Lakers News: Nick Young Says MarShon Brooks Is His ‘Protege’

Lakers News: Nick Young Says MarShon Brooks Is His ‘Protege’


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MarShon Brooks had a very good debut game for the Lakers last night, pouring in 14 points in helping the Lakers to a victory over the Boston Celtics.

Brooks’ penchant for scoring and getting to the line reminded many of Nick Young. That sentiment makes perfect sense as ESPN’s Dave McMenamin reports that Young is taking Brooks under his wing:

This is the kind of thing that can really help shape a young player’s career. Brooks and Bazemore for that matter, could stand to learn a lot from someone like Young.

Young has spoken in the past about Kobe Bryant helping him and coaching him from the sideline, and now Young has the opportunity to do the same thing.

With the Lakers unlikely to make the playoffs this season, the remainder of the Lakers’ games will serve as an evaluation for players like Brooks and Bazemore, as well as Kendall Marshall, Jordan Farmar, Xavier Henry, and Wesley Johnson.

If the coaching staff and front office see Brooks in the practice facility learning and working with the veterans like Young, it will do a lot to help his standing with the team.

Brooks is already benefiting from the coaching and encouragement of Mike D’Antoni, now he gets to reap the rewards of working with other great wing players on a regular basis.
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  • Love

    LOL Fact of the matter is MarShon Brooks is way better than Nick Young.If Swaggy P reads this you’re little protege MarShon Brooks can be the next Paul George as long as he works hard and follows the same routine Kobe Bryant does.

    Paul George asked Brian Shaw what does Kobe Bryant do to be so good and Shaw gave him the inside scoop and Paul George went from a unknown fourth option on the Pacers to the third best player in the NBA behind only LeBron and Durant that’s what hard work can do for a young player like MarShon Brooks.

    So yeah Nick Young has reached his full potential and MarSon has a way higher ceiling and much more potential than Nick Young.Proper coaching and if Kobe teaches and takes care of MarShon and helps him out along with Magic Johnson and Steve Nash passing advice and teaching MarShon Brooks what it takes to be a superstar i think MarShon Brooks will be a superstar for the Lakers.Guidance is needed.Put in the hard work and the results will show,Brooks has the talent.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Paul George is a great player, but where did you get your statement that he is the third best player in the NBA, only behind LeBron and Durant? You are also getting ahead of yourself regarding Marhson Brooks.

      • rose maryawn

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    • Kay Carter

      you got all that based off on one game? lmao wow

    • youngfan

      Props to brooks cause he got’s mo game than swag D. All these clowns who don’t play any defense just trying out and best enjoy they last few games cause they not coming back. Suckas got no clue to the basics of ballin.

  • Love

    Serious talent is what MarShon possesses.Brooks must go back to the basics.

    • Joseph Apohen

      If he was such a serious talent why did Jerry West, the smartest NBA judge of talent, let him go?

  • Arnie Spanny

    I like what saw from MarShon Brooks last night.He is a first round pick with game.

  • Loco

    Ya ok now lets see how he plays against all the tough teams down the stretch.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Whoa calm down people please STOP comparing MarShon Brooks to Kobe and Paul George it’s not fair to him.Also he is not better than Nick Young that is yet to be determined.Stop with the crazy talk already.I like MarShon Brooks but i think if he can just do what Gerald Green has done this season then it will be aweswome.

    • Joseph Apohen

      I hope he is not a flash in the pan.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Stop with the crazy talk,lol MarShon is not Kobe or PG and he is not a all star.SMH

  • thetruth24

    Marshon Brooks is garbage and so is Kendall marshall!!! All former bench warmer. You will not win a championship with these guys ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sammy

      so with Nick Young who self proclaims that he is the guru of everything and the center of the earth. Who the F advises people to pass him the ball when his own assist is 1 per game.

    • Kay Carter

      Kendall avg. 10 ppg nd is 2nd in assist nd lead league wit 3pt % nd you say he garbage? you sir dont know basketball lol

    • meep

      Marshall really the dude that show talent in college, d league and the nba. How is he garbage. When the sun actually played him he avg12 aisst a game. Suns gave up to fast on Marshall and now he doing well for the lakers

  • mayday

    Trust me when I say you will be frustrated with Brooks’ ‘ability’ to turn an open jumper into a wild, herky-jerky contested jumper or layup. He just cannot catch and shoot to save his life. As a lifelong Providence College Friar fan, I hope he finds a home in LA, but he can be frustrating.

  • Sammy

    I think Nick Young is an idiot and a selfish person who like to rant about his experience. Give Brooks the amount of time and shots Nick young gets every game and I can assure you brooks results will be better. And BTW who the F advises people to pass the ball to him when his own career assist is 1 per game and then goes on to self proclaim that he is their teacher. As***hole !

  • Gregory Choa

    Wow! …and I thought Metta World Peace was the crazy guy / free spirit!