Lakers News: Nick Young Suspended For Friday’s Game Against Celtics

Lakers News: Nick Young Suspended For Friday’s Game Against Celtics


Nick YoungAfter an altercation last night with Phoenix Suns players Alex Len and Goran Dragic, Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young will be suspended one game without pay.

Young was fouled hard on his way to the basket and was hit across the face by Len, causing him to hit the ground hard. The USC product got up off the floor and retaliated, throwing a punch at Dragic and causing friction within the Lakers locker room. According to the Lakers official Twitter account, Young won’t play tomorrow night in Boston against the Celtics:

Already shorthanded without guards Steve Blake, Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant and Jordan Farmar, the Lakers called up Manny Harris from the D-League in time for tomorrow nights game. In his short time with the Lakers, Young has instantly become a fan favorite and he’s backing it up as their leading scorer.

After the game, Young was upset that none of his teammates came to his aid as he was surrounded by five Suns players. Kendall Marshall thought Young should’ve used more restraint as the Lakers lost their sixth game in a row and 12 of their last 13 games.

Len was fined $15,000 for his Flagrant 2 foul while Marcus Morris was fined $25,000 for escalating the situation.


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  • marcus mims

    man fuck those morris twins

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Screw the NBA and David Strern.That old trick Stern had to give it to us on the way out screw you old man Stern.Suns players need to get suspended tbh.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeap Nick Young will be out tomorrow night.Suns Len,Morris fined 15 K???SMH!

  • Lakers Fan

    Sucks, but was expected. I hope he don’t feel bad. He did what he had to do, whether people say it was a dumb decision or not.

  • Daryl Peek

    “Young, has been fined $15,000, and Marcus Morris has been fined $25,000 for escalating the altercation.

    All of this could’ve been avoided if Teammates had helped out their brother. IMO they should all pool their money to pay the fine for him. This is the least they can do given they totally left him hanging”

  • BlackMamba_From_Brazil

    Surely it would be a great loss in the game against the Celtics, if doubts Nick Young is the best Laker this season.
    Look at this Lakers team and I see that everyone is accustomed to the loss and this attitude is not a Laker.

    The Three Stooges (Jim Buss, Mike D’Antoni and Mitch Kupchak)


      It’s not Kupchak’s fault. He has to listen to the idiot Buss or else he’ll be fired lol.

      • Danny E. Pagan

        It’s also not D’antoni’s fault he has not been able to coach a healthy team in his 2 years as coach. Guy gets blasted left and right but the Lakers roster flat-out sucks and on top of that their best players are always out.

      • Sylvia Ross

        Agreed, Mitch only does what he is told.

  • Drake

    Well, at least for a game, there goes arguably the only guy who cares about the Lakers itself. Losing is one thing, but Nick rightfully stood up last night. Losing is one thing, but The Lakers were being ragdolled like some 10 cent hooker from the Clipper game on, and finally somebody stood up to defend the Lakers. Too bad he was on an island by himself last night.

  • Kaleed

    I can’t believe there are actually idiots who took offense to Young calling out his teammates (at least those on the floor with him) for not jumping in. I play pick up games at the Gym every weekend with complete strangers, and one time one of my teammates got blatantly forearmed in the face going up for a lay up, and the rest of us on the team jumped right into it with the guy about that BS play. And that was us standing up and having the back of someone we really don’t know, he was just another guy on the Gym that day that rounded us all up to 10 so we can play 5 on 5 full court.

    Nick Young was right on the money here. Hell, if you had one of those old school players like the Oakleys, Barkleys, and Coopers in this team, they would’ve tore the guys on the floor a new one for not coming to Young’s side.

    • Jake

      This is not the gym, they are professional athletes. You don’t have to steep to scum across from you. Be smart.

      • Josh

        Lets see how professional you are if a guy walks in your office/home, grabs you by the neck and slams you to the ground. Then, him and his boys surround you shoving your, and you see your buddies just on the back watching. There are times, albeit few, when professionalism can take an F’n back seat and you have to stand up for yourself.

        • Jake

          That is a totally different and unrealistic comparison.. Millionaires pushing and shoving each other vs a life threatening scenario. Let’s be real and not compare the two.

        • Al Haldie

          Here again i will say this : he was not grabed by the neck and slamed to the floor— if you did not watch the game dont make a comment that was not true – where do you guys come from ?

          • Daryl Peek

            He was in mid air trying to dunk the ball when he got slapped across the face in a borderline close line move where no attempt was truly made on the ball. Whether it was accident intent or not matters not because in that moment all Young knew was he was hit in a situation that didn’t smell or feel right to him.

            In that moment that’s all that matters and all we can do as human beings in a case like that is hope we can keep control. Again emotions can easily run high in a situation like that. To error is human. To watch your teammate get jumped is a cowardly punk move!

