Lakers News: Nick Young Wants Lakers To Spoil Opponent’s Playoff Hopes

Lakers News: Nick Young Wants Lakers To Spoil Opponent’s Playoff Hopes


The Lakers took on the New York Knicks Tuesday night and defeated them, 127-96.

Los Angeles were dominant throughout the second half after riding a franchise best 51-point third quarter. With the win, the Lakers have won two straight after registering a win against the Orlando Magic Sunday night. The Lakers played well over the two games and hope to continue their hot streak as the season comes to a close.

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Lakers wingman Nick Young told his teammates they should continue to play hard to ruin the playoff hopes of other teams, according to reporter Mike Trudell.

Following the win, the Lakers dropped the Knicks to a record of 29-42. While the mark is slightly better than the Lakers, the Knicks currently hold the ninth seed in the Eastern Conference and find themselves three games out of the final playoff spot. The Lakers could continue to ruin the playoff chances for other teams down the stretch.

Twelve games remain for the Lakers this season, and eight of them are against teams that are fighting for playoff position. The Lakers were the first team to be eliminated from this years playoffs and look to prepare themselves for the lottery in the 2014 NBA Draft.

With some good play over the next three weeks, the Lakers can play the part of the spoiler for Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, Golden State Warriors, or possibly even the Portland Trail Blazers. The Lakers play each of the five teams who are fighting for the last four spots in the Western Conference in the final stretch of the season.

On top of trying to be “player haters,” many Laker players should be playing hard trying to audition for their next contracts.

A majority of the team have expiring deals, and with their futures uncertain, Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni has expressed urgency from his players.

As the season winds down, the Lakers still have plenty to play for.
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  • Sylvia Ross

    This is truly sad. Why put so much energy into spoiling some other teams chances. Play hard because you want to win, not to spoil others chances. If you guys had played this hard all year maybe you would have been in the playoffs yourself. I really do like Nick, but I am quite disappointed in his reason for wanting to win now. It is one thing for people to think certain things about you, but why open your mouth and remove all doubt ! Some of you guys deserve that sorry d’antoni ! Lakers all day,

    • richard

      yeah, in order to win consistently, a team must be able to find chemistry and an identity… this team never had that all season… there were stretches in the season that they couldn’t even practice 5-on-5… it is not a question of playing hard…. injuries just stole away the energy of this team.

    • Golteb

      I thought Nick was just being his playful self. I didn’t feel it was a serious statement. He is probably just feeding off their 2 wins and a record setting third quarter that he blurts, “hey, if we play like this all the time we could spoil the play-off chances of other teams…” I mean, come on, they are not that consistent enough to spoil certain team’s playoff chances by sheer will.

    • LakersGyrl

      I was more impressed that he said he didn’t want to be a part of the Lakers team with the worst record in the history of the franchise.

    • nlruizjr

      you’re taking the context wrong, Nick isn’t saying it because he hates these teams, he’s saying it because of his competitiveness and besides do you think that other teams remind him about their early exit, one deserves another. You need to know the background and we aren’t privy to that, so chill !!!!

    • AD

      Nick was just joking and this is the NBA. Everyone not on your team is the enemy. Don’t think for one second the Knicks wouldn’t do the same to the Lakers.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Almost all bad teams try to play spoiler around April lol i know from experience of being a lifetime Lakers fan and seeing terrible teams beat us on certain nights during our championship era.Lakers are now the hunter no longer the hunted it must feel good to beat the top dogs.Spoiler alert Lakers are hating hard lol.Nect step is to sign Dante Exum via free agency in 2014 be a pioneer and challenge the NBA and it’s hated owners.Other players have come straight to the NBA from foreign countries without being drafted it’s the right of Dante Exum to do just the same as others.Lakers will reign supreme once again.#FreeExum

    • AD

      Read the CBA. Dante is under 22 so he can’t sign as a free agent. He can
      still force his way to the Lakers though like Kobe did. How amazing
      would it be if history repeated itself and we got Kobe’s heir while Kobe
      is still playing to mentor him.

  • Querelle

    Missing an apostrophe in “this years playoffs.”

  • Sti1lmatic

    You guys remember when the #8 seed warriors (led by Baron Davis with a busted leg/knee) took down Mark Cubans #1 seed Mavericks? That was a good series. I bet Don Nelson loved beating his old team down.