Lakers News: Nick Young Takes A Swing At NASCAR

Lakers News: Nick Young Takes A Swing At NASCAR


Nick Young participated in JaVale McGee’s 1st annual Juglife Celebrity Softball Game at Easton Stadium at UCLA this past Sunday. The rain also made a rare appearance in Los Angeles, where the game was being held, and a reporter asked Young which sport he thought was most affected by the rain.

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Young was prompted by the reporter and was asked if he thought NASCAR would be the sport most affected by rain. Young responded by questioning whether or not NASCAR was even a sport.

Young may have alluded to his lack of interest for the NASCAR, as he ultimately answered the question with football.

The advent of rain at the event was interesting, as UCLA was recently in the news for experiences a main water pipe break. Much of the campus was flooded and there was even talk about canceling charity event. UCLA incurred millions of dollars in damages, however the softball stadium was left unharmed.
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  • Duckathon

    Ah, it’s good to have Swaggy P back.

    • Kishan

      good to have him back, but not on a 4 year deal thats too much should of been a 2 year deal

  • Eman94

    This will probably be a never ending debate as to whether Nascar is a sport or not. It’s a bunch of professional drivers that compete in a very long race. I think Nascar is in between of a sport and professional racing/driving. I do know that the drivers have to prepare for the races in a similar way that basketball and football players have to prepare for a game. NASCAR is also team oriented, they have the pit crew helping the driver. To me, it’s a sport but at the same time it’s not. It’s professional racing with sport-like features: teamwork, conditioning, athletic needs such as being fit and healthy enough to endure being in one of those racing cars in extreme hot temperatures. There’s a reason why not everyone can be a professional nascar driver

    • Maniac

      Are Nascar drivers athletes?

      • Eman94

        Sort of, they do have to stay fit and condition themselves for each race along with knowing how to properly do their profession. They have to know what they’re doing, if I had to say, I’d say they’re athletes… Athletes when it comes to racing cars in a giant loop.

    • Tune

      I wouldn’t consider NASCAR an actual sport. I don’t think being able to be professional allows you to call it a sport. Is cooking a sport too?

  • Mambanation

    Swaggy P? i am still wondering what the P stands for. lol…

    • Mambanation


    • Mr.Barboza

      Swaggy Player?

    • Mambanation

      no way lol….i remember he said that he cant say it because it is inappropriate lol

  • Josh

    Man yall be trying to get them in trouble buttering it up and shit.. Hahah “Nick Young takes a swing at NASCAR” haha goddamn .. cant say shit