            His comment may be an exaggeration but the point is a proper parallel.

      • C*HarrisTHEboss

      • Daryl Peek

        Noble men are not above defending themselves or their brothers at arms. Even Jesus Christ flipped over the table of the Money Changers in anger over blasphemy in his Fathers house. Get a clue.

        • C*HarrisTHEboss

          True that. Flagrant fouling by a rookie is tantamount to biblical usury.

          • Daryl Peek

            In the eyes of the Lord sin is sin. Only men put a degree on how bad one is VS. the other.

        • Jim213

          Exactly how I view your last post Daryl. Yes they should’ve stepped up to help out their teammate but why talk about Jesus given this is a controlled environment? ???!

          • Daryl Peek

            Everyone is getting outta of context in trying to prove their point here. Did i take it to a deep extreme? Absolutely but the point is none the less valid.

            Some of these guys are acting like there’s a level of lower class distinction in what Young did? Here I go again…. Jesus hung with hookers, thieves and publicans. Bottom line the cats looking up their noses need proper perspective… That’s all

  • ra

    This proves that Nick Young plays with just about more heart than anyone else on the team. He is the heart and soul in the absence of Kobe. He is a combination of Kobe and MWP, who also kept other teams in check, if you recall.

    What surprises me is that the Suns are ‘allowed’ to ‘stay’ on the court, without fines (for the most part), BUT, if the Lakers stand up to go over to defend their teammate, it’s a fine. So, the opposing team gets ‘checked’ for escalating things, but the principal team can go and make waves. That’s JUST NOT RIGHT.

    Swaggy P lived up to his name. He defended his honor, he defended the ‘flagrancy’ of the play (where is the ‘bigger’ fine for knocking someone in the head??? That’s the worst thing you could do to a player. That’s just horrible. And the rest of the Suns ‘defended’ that? Let’s see if Steve Nash speaks up about that — that’s his old team.

    Swag P takes his Lakers membership seriously, and that’s the type of player I want on this team. He’s a true Laker. Kobe knows that too – see how Kobe gave him props when he was on the bench, after the scuffle. Kobe knows.

  • Doug & Wolf

    Mike D’Antoni is the Lakers biggest problem and he has single-handedly destroyed the Lakers legacy of pure gold championships and winning seasons.Shame on that phony Mike Dumbtoni he is a moron and he should be fired very soon the sooner the better.

    That stupid idiot punk Mike Dumbtoni has screwed the Lakers permanently from the looks of it.The Lakers players are punks and they should have backed up Nick Young,they have all checked out for the season and they are just playing for a NBA pay check with no team unity.It’s all the coaches fault for not fixing the team unity and team chemistry.

    Mike D’Antoni is laughing all the way to the bank and he should be a NBA TV Analyst once his NBA Coaching stint in LA ends.He came in a hated man and he will leave a even more hated man.Lakers Nation hates losers.FIRE MIKE D’ANTONI SAVE THE LAKERS!FIRE THAT MAN!!!!!!

    • rogwe

      Agreed. I simply don’t think the Lakers are playing their hardest for Mike Antoni. The team’s frustrated, and if I were a player, I wouldn’t exactly want to be playing for him. Whereas with a George Karl or Phil Jackson, we would be going hard at it. It’s too bad Jim Buss is running the show

    • Danny E. Pagan

      I think people like you are more of a problem than D’antoni. Guys like you put all the blame on D’antoni so when they fire D’antoni people like you are going to be like yeah the Lakers are back!!! The problem is fixed! Now we are back to winning championships!! Weeee

      Wrong! That s*it aint going to happen! The pressure on ownership shouldn’t be on firing the coach, the noise fans should be making is on making trades, making moves, getting picks, making the correct choices in the draft, bringing in the correct guys through F.A. That’s what’s gonna bring the Lakers back to respectability not firing D’Antoni. The guy won championships as coach in Europe, is an assistant on USA basketball, won coach of the year once, won i think it was 4 consecutive 50+ seasons with PHX, the guy is no scrub! But when your roster sucks and u have your best players injured you got no shot. It’s beyond ridiculous this focus on firing D’Antoni, is all about the players. Pressure ownership into getting good players!

      • lhfa

        The Lakers had a pretty decent roster last year and didn’t do anything spectacular. And D’Antoni’s offensive system is not even a system. Guys are jacking up shots early in the shot clock and aren’t even driving in. Not to mention D’Antoni doesn’t focus on defense at all. We’ve allowed 110 pts or more in 6 straight games. That’s embarrassing. Even with all of our guys healthy, it’s hard to see this team successful with D’Antoni.

