Lakers News: Nick Young Thinks He’d ‘Fit In Very Well’ Next Season Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="237"] It appears to be a foregone conclusion that Nick Young will opt out of the final year of his deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Young [new_royalslider id="237"] It appears to be a foregone conclusion that Nick Young will opt out of the final year of his deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Young Rating: 0
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Lakers News: Nick Young Thinks He’d ‘Fit In Very Well’ Next Season

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It appears to be a foregone conclusion that Nick Young will opt out of the final year of his deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. Young is under contract with a player option worth $1.2 million for next season, but anticipates receiving much more lucrative offers this summer as a free agent.

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Despite Young’s intention to opt out this summer, the veteran guard wants to return to the Lakers, and feels he’ll be a good fit even with Kobe Bryant returning. Young made an appearance on ESPN LA 710 with Mark Willard and Ramona Shelburne to talk about his immediate future:

“I think I’d fit in very well. I could stick to my same routine just coming off the bench and being that scoring threat off the bench. They need a sub sometimes, you know Kobe can come out the game sometimes. I think I showed that when he played a little bit, I think we played well together and I think I could just learn from being out there with that man, he’s one of the best players to play this game.”

The future remains uncertain to say the least for this storied franchise. Most players on the current roster are set to become free agents this summer and there’s no guarantee that any of them return to the team.

Although it is unclear if the team wants to retain players like Jodie Meeks, Xavier Henry, Wesley Johnson or Chris Kaman, Young has proven to be a valuable asset and fan favorite. Meeks has also stepped up his game this season and has increased his value as well, but Young is arguably the better option coming off the bench next season behind Kobe.

With one more game left in the season, Young’s future and the team’s plans will start to take shape in the weeks to come.
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  • comrade24

    How can you hate on a guy that loves the Lakers as much as we do? Bring Swaggy P back!

    • Jim213

      Looks like LN removed their post ‘ Nick Young Believes D’Antoni Deserves Another Year.’

      • Mitch

        Ya Mike D’Antoni sucks as a coach.Fuck that buster Dumbtoni.Fire his brother first and then Johnny Davis and finally Kurt and the grand finale comes right at the LAX airport in a private room we fire Dumbtoni like Lane Kiffin got treated but much worse.Or better yet fire at halftime of the Spurs game and have the security push him out of the arena.Yes he must get fired as you already know.

        • Lakers Fan

          That would be a sight for sore eyes my friend lol

      • PlayerHaters

        Nope that article is still up

        • Jim213

          Took it down and put it back up. *_*

          • PlayerHaters

            Ah yes i see… well carry on

      • Shannon

        Nick Young is the leading bench scorer in the NBA and the entire Lakers bench is the 2nd highest scoring in the league. Nick has actually played defense this season but since he has that reputation people keep repeating that. He even took some charges. Not resigning him would be dumb. Kobe gives us 25 a night, Nick gives us 20. Are you kidding me? Who do you get to replace him for cheap that’s a beast on offense and defense?!! Jodie Meeks? Laughable!

        • Jim213

          Meeks has made it known that he’s been the most consistent out of all the Lakers this season (for a reason). I’d rather have an all around players who you can rely on both sides of the court.

          Bazemore has the ability to put up 15+ on a given night tho requires more growth but this is why i’ve said since last summer that the team lacks role players for the starting rotation.

          • Shannon

            How can you say that? No he hasn’t. Nick has been consistent as well, hence him being the leader bench scorer in the NBA. Jodie plays 5 more minutes a game than Nick and does less. Going back to a bench role he will be trash. Jodie has had free reign this season and it won’t be that way next year. You all act like Jodie is a defensive stopper, he isn’t.

            I actually like Bazemore. He plays with heart and confidence.

          • Jim213

            Smh, look it up as the coach agrees too. But we’ll see what takes place for the right price.

          • Shannon

            The coach? Dumbtoni? Really? Wow.

        • G2102

          Kobe would be hard pressed to score 25ppg and Nick Young didn’t even score 20ppg without Kobe stealing touches from him like he would next year if Nick decides to stay and Nick plays no defense. Meeks is way better at defense and would compliment Kobe better. Meeks is used to not getting the ball. He played with “Swaggy P” this whole year and still balled. Not worried if Nick doesn’t come back next year. They should focus on Meeks!!!

