coach, at most, in the next two weeks. The draft and free agency are already around the corner (which is pretty insane to think about..time is so fast..)

    • Cassandra Marino

      lakers must keep young he would be great coming off the bench for kobe

      my 2014-15 roster (prediction)
      Coach – scott or hollins I prefer hollins but I think its gonna be scott
      PG nash/farmar/marshall/smart if they draft him
      SG kobe/young/bazemore
      SF Ariza/MWP
      PF Hill/Kelly/Randle if they draft him/ed davis/maybe love or josh mcrobets
      C Sacre/Bynum/

      • Dino Madness

        Hollins has already been disqualify. Your choices are Between Scott, Rambis and Gentry. If you chose Rambis, Kevin Love will never consider the Lakers and Gentry is a Mike D’Antoni disciple. So those two choices as finalist are insane but we are talking about the incompetence that is Jim Buss and his henchmen Kupcake. With those two choices people will be relief when they chose Bryron Scott because the other two choices are unacceptably pure madness.

        • roseducanna

          The prices is right.You paid it, you get it.Lesson from 2 MIKE .s coach (Brown, duckasstoni)

  • Andy L

    I’m feelin’ ya Swaggy.

  • iEATcelticBabies

    (( pounds chest and throws a two at Swaggy P))…that’s love for L.A


    I’m thinking they’re probably waiting until after the draft? They’re up to something.

    • Chrmngblly

      I think they want an assistant coach off the Spurs or Heat. That’s the only reason I can see to keep Byron twisting in the wind like this—and everybody else, too. I think they had to wait until after the playoffs but now they don’t have time because of the draft.

      • DKWTTY

        Oh, hi friend! You’re being nice to me today? That’s an interesting idea. Why do you figure that?

        • Chrmngblly

          I plan to torture you later….:-)

          • DKWTTY

            Hahaha! I look forward to it!

          • Badazztj12

            Da Fuck……?

          • DKWTTY

            Don’t ask. He talks a lot of shit to me and today he wants to play nice.

  • RUDY T.

    Nick better read the USA Today article by Sam Amick the Lakers are waiting to hire the coach LeBron James wants and they intend to sign King James.Simple as that.

    • Dino Madness

      Delusional Cupcake and Jimbo are wasting everyone’s time. No one will want to come to the mess that they created not James or Durant or anyone who wants to win a championship as soon as possible. The Lakers are a desert devoid of talent and what they need to do is wake up and start rebuilding the right way. Last year movie was about waiting until 2014 and this year Movie is waiting until 2015 and guess what next year movie is going to be about? Well next year Movie is going to be about waiting until 2016 so on and so on. Cupcake and Jimbo are using the failed Dallas strategy and the Lakers are going nowhere fast with this one year contracts.

      • Doc

        I agree, James wouldn’t come to L.A… he would be even more hated if he did, the west is insanely stacked as it is. IMO, Lakers Nation should watch the Rockets closely this off-season. If the Rockets do get Melo or sign other top-tier free agents out there, then they won’t have enough money to spend and that’s where Chandler Parsons comes in and that’s where the Lakers take advantage. I mean, why not? Parsons would be a great addition to be apart of the Lakers’ future.. Parsons can ball and he’s pretty underrated.. I’d give this guy a multi-year deal, but not a huge one..maybe between 8-10 mil for 3 years?? Again it all depends on what the Rockets do this off-season.. this guy would be a pretty big steal in free agency though..

  • VillainKing™

    Swaggy P, I want you back to the Lakers but please improve your DEFENSE!..