        • Danny E. Pagan

          They had a decent roster but plagued by injuries man. Dwight, Nash, Blake, Gasol, Hill, etc, etc Then when everybody seemed to be getting healthy and getting in good rhythm for the playoffs BAM Kobe out! Lakers could’ve done something special in the playoffs last year but Kobe’s injury and to a lesser extent Nash’s just messed everything up.

  • Dana

    Can you imagine a Pat Riley or Phil Jackson team not standing up for one of the players?

    No, neither can I.

  • richard

    And that is why we need imposers on this team so that our key players doesn’t have to do it and get ejected…tough guys who commands fear in opponents eyes… I don’t fault the SUns for their actions, they are just taking in the personality of their coach, a no non-sense tough player in his playing days in Utah. What I find disconcerting is the actions of our own players on the floor, only Kelly came near Nick Young… the other 3 were just watching from afar… I am disappointed in Meeks, Kaman, and Marshall. I do hope that this will get them to come together as a team. Go Lakers!

    • Daryl Peek

      Funny how we had less drama when Metta & Barnes were patrolling for the Lakers on the court…

      • richard

        I miss those type of players, Daryl… the game of basketball is not just pure skills and talent… you got to be able to instill fear in opponents eyes, you;ve got to have something that gets the other teams’ attention every time they come down the court for a lay up. Make them think twice. And we don’t have that on this team, the reason why opposing teams are having a field day inside and dunking and punking us.

        • Daryl Peek

          Have you noticed how our guys are constantly picking themselves up when they do decide to attack the rim but we never see that when an opponent drives on us?

          I vividly recall seeing it play out like that in the Clippers game as that was the crescendo of watching our troops lay down while getting completely punked on the court.

          Meeks and Young were the only ones attacking the rim and it showed and shows in their FT attempts game by game.

          Every team needs a GOON. This is one of the things I don’t understand about what Kupchak is doing? Rambis either?!? They were both the GOONS of Showtime. I understand MDA wants skilled players but even he had GOONS in Phoenix and NY. Shawn Marion was a GOON. Shawne Williams, Landry Fields, Bill Walker, ETC… well, maybe he had too many GOONS in NY and that’s why they stunk? LOL

  • Al Haldie

    NICK got what he wanted {attention} what a shame…

  • Daryl Peek

    Very similar play from the 80’s. Back then teams could still actually leave the bench without risk of penalty or fines. The thing is Lakers players on the court were first responders that actually kept the situation from escalating.

    Tommy Heinson:
    “It was a two on one where both McHale and Henderson went for Rambis and boy they both got him & Rambis up quick…”

    Dick Stockton:
    “Worthy prevented Rambis from going after Henderson”

    Worthy in coming to help his teammate actually pushed Rambis down so he would not get at Henderson and stepped inbetween them thus keeping the situation from escalating. Larry Bird, coming to help actually helped Rambis up after Worthy had knocked him down.

    This is what Kelly and Marshall should have done in jumping in between Young and the Suns players! There’s no excuse for not being there for your teammate and this is what the PC wussies don’t get?!?

  • JohnC

    That’s the consequence of losing control. It’s not ‘macho’ to hit back, but childish. You can never afford to lose your control & focus, mainly at pro level. If you do so look at NY: he has been punished three times: the defender’s + ejection + one team miss -> when his team needs him most. CHILDISH.

  • dan

    if some of yall didn’t watch the video closely nick threw that first punch so quick that it looks like no teamate was able to stop it in time. kelly was offering a hand to help nick up and nick threw that punch very quickly it ain’t easy to block someone’s punch.

    the lakers and russell’s 11 championship celtics have won won all their championships without throwing punches and initiating fights. phil jackson has been called the zen master. jordan played against the dirty classless pistons and he didnt throw punches.

    the 80s celtics looked to be a relatively dirty and classless team but as it turns out the 80s lakers were more successful than they were.

    the nba has stricter rules today than the 80s and the players know that. that’s more reason to tell the ref you got a flagrant level 2 on ya instead of throwing a punch or something else that can get ya penalized.

  • Lakers4Life

    If we had even a poor coach instead of that pringle boy Dumbtoni, the Lakers wouldn’t be so damn frustrated over losing like whoa. It’s time for the Zen Master to return to our Lakers!

  • Sylvia Ross

    I can remember when JEFF VAN GUNDY went on the floor and actually got into a fist fight with someone on the opposing team. I’m not saying DAMTONI (PRINGLES) had to fight but he could have had Nicks back. !!! Can’t wait until his time is up. Van Gundy, had HEART! Love you Nick and God be with you. I have been praying for you every night. Pringles even said you could be the sixth man of the year. Boy, I would hate for him to not like you if this is how he treats someone he likes. What’s going on with the Morris twins ? Have they at least been fined?