Lakers News: Nick Young Still In Pain After Return To The Court

Lakers News: Nick Young Still In Pain After Return To The Court


Nick Young returned to the court for the first time since February 5 after going down with a fracture in his left patella and a bone bruise in his left knee. Young scored 10 points in 20 minutes in the Los Angeles Lakers’ loss to the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday night, but is still bothered by the injury.

According to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, the Laker guard discussed how his knee felt after the game:

Young was injured against the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this month and returned to a Laker team with a few extra guards since the team acquired Kent Bazemore and MarShon Brooks from the Golden State Warriors for point guard Steve Blake. He may be re-evaluated depending on how his knee feels tomorrow and could be out Tuesday for the Lakers game against the Indiana Pacers on the road.

As arguably the team’s best player behind Pau Gasol this season, Young has been a great addition off the bench for the Lakers. Unfortunately, pain persists and Young was advised to wait until his pain-free according to Winters:

The veteran joins a long list of Lakers that have missed time this season, as the team leads the league in games missed due to injury. Before the injury, Young had scored in double digits in eight of his last nine games played, reaching 20 points in four of those games.

The 28-year-old was making a case for the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year, averaging 16.9 points on the season off the bench. He’s started just nine of the 48 games he has participated in and has been one of the bright spots for the team this season. The self-named “Swaggy P” has become a fan favorite at Staples Center, earning chants of his nickname when he plays.
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  • hookedonnews

    I have been questioning this medical staff all season. Farmar came back too soon from the original hamstring injury. They should have insisted on an MRI on Young’s knee and made sure he was pain-free before letting him return to the court. They were slow last season to give Nash an MRI on his leg which they called a contusion for a long time before realizing it was a serious break in the joint. Maybe I’m being too critical, but players coming back too soon from injury or failure to diagnose serious injuries is a problem.

    • RMS

      It is even worse than that. You don’t even need to be a medical person to make the decision to bench Young. He is in some pain, the playoffs are not possible this year, and they have two new wings who need to be evaluated.
      There is just no upside to playing him, and plenty of possible downside.
      Heck, if I were HC, I might tell him to sit even if he were healthy, just to be able to see what Brooks and Bazemore can do.

      Nick Young: “.. I just love the game of basketball.”
      Head Coach: “I just love having healthy players. Sit down.”

      • Daspin

        Excellent points from both posts. Perhaps these injuries aren’t bad luck but bad decisions from the medical and coaching staff.

  • Barry Bunes

    I have been in pain all year watching this guy try to play defence