Lakers News: Nick Young May Leave Lakers In The Off-Season

Lakers News: Nick Young May Leave Lakers In The Off-Season


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The Los Angeles Lakers will enter the 2014 NBA off-season with a favorable amount of cap-space and the team is expected to be key players in free agency. Many fans have been wondering which Lakers will be retained from the current squad. Nick Young recently shared his thoughts on whether or not he may be a Laker next season.

Young was recently quoted by Bill Oram of the OC Register, saying that he does not know if these will be his last games as a Laker:

Young, or Swaggy P as likes to be called, has been a hit with the fans this year. His wild antics and lively personality gave the Lakers fans something to distract them from the disappointing season.

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Many teammates including Pau Gasol have come out and talked about how Young’s enthusiasm is contagious and really helps the team’s chemistry. On top of being a great teammate, Young has been one of the Lakers best players when he has been healthy.

Young has averaged 16.8 points per game this season and, with his ability to create for himself, was a key asset on the bench that helped the Lakers start the season off hot. While Young does have a player option worth $1.2 million, his play this season has most likely earned him a raise should he choose to opt out.

Many will be calling for Young to be retained but only if the price is right for the seventh year guard.
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  • lakers_824

    I love me some swaggy p but pay him no more then $5mill

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeah it’s a foregone conclusion the Swaggy P experience was not as expected.

    • LakerFan

      not his fault tho

  • LakersHeatBeef

    These losses screwed up a lot of things.This season sucked.I hope the Lakers actually get a young superstar in the NBA draft and hit a grand slam in free agency.Then we will be back winning championships again shutting haters up.Come on Jim Buss make those doubters eat crow.Jim Buss is the savior.

    • Chrmngblly


  • sergeant jonjon


  • Chris Lilly

    Man u crazy give this guy a raise. He’s better than any player coming out the draft. Pay swaggy p more money and also try to draft jabari parker. Cant go wrong with that

  • YB

    No Swaggy P don’t leave!!! hopefully a new coach will attract other players to come sign with us. I’d give Swaggy P a 3 year 12 – 13 mil contract, at least around 4.5 million a year.

  • ra

    This is the type of thing we can expect for a few years to come. Even the best of the scrubs might not last here, but that’s not the biggest problem. The Laker brand is suffering, and may suffer for years to come unless we tool up with some of the remaining marquee players who are in the league now. We won’t see players like that for a while (LeBron, Melo, Kobe, DWade, etc.) in groups like that. Bigs are becoming extinct. The NBA landscape is changing.

    The CBA is creating league parity, and so it will be even tougher to build a championship dynasty from now on. We’re gonna have to ride out the current wave of the Heat, maybe Pacers as the potential dynasty leaders for a few years. The Spurs are still (for some reason) hanging in there, but not sure how long that will last.

    Future players of potential are not spending enough time in the college arena to fine tune their skills. Few players can just leave after one year, and even make an impact in the NBA anymore.

    Just enjoy the ride while it lasts (and dwindles). Hopefully, the Lakers (for the next few years) build a team that will at least ‘showcase’ Kobe’s skills in his last few years. We don’t need to expect Championships anymore (or, for a while). PJ has left the building, and it seems like he’s already having an impact on Melo. The Knicks are the third team (Lakers, Celtics, Knicks) that represented the top-tier championship style team (Knicks really didn’t have many years of Championships, but have always been in the spotlight).

    I was sort of hoping that PJ, being on the Knicks, would help to make deals with the Lakers (like Jerry West did, while with the Grizzlies, to get us Gasol and a few more championship runs). Maybe that’s in the future? Don’t know.

  • hookedonnews

    Would like to see him stay. Hope he’ll be willing to take what he’s offered to do that. Maybe another one year deal.

    • DJ

      When Nick hits the open market he’ll be looking at 5/6 million a year @29 years old he has to cash in now, this will be his one and only chance at a multi year deal… I can see him being offered 5yr 28.8 mil for a player option in the 5th year… and I think the lakers will match it.. if the don’t end up with a A.Wiggins type wing player…

  • e3bonz

  • Kay Carter

    Let him walk

  • michael

    Nobody wanna hear this, but give him a contract up to 10 mio $. He’s worth it. If we don’t have the money, I rather wanna see gasol going than young.

  • Zimmeredge

    we will not spend the cash on him. Sorry Swaggy. you have a player option on the table. That’s the best we can offer you at the moment. Of course you’re more valuable but you are a luxury we can’t afford this summer.

  • CloudSean


  • moho

    Dont leave Swaggy

  • Swagger

    4 yr contract 4.5-5-5.5 and a player option at 6 mil. Or 4yr deal/16 mil