          • Shannon

            What part of Nick comes off the bench to replace Kobe don’t you understand? That means they most likely won’t be sharing the floor and ball that often. You have no clue what Kobe will do next year and besides that just a number I tossed out. You can tell you didn’t watch this year. Nick had 30 and 40 point games like it was nothing. He averages 18 this season, he can average that next season or even more, like 20. It’s possible. Meeks is straight trash and gets embarrassed nightly. He is NOT good on defense. Nick can hit shots other than a 3 and he puts butts in seats at Staples. Jodie Meeks doesn’t. 3 point specialist who bricks 3′s so damn often. Please.

          • Derek880

            I agree. Meeks has been dreadful on D. He can get his points fairly often. But defense. Nope. He constantly cheats off his man, and stay in front of no one. Look at some of the old games and you see him running alongside his man far too often and rarely in front of him. They need a coach that will yank their butts out of the game if the miss defensive assignments. Outside of Nick, the only one I think we definitely need to sign is Jordan Hill. There’s a lot to be said for a player with that type of energy and drive. Just look at Noah in Chicago.

          • Shannon

            Exactly. These fans are clearly just repeating false information from the stupid coach instead of using their own eyes and brain to draw a conclusion. How many times has Meeks left his man open in the corner to hit a 3 while he runs back at him and it’s too late. Shit I could make a
            compilation of him doing it all season. Nicks man is never that wide open!

            Agree with that! Check Jordan’s defensive ratings too. Dude is a beast but he won’t come back if they keep D’antoni sadly.

  • lakerfan0

    Most definitely, Nick! :D

  • PlayerHaters

    Yes, Nick Young, you would fit in very well… ON THE BENCH! LOL
    Nah but in all seriousness, he SHOULD be coming off the bench if he stays next season

  • Mitch

    Mike D’Antoni will be fired as the Lakers coach.Worst coach i have ever seen.He is throwing games and likely betting on games it seems to me.GTFO loser.FIRED!!!!!

  • comrade24

    Why isn’t anyone calling for Kurt Rambis’ job? Defense is HIS job. It’s D’Antoni’s as well, but most Rambis.

    • PlayerHaters


    • Michael Laker Lifer

      Rambis is an assistant coach, and yes he is a defensive coach, but the poor defence is a direct result of the style of play determined by the head coach. If D’Antoni doesn’t preach defense, then Rambis’ rants will fall on deaf ears. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Rambis fan, he should go too, so the lakers and players can start fresh. I want the lakers to sign George Karl personally…

  • Richard

    I want to see Nick returns to the Lakers. His inspiring balling and scoring ability makes him a natural backup shooting guard behind his mentor Kobe. With Kobe, Jordon, Nick and Jodie, experience and talents, l think all of them play well enough to get quality minutes in games. The Lakers should be able to effectively match up and play almost any combination of this talented group. Question is will Mitch bring in a game changing guard from the draft or free agency? If not at guard where?

  • truth24

    Of course nick young wants to play for the Lakers look at all the fucking attention he’s getting. He defiantly won’t be getting it from any other team and will more then likely be back on the bench. What a load of crap. Lakers do not want him back trust me on this!!!!! I can sense kobe is annoyed of this dude!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf this guy was a clipper was he called shaggy p then too???? Wtf why are you dumb as laker fans calling him shaggy p????? Wtf so fucking stupid . ADD mother fucker wow

    • Shannon

      You must be a new fan. He’s getting attention because he’s playing well. He still comes off the bench now for the Lakers. What going back to the bench are you fucking talking about? He was called Swaggy P as a Clipper. Kobe does not find him annoying. You sound good and stupid but saying someone else has ADD? Wow indeed.

      • truth

        He scores 41 points against the jazz for no fucking reason. This season was clearly over and Lakers should have fucking lost that game. Instead this idiot wants to play just for himself. I was never a fan of shaggy p even when he was with the clippers. He’s getting attention just cut the Lakers suck and he scores a bunch??? Fuck that he’s garbage along with this coach. He’s not gonna be here next season plus he mentioned it earlier today even dissing the fans. Where the Fuck have you been? I’m two steps ahead of you foo!!!!

        • Shannon

          So what’s he to do? Let the shot clock run out every time he gets the ball? They lose you fuckers complain, they win you fuckers complain. Nick didn’t play alone. Shaggy P. LMFAO! Okay bandwagon fan. You make all of us Lakers fans look bad. You sound stupid and drunk. Go take your happy pills nutcase. I don’t give a fuck if he’s here next year or not I’m just letting your slow bandwagon ass know-THE FACTS!

  • Messig12

    Just a thought regarding HC of lakers next year and going forward: Mark Jackson (if he gets fired from GSW).

    • truth24

      No thanks

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